Shooting Ourselves In the Foot!


…to our pastime?  Our hobby?  Seems every day I find or read something that just is so out of touch with what it is we do. Besides all the new technology and increased competition, we seem to still find a way to tarnish our image.  Here’s a sample of what I am talking about….

From a popular metal detecting Facebook page:

“When i go detecting a secluded spot,where there is no cell service and i am alone. I sometimes question my self… ?? Well what about my safety?? Hummm….? What if a group thugs decide to rob me in the middle of no where id flipping be screwed and prolly out numbered.???. I hope it never happens but it could!! there is alway’s that thought so i just bring ole Ackmehd….along he’s got my back all the way hell he likes the dirt just as much as i do.It is good to have a trusty companion to have at times digging…lol its a game changer for shure stay alert guys be safe”

(Photo….AT Pro and automatic rifle leaning against truck….)

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Just a few of the follow-up comments/responses

I have Ackmehd to……….90rnds of friends ! ! ! ! !

Go well heeled.

45 colt 9 mp 380 glock couple of sr22 ruger plinkers gp100 357 need more

Hang two surplus inert hand grenades off your belt. You get hassled, pull one off your belt, pull the pin and say, NOW WHAT BOYS !!!

Nice AK !!

i carry my h&k 40

always packing….i’m too young to die, and too old to take a butt whoop’n

I carry a 45 glock 36

I carry an sp101 w/every other round a shot round.

My two favorite deterrants.. ever see someone’s face when they see you chamber the first round with an AK74U … especially hollow points and full Metal jackets….priceless…

Sometimes its my XD.45 and sometimes I carry my 6″ .357 magnum Taurus Tracker. Either way nobody is going to bother me!

The comments kept coming, and of course there were more photos of weapons. Kind of a “my gun is bigger and badder than yours” back and forth.  Thankfully this morning the entire post had been deleted….

Are discussions like this really necessary on metal detecting sites, blogs or pages?  Aren’t there more appropriate places to talk about guns, and have we really reached the point where we have to carry a weapon to protect ourselves?  Sheesh, with so many tekkies dressed in camo, toting shovels and diggers, don’t we already have enough to worry about?

I know I am older, and not up to snuff with all that’s going on within the hobby today, but if this is it, I am very happy to be in my twilight years.  Now go ahead and ‘shoot’ me down!



Another Own Goal for the Maestro of Unintended Mirth 


Paul Barford along with his mate, the hedgerow sitter and serial detector-shop eavesdropper, Nigel Swift, (aka Heritage Harry), are surely the equivalent of the ‘Keystone Cops’.

Apparently in  an attempt be seen  as clever, even witty, whilst  simultaneously insulting all collectors and detectorists, the aforementioned Barford, an enthusiastic cuddler of Cold War Communism (also known as Warsaw Wally, aka Warsaw Willy amongst his more printable monikers) who on flimsy evidence claims to be an archaeologist – writes on his clichéd and hackneyed blog:-

“The French theorist Jean Baudrillard once noted that collecting mania is found most often in “pre-pubescent boys and males over the age of 40”; the things we hoard, he wrote, tend to reveal deeper truths”.

So who is this bloke Jean Baudrillard who Barford uses to give pedigree to his abuse?

His obituary appeared in The Guardian newspaper (UK) on Wednesday 7 March 2007, the day after his death noted that Baudrillard:

“…departed at the age of 77, attracted widespread notoriety for predicting that the first Gulf war, of 1991, would not take place. During the war, he said it was not really taking place. After its conclusion, he announced, imperturbably, that it had not taken place. This prompted some to characterise him as yet another continental philosopher who revelled in a disreputable contempt for truth and reality.”

One British interviewer went so far as to describe Baudrillard as a “philosopher clown”. You might be forgiven for asking – supposing Baudrillard’s musings are right – whether, “pre-pubescent boys and males over the age of 40,” also collect antique Japanese prints, classic oil lamps, and Greek helmets?  I think we should be told.

Philosophers it appears do not have the monopoly of buffoonery. Tut, tut, Barford, you really MUST do better than this! Hahaha!



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10 responses to “Shooting Ourselves In the Foot!

  1. As a woman who often detects alone, I have had the same thoughts (I’m detecting alone, what if, etc…), but the thought of carrying a firearm is not one of those thoughts.
    I do, however, carry pepper spray on my belt, just in case.
    I think those guys just wanted to brag about their guns.

    • Sure they did, but they should do it on a related site. If I was going to detect an area where I might need a gun, I simply wouldn’t go. Not a difficult decision at all, and incidentally I do own a gun.

  2. Nothing wrong with carrying something to protect yourself whether it be pepper spray or a gun. I probably wouldn’t be detecting where I thought I might need a gun either.. I do get your point though as it relates to our image.

    I agree that people want to brag about their guns on detecting sites. I think that is the main goal of a moderator on one site.

    It isn’t just about who has the bigger gun. It also who is the smartest. Unfortunately too many think that they can spend their way into fame. It’s hard to discuss things like researching law and the importance of looking low key and avoiding those that might not understand or be interested in the hobby.

    Why look up laws and detect low key and stay out of the spotlight and protect your turf by using common sense ? Certainly not as exciting as being the one to score at ” a hunted out park ” using the ” Acme shovel ” while packing heat.

    I don’t think everyone is in the hobby to find things. I think a lot are in the hobby to promote themselves. I guess there’s nothing wrong with promoting yourself if you can do it in a positive way. I like to find things and promote myself hoping others will be encouraged to not lose sight of what the hobby is about–Having fun and finding things.

    I’m glad I don’t fit in a lot of places.

  3. John H

    That first paragraph in bold print…have you got a translation for that in English?

  4. Your guess is as good as mine….

  5. Big Tony

    Awe I guess I am a wimp but I believe in what Teddy Roosevelt said “speak softly and carry a big shovel”
    That what I started doing this year

    • Harry S Truman also said:-

      “Richard Nixon is a no good, lying bastard. He can lie out of both sides of his mouth at the same time, and if he ever caught himself telling the truth, he’d lie just to keep his hand in.”

      This easily sits with that other notorious ‘lying bastard’ who professes to be an arkie, hates the US, Israel, collectors, detectorists, and anyone who’s not a commie….

      I know he’s reading this, so, UP YOURS PAL!

      • Tascio

        Another fine example of a reasoned and elegant argument by Mr Howland. If you want to discuss ‘shooting ourselves in the foot’, look no further than John Howland…

  6. Joe(TX)

    Living in Texas I am use to seeing and hearing a lot about Firearms…we have the Concealed Carry and soon the Open Carry ….so this does not bother me. Was not sure about the comment about Ackmedt…was the poster trying to be sarcastic about foreigners?? And why was the name used was arabic/moslem?? I think that there is some underlying currents in his posts. I usually avoid posts like this and just treat it like this is the rant of the village idiot!!

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