An Early Morning Pick-me-up…


As usual things are quiet here, but hopefully about to pickup. You see Mr. Brown surprised me this morning, and delivered my new White’s Treasure Master….

After unboxing (sorry no video), and after assembling it (here again I apologize for not sharing this drama on YouTube), I took it out to my test garden at the side of the house.  After about twenty minutes, with the temperature somewhere around 95 and a heat index of around 100, I quickly decided that it was just as easy to learn the various functions and settings inside, cold beer in hand. And for those of you who think I am a wimp, you would be correct (see the Stout Heat Index Scale). I am hoping to get out tomorrow, early in the morning, if da bones and da joints agree….


I will say I love the design and feel of the this detector, and It was a joy to swing.  Also in the short while I was outside, I was able to get a ‘loud and clear’ response on a dime at five inches and a quarter at six (coin & jewelry program, slight threshold, two-tone ID and sensitivity set to 5).

Maybe more tomorrow….



I pretty much post every comment I receive here, but reserve the right to refuse any that I think are off topic, out-of-bounds or offensive, and those of you who know me know it takes a lot for something to be so offensive I wouldn’t post it.  And while it’s not necessary it sure would be nice to share your real name. That way if you get me mad I can send Big Tony (from Bayonne) to whisper in your ear….




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