Not the Only Grouch…

John Winter

John Winter

Well now I know John Winter is an okay Brit, and his latest blog post proves it.  Yup, he finally put it out there for all to see.  He admitted he’s a grumpy old git (think git means the same thing as “fart”).

Not sure if it’s our age (we are both 74), our love of wine, our good looks, or all three, but we have as so much in common it’s scary. Read the following and tell me what you think?

 The Metal Detecting Chat Room … another Awesome Post? 



A while back I recommended the book “Shadow Divers”, by Robert Kurson, and if you haven’t already read it, do put it on your “to do” list. It’s a page turner, and I guarantee you will enjoy it.


For those of you who did read Shadow Divers, Mr. Kurson has a new book out titled, “Pirate Hunters”,  and from the reviews it’s should be another good read. Mine is on the way….  Special thanks to Lisa MacIntyre for sending me Shadow Divers!



As was to be expected, Heritage Harry is gloating about the recent changes within the PAS.  You see anything that might diminish, hamper or put an end to our pastime can’t happen soon enough for him.  My advice Harry….be careful what you wish for.

For those of you who don’t know, Heritage Harry (a.k.a. Swifty) is the sneaky one. The little guy that shows up (or hides in the bushes) at rallies, and visits metal detecting shops in order to overhear anything that he can piss and moan about.. Click the button for his latest…..







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10 responses to “Not the Only Grouch…

  1. ” Smaller mean less reporting and less reporting means more knowledge lost to science and you and me. ”

    Well , He did rank himself in the right order according to importance.

  2. “The undeserving hobby to get its just deserts?” writes the ludicrous, detector hating oddball, Heritage Harry. Let’s hope so …fruit trifles all round?

    Keep flying the flag for the semi-literate wing of arse-dom, Harry, hahah! And he is the plonker who recently called detectorists…ignorami.

  3. Paul and Joan Tainter

    Dick, Great Minds think alike. I just read your mention of the New Book,
    PIRATE HUNTERS, TREASURE OBSESSION. I recently read the review and article of the book in POPULAR MECHANICS, of all places. This book is also on the way to my mail box..
    Paul T.

    • Paul if you haven’t read Shadow Divers, please do. Sent my copy on to someone. Kurson is an excellent writer…. Hope all is well at TH’ers Express!

  4. wintersen

    I see John H has been lambasted by Warsaw Willy for his supposedly mis-use of language. Using ‘just desserts’ is much more common than ‘just deserts’ in modern English. John is correct in what he says and his usage is inline with modern thinking.

    Paul the Pedant considers it wrong, however. Whether to give his constant pettifogging any credence is for each of us to decide for ourselves. Pity he never really has anything really constructive to say. His undue emphasis on petty details is complete bollocks … or should that be bollox … or does it matter?

    • John it doesn’t matter, nor does Barford. He’s one pathetic individual.

    • Ha, Wintersen:

      I suppose when one has deserted one’s country for the treasures of extreme Socialism where priests, and dissidents, are murdered by the agents of the State as a matter of political expediency, one loses one’s grasp of the idioms of one’s native tongue?

      Who is this prick Warsaw Willy to whom you allude? Surely not….

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