A Little Olla Padrida…


Decided last night to catch the season premier of Diggers, but after watching the first episode (Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid) I went back to my ball game.

Half of the thirty minute show was devoted to commercials, and another five minutes reminding you what the show was about afterward.  Add in the “closeups of the coil scanning”, the “Oh my God” shouts (which always led to commercials) and you had about eight actual minutes of detecting.


The finds, a horseshoe, a penknife, a small round container of something, a lid to a can, and handful of bullets would have quickly made it into my junk box, but alas, the bullets were fired my Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.  Well, okay, maybe they were….

As was the case with Dig War and Dig Fellas, Ringy and KG are just a little too over-the-top and corny for me. Also the subjective belief that everything found might have been used by the two outlaws was ridiculous. I understand the folks who produce these shows write the script and have the final say, but it would be nice, just once, to show the viewers that we are not all comedians and that we are able to think for ourselves.

Apparently the Diggers show will have an archaeologist on board for the foreseeable future, and there will be no more values placed on the items found.  About time, and thank you National Geographic.

Diggers is the only show on the telly here in the US, and apparently most tekkies accept it as great entertainment. I don’t but that’s only my opinion.  I would love to see the British sitcom Detectorists shown here, but it’s highly doubtful that will happen. I suspect too that the show wouldn’t have enough “digging” to suit tekkies in the US.  A shame….


MacKenzie Crook & Toby Jones star in the BBC sitcom Detectorists

From what I hear, Ringy and KG are great guys and a lot of fun to be around.  I don’t doubt it.  I just wish they would be a little less flaky and a little more real.  I will pass on this show for now, and maybe check back a month or two down the road.  It’s just not my cup of tea, but to each to his own.



Found a real nice write-up on Scott Clark and wanted share it here.

Meet the Metal Detectorist Reuniting People and Their Lost Rings

Be sure to check out Scott’s blog……Detecting US




“My psychiatrist told me I was crazy and I said I want a second opinion. He said okay, you’re ugly too”…Rodney Dangerfield




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19 responses to “A Little Olla Padrida…

  1. Ben

    I used to be a big fan of the show but it has gotten silly in recent seasons. I actually enjoy the YouTube videos distributed by Garrett that have the digger guys in them. No commercials and a lot more candid. They participate in several events promoting the hobby in the videos and can be pretty informative. They really do seem like nice guys, a little goofy but I’m not one to talk there 🙂

    • Ben I am sure they are nice guys and I have no doubts they really like doing what they’re doing. I would have too in my younger years. The show last night was just a little too silly and far-fetched for me.

  2. Hey, those two ‘ole boys can put it away….know what I mean??? The English real ale went down very well…can’t say any more….Top Men! Real treasure hunters! Great company.

    What happened at dinner in the Bay Tree will always remain under wraps, except to say, it was one hell of an evening.

  3. They are sticking to historic sites for now it seems. I hope they don’t start door knocking loaded for bear. I hope door knocking loaded for bear isn’t too common and that is the reason that people wouldn’t be interested in seeing that on TV. It’s pretty damn funny when I see a group of three doing it on youtube. Just not my kind of comedy.

    And yes, Detectorists is good and I find it humorous and more.

    • Gary, have no idea what you mean with the door knocking thing? Clue me in…

      • I’m talking about groups of people going door to door seeing how many people they can get to let them hunt their yard. I’ve seen this and thought that if a person would want to go door knocking it would probably be best to do it low key and by themselves. Save the group hunts for when you know someone a little better.

      • Ok, gotcha! Thanks….

  4. I so agree on this. The commercials take up half the shows, then they have to recap what happened previously after each set of commercials. Just when you start to get into it, more commercials. Annoying!

  5. heavymetalnut

    Thanks for posting our hunt video Dick. I don’t get into these shows at all. Like you said …it would be nice to show just real detecting and no scripts for once. I still say White’s Treasure Hunting America episodes were the classiest, and well produced TV show ever put on a network. They held your interest throughout the show. No corny YEAAAAAHS!!!!!!! and dumb dances after a find. They kept it real with no fantasy story plot & gimmicks to capture your interest. Just my opinion. Stay cool down there in TX. It’s been a warm one up this way too.

    • Damn Beanie, we actually agree on something….what do you know.

      Thank you for taking that photo of you wearing the baseball cap correctly. Fifty years is a helluva long time to figure it out.

  6. Bigtony

    I too want to get into these shows but just can’t stay tuned in for very long. Maybe I check out the different places, as in scenery stuff then I am channel surfing away.
    John, those real English Ale’s help embellish or lighten up the wait for real meat of the show

  7. david glover

    It’s not just Diggers, the Oak Island show was the same way, after every commercial they spend 5 minutes recapping what happened before the last commercial. I guess they are lacking in good material and have to fill time

  8. Yeah Dave, I don’t get it at all….guess they think they have a lot of people just tuning in. Not sure about you but if I a m flipping thru channels I sure don’t sit on a commercial to see what is coming next.

  9. coin25

    I like the show but it disappoints me that Hollywood types try to make the show a Drama – instead of fun and excitement

  10. wendell

    You have to separate the wheat from the chaff. I’ve been interested in using a drone to find old foundations and the foundations really were visible from the air. I wish I got that excited myself, but just putter around. I like the shovels they were using and think they are predator shovels. Wish I had a drone with multi-spectrum camera. I remember reading treasure hunting manual where the author found some old ruins hundreds of years old with ultraviolet film from an airplane. Yeah, they act crazy, silly and corny and there are too many commercials and they come on after my usual bedtime. I watch anyway and hope people who see me detecting don’t expect me to act like that. With only about 10 hours detecting this year and anywhere from 3 to 7 weeks before I can go dirt fishing again, this gives me a little entertainment.

    • Wendell, I sometimes feel bad for being too critical of the show because I know a lot of what bothers me is beyond KG and Ringy’s control. I also know that trying to make our pastime interesting is not easy, and there are a zillion YouTube videos out there to prove my point. Maybe there’s no middle road and this is what we will have to live with, I don’t know. Then again, what the hell do I know? JMO.

      Wendell, thanks for taking the time to add your two cents. Please don’t be a stranger here.

  11. wendell

    My pleasure. I really enjoy your posts and the feedback from you & others.

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