Holiday Hodgepodge…


Has anyone noticed the trend toward detecting rural areas? Fields, wooded areas, farms, etc.?  Seems that detecting town or city areas is becoming harder and harder to do. Or, am I imagining it?

When I started back in the late 70’s detecting public parks and school sites was the norm, with picnic areas, fairgrounds and athletic fields running a close second. Today, it’s plowed farm fields and old homesites. Nothing wrong with this mind you, just that we are slowly but surely being run out-of-town.

What do you think? Is your town or city making it more difficult for you? Curious to hear your thoughts.  I hate permits with a passion, but if it means getting an area open again, it’s better than nothing.



Please look at the following photo, and identify the person please. Sorry the quality isn’t better, but it’s the only one of it’s kind.

dick stout shud up pic



Yesterday I spent a few minutes watching YouTube detecting videos (you know I am bored when that happens), and was amazed at the items that are dug up, featured and fawned over. I mean holy sh*t batman, give me a break. I don’t know whether it’s the lack of better finds, or that the tekkie doing the filming just felt the urge to make a movie, ANY kind of movie. I found myself watching people obsessing over and trying to evaluate garbage…..



When I posted my first impressions of the new Treasure Master©, I ended with “I just wish it had switches and knobs”…..

When learning the various functions on the TM I found myself hitting the wrong pad, or the wrong sequence of pads more often than not.  It was like “no hit option, then the up arrow. No wait a minute that should be the plus or minus pad, not the up and down arrow pads”…anyway if these same functions were knobs and switches, think how easy adjustments would be. How easily identifiable your setting would be.

Remember this classic? I still have one.....

Remember this classic? I still have one…..

Three programs….a three position switch. In place of the up and down pads, a knob. Want to pinpoint….push button. Want to adjust your threshold or audio, turn a knob (potentiometer). Want numerical readouts, visual ID, or both….adjust a switch.

Okay, just had to throw that out there. Old man, old school, old likes, and yes I know, it would make the machine heavier.



I was reluctant to bring this up, but over the years I have had detectorists email, write, call and even knock on my door, unannounced, wanting to go detecting with me. While I appreciate the thought and the misguided adulation, I would prefer you forget the idea. I am physically not the TH’er I used to be, and when I do try to get out, which is infrequently, I much prefer doing it alone.  I hope you understand and don’t take offense….




With the Independence Day weekend coming up I want to wish you all a happy, fun-filled and safe 4th of July.  Oh, and have one for me please….



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20 responses to “Holiday Hodgepodge…

  1. danhughes1

    When I saw your header HOLIDAY HODGEPODGE, I thought you were going to rant about Christmas merchandise being in the stores already. I guess when I see the word “holiday” I automatically think Christmas.

    Anyway, you are spot on (as our British friends say) with your note about detectors and knobs. That’s why I love my Fisher CZ-5 – the only pushpad is the pinpointer. Everything else is controlled by four knobs and a toggle switch.

    And as for strangers knocking on your door and wanting to go detecting with you, that is akin to knocking on Steven Spielberg’s door and saying, “Let’s you and I make a movie!”.

    Well, hope that one brightens your day anyway.

    • Guess we are just ole knob and switch guys Dan. Could it be our age?

      As for the Spielberg connection, hardly close… I’m better looking.

      • danhughes1

        It’s like car radios, Dick. Back in the day, you turned one knob to find the station, another knob to set bass or treble. So easy! Now you have to get your manual out to find the secret sequence of button-pushing you have to go through to make your radio do anything.

      • Funny you say that. Couple of weeks ago I had a helluva time getting my car radio to sound right. Something happened and the “treble” was set to the extreme and was driving me crazy. Took me fifteen minutes, manual in hand, to correct it, and I’ve owned the car now for almost twelve years.

  2. ” Seems that detecting town or city areas is becoming harder and harder to do. Or, am I imagining it? ”

    Geez, if I were in charge of a detecting site I would have to give you a warning for that one.
    ” Don’t bring any drama here ” ” Any new threads by long time members that involve permission will be deleted ” ” You need to do more detecting and less of what you are doing here ” ” This isn’t your personal playground ” blah blah blah..

    Sorry.but you started it. To answer your question, I think it depends on your location as to what degree restrictions are more common but,no, I don’t think you are imagining it. You,being a longer term detectorist would have more knowledge as to how areas changed in the long term. I’ve seen people loaded for bear detecting local parks so I think the restrictions are coming. Of course they are already here if a person would go ask to detect but staying low key it is no problem to detect public areas even during normal use of parks or during off hours for other public property.

    Your statement- ” I hate permits with a passion, but if it means getting an area open again, it’s better than nothing. ” I can relate to as I’ve stated before that I thought it might be better if public areas were closed if it meant they could be reopened to people that would detect properly. Once they are closed it would not be easy to get them reopened but would be easier if a person could point to a central voice in the hobby where proper techniques are discussed and encouraged. My earlier paragraph here shows how that is a challenge to make any progress towards.

