Too Old For All This…

The fact that we tekkies are able to stay in touch online is really pretty cool, but sometimes it results in heavy drama, and knock ‘em dead arguments. Look around and you will pretty much find them on any metal detecting forum, website or FB page. In fact online I am the meanest, toughest, metal detecting SOB in the country.  In reality?  I can’t whip my dog’s butt, and hardly get out detecting anymore!  But hey online….

Some of the more heated arguments I’ve witnessed lately are really pretty funny. Just one snide remark and all hell breaks loose.  Then of course everyone has to take sides. Usually the tekkie with the most friends or better finds wins, and the loser slinks away, determined to get even at a later date.  And it will indeed start-up again somewhere down the road.

There are times I resent the internet, social media, Facebook and all the other abba-dabba-do things that we have come to know and depend on. Despite their attributes, they have become a vehicle for fraud, misinformation, self anointed experts (can you say Wally), arguing and one-upmanship. Most likely you have a lot of online friends, but be honest, don’t you also have a few phonies mixed in?  Bullshit artists who just want to be top dog, no matter the situation? And almost always their accomplishments are out there for all to observe imagine.

Scratching my bald head a lot lately…

I admit I am the eternal pessimist, and doubting Thomas, but with the influx of participants over the past few years the finds should logically be dwindling, yet the reverse is true.  Yeah I know detectors are getting better, going deeper, and you are all getting smarter by the minute, but I have seen way, way too many unbelievable finds on social media, and I have to wonder.  Of course there’s no way I can call liar, liar, pants on fire, but I can think it.

Whatever happened to “my” pastime?  The thrill of being outdoors, the exercise, the anticipation, the camaraderie…..the simplicity of it all? Today it’s who has the most toys, who can produce the best video, brag the oldest find, garner the most online friends, followers, listeners and responses. The end result? Intense competition, personality clashes, hurt feelings and verbal brawls.

I am not a big fan of treasure hunting 2015, and if your try to change my mind, I will kick your ass (Online that is….)



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28 responses to “Too Old For All This…

  1. danhughes1

    Dick, you point out several reasons that recreational treasure hunting has steadily gone downhill over the last several years, and you end with the statement, “I am not a big fan of treasure hunting 2015.”

    Now here’s why that is doubly scary. Besides treasure hunting, I have three other fairly intense interests: popular music, adult softball, and old-time radio.

    And what you said about treasure hunting also applies to all three of the above!

    Music: I haven’t listened to music on the radio since about 1980, and even by then it had started its dismal slide. And I was running a radio station! So sad to manage a station you can’t stand to listen to.

    Softball: Number of teams drops every year. Softball (and baseball) are losing fans and players to soccer. As older players retire, they are no longer replaced by younger players. We have lost league nights for softball because not enough teams signed up.

    Old-time radio: A little different; the problem is that our fan base is dying off, and again, few young new fans are coming up. The OTR convention I have attended annually for the past 20 years may well be facing its final run this year. Attendance has dropped from maybe 300 to 100 at best.

    Dick, I don’t know what this all means, but I am not at all happy about it.

    • Dan it means we are over-the-hill. Old, out of order and irrelevant. What can I say?

      I get the music and the radio thing completely. As for softball? I have no clue. Metal detecting has taken on a new look, but I blame it on the Internet and social media. Do you think detectorists would wear camo if they couldn’t post photos or videos online? If no one saw them? Same for all the accessories. It’s keeping up with the jones’s and looking hip.

      Years ago we had a friend or two to detect with, and an extra coil was a big deal…something you thought long and hard about, and saved for. Today there’s apparently throw away money. The times they are a changing.

  2. Ok, Ok, I will quit raving about my state-of-the-art-completely-wireless-and-collapsible-to-boot-with-a-clock-on-it. I do have a question though: by calling us tekkies are you excluding yourself from the group? Because it makes it sound as if you use a pig to sniff out your finds instead of a sophisticated machine with digital internals. Just kidding, just kidding. I am not looking for a digital ass kicking…

    • You need to reread the first sentence…I said WE tekkies, and honestly I do use a pig, but he only digs.

      I was really hoping that I could kick someone’s ass here. I need to feel part of the gang. Sure you don’t want to reconsider?

  3. wintersen

    Dylan Thomas on the death of his father:

    “Do not go gentle into that good night,
    Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

    I also scratch my bald head on occasions and bemoan the fact that I don’t understand new technology or what’s going on in the hobby… it’s not that that bothers me. I realise that I have one foot in the grave, but don’t usually bemoan the fact. Every day’s an adventure. Like Dylan’s father I won’t be raging against the ‘dying of the light’. There lies the crux of your argument.

    Yes, the body has given up, pieces have dropped off and other bits don’t work. I certainly feel old but Irrelevant, no!

    I hope that I still have something to give back to the hobby I enjoyed so much … my writings gives me ‘purpose’ in life. I try not to think about my condition. As I’ve told you before – there’s no future in old age … it’s up to the individual how they deal with that. You learn to adapt.

    Okay, that’s enough of beating about the bush … my extended euphemism can be summed up in this pithy phrase: Please stop continually moaning, you old fart. 🙂

  4. What an AWESOME response…

  5. Dick, even though I have only been in the hobby a few years I agree with many of these written words. I think we as a hobby need to be more focused and diligent about how we handle the hobby and those involved.. I wonder if we are “racing to zero” as a hobby. People need to remember that we are not only out looking for treasure but we are also representing a hobby. It shouldn’t be a competition. It should be an enjoyable hobby that brings inward happiness. Why do people care so much about others opinions?

    • Steve, we need to remember that not only are we judged by what we do in the field, but how we act online. Whatever is said is out there for all to see, including those that might like to see us put out of business. Petty arguments need to reigned in and handled some other way. JMO.

