Digging in New England…


Last Sunday, tekkies Dave Wise and Terry Charest hosted a somewhat impromptu, but very successful hunt near West Kingstown, Rhode Island.  What started out as just an idea for a get-together on the New England Cellar Dweller Facebook page, wound up attracting over 130 detectorists. They labeled it “Digging in New England” (or D.I.N.E. if you will).


Middle right, Dave and Terry, the organizers and Bottom right, the White’s crew

It was a natural hunt on a 100 acre farm, and thanks to White’s, Teknetics and many others, prizes were raffled off, with the proceeds going to local charities like The Eagles Nest, Crossroads Recovery & the Terryville Animal Rescue Foundation.

donationdonation 2

Great job Dave and Terry and thanks for representing our pastime in fine fashion. You guys are appreciated…..

And oh yeah, Dave and Terry are planning to do another Digging in New England next year, so stay tuned.  Who knows maybe this old tekkie will show up, if for no other reason than to get Dave to turn his damn ball cap around!





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10 responses to “Digging in New England…

  1. heavymetalnut

    Awesome write up Dick! Thanks so much! We’d be honored to have you up next time! I will flip my cap around if you come!

  2. I goofed and omitted Terry’s photo…my apologies Terry.

  3. Ben

    Sounds like a great event. Those guys dig some really cool stuff in their videos. I would love to detect with those guys some time. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Todd Hiltz

    Dick, thanks for sharing this. People should know that there are mostly good people involved in our Hobby. Dave, Terry and Tim did a great job in making this hunt and fund raiser happen. It went smooth as could be. Thanks for sharing my Vid on your site also.

    • And of course I forgot Tim Mathews…. My apologies Tim. I owe you.

      Todd, you’re welcome and congratulations on having another of your videos featured on the White’s website.

  5. Todd Hiltz

    I almost forgot…Thanks for the Book I really appreciate it.

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