Social Media Silliness…

Without question companies, corporations and small business people have finally figured out that the best way to promote their products or service is by going full tilt into social media.  And when I say social media I am talking about Facebook, Twitter and the like. It’s an inexpensive and quick way to reach your customer. If you are on Facebook (and who isn’t anymore), type metal detecting in the search area at the top. The number of pages devoted to the pastime is staggering.

I belong to maybe ten or so detecting FB pages, but don’t comment much and try to stay out of the back and forth bickering that sometimes erupts. I do however find it fun watching the battles amongst the tekkies and the detector companies they represent or favor.  It’s the ole anything you can do I can do better, routine. Mind you, there’s nothing wrong with any of it, unless of course you buy into one side’s propanda, and indeed that’s what it is.


The other day one company spokesperson shared a video of him riding a bike with the new fold up and go, starter detector. Not exactly sure what the purpose was, but it did let you know that the tekkie has a cool Harley.  Oh, and the photos of everyone’s the hole, out of the hole, in the palm, dirty, crusty, cleaned and shiny, and finally the photo of the day’s take. What makes those so annoying is that the tekkie has decided to share them on all five gazillion metal detecting pages.

I am amazed too at the detectorists who ask things like “what do gold rings read out at?” or “how deep do I have to dig to find silver”.  If only it were that simple.  Then there’s the tekkie who let’s you know he’s ordered a new detector, and keeps you abreast of the shipping status every day.  God forbid it get’s lost somewhere along the way.  If you are really lucky you will see a photo of the box when it arrives and a video of him or her opening it.  Just like Christmas!

It’s become a daunting task trying to find those FB pages you want to join and be part of.  I have found a few that are interesting and informative, and others that put me to sleep. Then again I am old school and pretty much like to hear about things like research, finding old sites and of course theories on the old treasure legends. Today its all pretty much one-upmanship.


Despite my somewhat critical, tongue in cheek views on social media, I participate and enjoy it. It’s a new day, a new era and a totally new cast. You all have at it and have fun (but please no more photos of the new detector in the box).



The rain just doesn’t want to let up, and folks here in Texas have not only lost their homes, they have lost loved ones as well.  It’s tragic and no one could have ever predicted this, given last year’s drought.  Fortunately our area has been spared the worst and the Stout clan is thankful.  Thanks too to all of you who called and emailed to see how we were doing…we very much appreciate it!



How long before Kellyco opens a drive thru?

Okay, I am not a relic hunter, and I will play the fool.  I know there are differences, but how many damn mini-balls and bullets do you need?



Kellyco is having a “Most Interesting Treasure Hunter” contest and it should be fun.  Give it a look-see HERE.





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8 responses to “Social Media Silliness…

  1. Another thought provoking post! I agree about the Minie’ balls. They don’t excite me either…lol I agree, some of this hobby is comical.

  2. Yo Ricardo:
    Re that ‘Most Interesting Treasure Hunter’ competition…er,… don’t know what to make of it…says First Prize is a Minelab Go-Find 60 detector. Second Prize is TWO Minelab Go-Find 60 detectors….maybe I read it wrong!

    Mini Balls? ….Yeh, I gotta couple of them!

    Indeed, the hobby’s popularity is burgeoning with thousands worldwide taking it up and making serious finds. By contrast, the other lot, are really pissed-off as they can’t get recruits for love nor money. I mean, who’d want to join a mob like our two ‘pals’ front? Lots of new people…lots of new VOTES!!!!!! The hobby could be a real kick-ass lobby.

    If Fay reads that pic about ‘ I Don’t always go out metal detecting’ BS, she’ll make sure you really do have mini-balls….in a pasta!

    Up yours

    John H

  3. James

    Social media does have it’s good side and it’s bad side. I like seeing other peoples finds and reading their stories. What I detest seeing is all the bickering that goes on. Seems like some people don’t have anything better to do than start some crap over something that amounts to a hill of beans. Really angers me!

  4. Big Tony

    You are the man and that last picture really tells it like it is….thanks for the laughs.
    I too have lost something with all of these web pages but like the ones that share hints or give help to folks with detector problems. The ones that you speak of I should be more aware of – research, finding old sites and talk about treasures.
    My prayers go out to the families who lost loved ones and their homes and I thank God that yours and others were spared.

  5. Regarding the mini balls, in Western Kansas, you can find (or used to anyway) tons of shark teeth from when this state was a shallow sea millions of years ago. You can still find for sure, small museums around there which feature art made with the shark teeth. Some really gaudy stuff if you ask me. The point is, you need as many mini balls as it takes to fill a museum with gaudy mini ball art. Just saying…

  6. Well,yeah ,not just any photo is exciting. You have to have a photo worth posting like this…… troublemaker.

    • Gary, not sure if you meant to add a photo or what here….??

      • No I was just playing on what I sometimes get on my facebook page from friends. They start to tell a story like ” Guess what happened today..” and then you never hear anymore. I was also playing a little on your comment-“You all have at it and have fun (but please no more photos of the new detector in the box).” Yeah, I should have been a little clearer. I was having a Facebook moment.

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