      “Why do people care so much about others opinions?”…..well I guess that includes me too for complaining. I tend to forget there’s a ‘new guard’out there, and that what I remember so fondly was a totally different era.

      Incidentally I read your latest blog entry and I congratulate you and the others for giving of your time. I will not comment now, and will see how all that plays out. I think you now my feelings. For those of you reading this, Steve and a few other club members spent a day working with archaeologists. You can read about it here….

      • Dick, I to am anxious to see where all of it goes as well. I don’t think there will be any major changes nationwide anytime soon. However, it is encouraging to know that there is at least one open minded armies out there. Also I’m certain that you can inform me on one part of my post that I wrote and I’m curious about the past. Do you think MD hobbyist have gotten lazy on keeping records of finds compared to yesteryear? I only know a couple of guys that keep meticulous records so in my mind they seem like a rare exception. Maybe if we as hobbyists start being more diligent we would gain respect. Not saying that will cure anything but it certainly wouldn’t hurt.

      • Steve, not sure what kind of records you are looking for. I know I only recorded my coin finds with relation to “where” they were found, but nothing more precise. Will detectorists start doing more detailed recording? I doubt it.

        I don’t understand why it is that “we” have to change our ways to please archaeologists. Why is it a one way street? Why are we always struggling to meet their wants and wishes? It’s been that way for years and I just don’t get it.

      • Dick I am in full agreement that it cannot be a one sided give. This is also where I think you are spot on with the hobby needing one voice to negotiate with people at a national level. What we are doing on a state level is very cool and we can possibly get some changes made on the state level. I’m afraid if we have any chance on the national level it will take cooperation within the hobby. I personally have only a slight idea of what hobbyists would like to see changed. I’m guessing if you asked all the MDer’s in the world what they would like to see changed you would end up with the same amount of responses.

        As far as the record keeping goes, I was just curious as to whether or not you thought those involved in our hobby have gotten lazier with records over time. On Saturday, in discussions, record keeping came up. Location, depth, and pictures of finds specifically. The one thing that Dr. Hoard said multiple times is that more than anything they just want to have access to this information so there isn’t inaccurate information for future generations. I can understand that and thought maybe that would be a start to finding common ground.

      • Steve, just can’t see detectorists doing that much detailed record keeping. In theory and on paper it makes sense. In reality?

        And I don’t see much happening with the archaeologist/detectorist situation. It’s too one sided at present, and it would take a sincere, give and take on both sides for anything good to happen. Right now they hold all the cards, and seem to be happy with that.

      • I tend to agree. I think it all starts with hobbyists uniting as one.

  6. Wow. I just posted the following on a forum tonight and decided to quit commenting on forums for a while.–“I’m taking a vacation from the forum for a while. A first for me as I usually get one handed to me. This is primarily a technical forum and I think it is good for the hobby to have such a place. Very important. The other major forums are pretty well in a suck mode so I don’t miss not being on them. If a person can not do what they want on a forum they will join the majority of members and not participate. If there is any blame to go around I think the members share in that as much as authority. It’s a darned if you do and darned if you don’t situation on both sides of the screen. I hope vacation # 9 is as enjoyable for me as the previous ones. ”

    I have previously been banned 8 times from forums. Someone once commented that I was trying to see how often or how many I could get banned from. That certainly was not a goal of mine and the opposite would be closer to the truth. I did put myself on this self-vacation though ,in part ,so I would at least get full credit for one in case they are right.

    I did not get into the name calling,cussing or threatening of other members. I could not begin to count the times I was the ‘Victim” of those things. I tried to encourage people to know the laws and to detect low key if possible and avoid those that may not look favorably on the hobby. I was often in on the discussions that I thought contained the things that hurt the hobby most. The things you talk about here.

    My main approach was to make discussion fun and try to insert some logic along the way. I always looked up to people like you and John Winter just to name a couple. I may not have been as good as others but when someone looks at my record they will have a hard time finding where I broke a rule. A harder time trying to figure out why I got kicked off forums 8 times.

    Whichever side of the detecting issues we are on those on the other side will think they know better. Some of us will try to protect the hobby and promote ourselves. Some will try to promote themselves and exploit the hobby. I hope I am one of the former.I am going to be an asshole like you whether I’m on vacation or not.

    • Gary, I’ve discovered that no matter what forum you visit, you will find the same folks spouting off. Hard to sneak in a decent one without having to accept the same characters. Anyway, welcome to the “Asshole Army”….

      • Well, tonight I was banned from another one….apparently they read my blog today and took offense to something. Oh well….life goes on.

      • They banned you ? Geez that is hard to believe. You must not be familiar with what you are suppose to say and how you are suppose to say it. Or maybe you are and just used the wrong rules for the wrong day of the week. You gotta watch that stuff.

      • I traced hits from here to that forum….apparently something was said here that did it.

      • I don’t think it was because someone else posted here. I know I am in good standing on the forum I talked about here and have no problem logging on. Hate to see anyone get banned that doesn’t deserve it especially when there are some that seem to not have any respect for the rules at all and nothing seems to be done about that.

  7. coin25...aka Bigtony

    Not only has this hobby changed but the world around us has done a 360 – Cars have a wireless connection to our phones and understand how many text messages we send while driving….
    The new generation of detecotors will have GPS sent right to a local Archie! and then the Men in Green will be calling us to review out finds and keep the ones they like…..don’t sell you old machines that don’t have GPS…you have been warned

  8. coin25...aka Bigtony

    don’t forget to include the next generation of water proof pin pointers that go deeper then some old detectors in mineralized soil

  9. Bigtony

    Don’t worry about the banning thing – you have friends who will post – just ask –

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