The Treasure Right Under Your Nose…

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and if you are fortunate enough to still have your Mom around, promise yourself that you will spend more time with her, not just tomorrow, but whenever possible.  Don’t wait until it’s too late….

My Mom passed away four years ago, and there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of her…..

Love you Mom.....

Love you Mom…..



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5 responses to “The Treasure Right Under Your Nose…

  1. Publisher

    Hi Dick,

    Lost my dad at 4 am today. Good thought always appreciated!

    Butch Holcombe, Publisher

    American Digger Magazine

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    • Butch, so sorry to hear that. I was aware that he wasn’t doing well, but I also know that never compensates or makes it any easier once you get the call. Hoping his passing was a peaceful one…. Sending good vibes and thoughts.

  2. wendell ellerbee

    You have your Mama’s eyes, Dick. She was a lovely lady. Butch, sorry to hear about your Dad. He had been in our prayers and we will keep you and the family in our prayers as well.

    I was blessed to take my 84 year old Mama to town yesterday to eat out with my brother and his wife. I get a little stressed being her sole caretaker, but she is my treasure and I realized that at a very young age. God is wise, when he created man, he knew we would need a Mama to be a help mate to him and to raise the children up in a Christian manner. Always put on clean underwear in case you get in a car wreck and I chuckle at the old bone in the leg trick she used to use on us and the Yankee dime trick.

    She was the only parent we had and we didn’t understand after she worked all day and came in and cooked and washed and ironed, she was tired. We (4 boys) wanted her to see everything we did and would pester her to come watch, Mama…. I can’t boys, I got a bone in my leg. We would get quite and concerned, knowing she was our only parent, friend and refuge in time of danger. Besides, who’s going to cook supper if she has a bone in her leg. Let’s be quiet and let her rest. We told one of our older cousins about this and he just laughed and explained she didn’t feel like staying on her feet all the time and needed some rest. lol

    Then the Yankee dime trick. Mama would take us to the woods and we would drag up dead trees for firewood and she would cut this wood with an ax and this was after working all day. We hated carrying firewood in the house for some reason, and I guess we were typical children and thought Mama could do anything and everything. Boys, I’ll give y’all a Yankee dime if you will carry this firewood in for me and we would hop to it and take as much as we could carry in and put it by the two fireplaces. We would run expectantly with our hands out for our dime, because you could buy a lot of stuff for a dime in the mid-1950’s. Imagine our surprise and outrage when she gave us a kiss on the cheek and said, boys, there’s your Yankee dime. No matter how many times she pulled this trick, we always fell for it. My late brother said no wonder there was a war between the North and South, their money was no good. Looking back with loving reflection, it was the best dime a little boy could have.

    • Wendell what a great story and tribute to your Mom. You are very lucky to still have her around. Give her a Yankee kiss for me, and thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Wendell Ellerbee

    Thought you might like this video on you tube by George Younce singing, come home, it’s suppertime.  Lovely song and makes me feel how blessed I am to still have Mama.  

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