    There is no doubt that public areas are becoming more restricted as a whole. People going to parks in groups with all the latest gear shooting videos of pulling those finds out of hunted out areas is not helping the situation. The same finds could be achieved without all the gimmicks although a nicer detector never hurts.

    I won’t write a book here but will add that the private properties and the less obvious public properties are getting more restricted too. I gotta go check the online sites to see if anybody has any concerns about sites getting restricted other than “I have my rights ” issues. They won’t have them long but I gotta admit, it is fun to watch. Not as much fun as detecting, just a different kind I guess.

  3. ‘Thanks But No Thanks’

    You gotta be kidding! I can just imagine some young Swedish lady of ample proportions banging on your door and asking, “Are you zee famous Dick I’ve read about? Can I play with/show me your deep-seeker?” You’d be down on the shores of Lake Hubbard faster than you can say, “Hold my Zimmer.”

    Oh yeh, the ADS is a modern classic. Brilliant machine. Out on the sands of the saltwater soaked foreshore, you could GB out the sea-water effects by using the ‘Discrim’ control. Happy days when we had an adjustable threshold tone.

    Have a great 4th July…(you bloody rebel!).

    • Wel, well, well, if it isn’t Mr. Clean….. should have known you think of something like that…

      Just so everyone knows, Howland finally bought a camera and mounted it on his detector. Don’t expect him to share any videos though.

  4. The photo is Dave Wise, isn’t it?

  5. Don’t have my glasses on, but at first glance it looked like a younger, heavier version of Gary Storm, then I thought…no. So I dunno.

    As for detecting the parks and such, I prefer to keep a low profile now–I’ve been approached by many folks in many different places. They ask questions about my presence as if they are deputies in the “Detectorist Police” force.

    I usually respond with “Aren’t dogs supposed to be on leashes here”? Because they always have dogs… always.

    And…No one bothers you in the woods–the camo helps you blend 🙂

    • Okay, Justin was right….it is Dave Wise! I wish he had sent a better photo because you will be hard pressed to find another of him wearing a baseball hat correctly, with the brim in the front. I’ve been on his case for what seems like years to spin it around and this is historic!

    • Yo Diva:
      I agree. I’ve had a few people asking the same thing…I always tell these busy bodies, politely, that detecting is allowed, though dogs crapping at will is not allowed and definitely frowned upon. Stops ’em in their tracks . Mostly though, the vibes are good and I’ve had offers to detect inland, and one couple even invited me to hunt their farm because it had, ” A roman villa”.

      Treasure hunting/detecting in the UK is held in high esteem. Don’t be fooled by some on the uneducated fringes of archaeology or by those who don’t know their arses from their elbows.

  6. Yeah I thought the same thing, but he sent it to me. Think he’s trying to get me off his back…..

  7. Big Tony

    Happy 4th to all!
    I am the same about knocking on my door, or sending me a private note on FB asking when we are going detecting? Crazy this new world of technology, no knobs just typing – but I don’t do FB that often…..

  8. Big Tony

    Hey D. Diva, too funny. But if that happens then Dick or John would blog about our outing so much that we just might get a reality show…..

  9. Joe(TX)

    ….One of my favorite “Go To” Detector’s is the Garrett Gold Hunter …It goes deep and is very simple to use. No super computer programming degree is needed to operate this one! (I like the more seasoned and vintage classic detectors)

    One of the best places to hunt is private property, which is harder to do since permission is needed!! Many of the newbies to our hobby only hunt all of the easy places, namely the parks and schools. Because of the holes left uncovered and other damage the city parks and schools are becoming prohibited. A lot of hunters are joining the local Treasure hunting clubs because they do not know where to hunt anymore! That is one of the reasons that a lot of detectors become closet queens, because the owner does not have the knowledge or gumption to find the really hot spots to detect.

    I have been hunting since 1970 and I have a journal that I keep to remind me of sites to detect! If I go to the journal entries of the 70’s most of those sites are now gone…most due to progress and new housing developments….many of the parks are now closed and some schools prohibit hunters, and yes most of this is in the cities or larger towns. I have lived out in the country most of my life and this is where I hunt most of the time….the people are friendlier, and for me it is easier to get permission.

    Oh…Yea, did I mention that I really like the Vintage Classics……

    • I am with you Joe on the classics, and why I use the White’s 6000di sometimes. Easy panel to look at and no doubts what your settings are.

      I am afraid all the bans, rules and regulations are just going to increase, and it’s because no one cares. The pastime has become a “look at me” thing, and sadly a lot of the bragging, along with the videos, are being screened and saved by those who want us completely gone. Just glad I got involved when I did.

      Thanks for sharing and stay out of the heat.

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