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Many thanks to George Streeter and the Best of Northeast gang for selecting “In Search of Treasure” as the best book of 2015 (published in 2013). George, owner of Streeter’s Treasure Hunting Supply, has been putting on the Best of Northeast now for 22 years, and while I have never attended, all my tekkie friends tell me it’s one the best treasure events going.

George and his best friend Diesel....

George and his best friend Diesel….

For more info on next years B.O.N.E contact George at Thanks again George.




Speaking of books, White’s Electronics has run out of my book The New Metal Detecting the Hobby, and will not be reprinting.  I am currently considering updating this title and having it printed locally.  I will keep you posted. In the meantime you can still find this book at many detecting shops, as well as on Amazon.

“Metal Detecting…the Hobby” was first printed in 1993, and updated in 1999, with the title “The New Metal Detecting the Hobby”.



Well the World Wide Association of Treasure Seekers has finally updated its website and it looks good. Here’s hoping they can keep it updated with “useful” and “informative” material, and try not to turn it into a roadmap, like they did the with old site.  To view click on the WWATS logo below…




My old friend Jim Meany, librarian for the Massachusetts Treasure Hunting Association, forwarded a recent article (and video) from Yankee magazine, and I thought I would share it here. It features Vermonters and well-known tekkies, Dave Linck, Rick Comfort, and Lance Comfort. It’s extremely well done. Enjoy…




Here’s a recent article on the Fenn treasure. Is it for real or a hoax?

Man Says Poem Will Lead Hunters to Treasure



Seems the trend now is detecting wooded areas and farm lands.  I predicted this would happen a few years back, but not because of how productive these areas might be, but because I saw us being pushed out of towns and cities. Aside from not utilizing proper digging techniques, we let city officials, park departments and archaeologists formulate rules and regulations that essentially painted our pastime as bad and evil. Oh we would share our woes on social media, act tough, and we would send letters to all those nasty folks responsible, but when that didn’t alter anyone’s thinking, we said “oh well” and tip-toed away….. 

And so it goes….  Wimps, all of us!




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12 responses to “Sunday Soup…

  1. I wholeheartedly agree this hobby has nothing to answer for, nor is there anything morally wrong in digging-up artefacts and selling them – provided details of the find are recorded as per the PAS.

    Referred to as archaeology’s ‘dirty secret’ – the failure to publish excavation results – unlike the PAS – reduces archaeologists to little more than heritage thieves by robbing the common heritage of information and data. So-called ‘nighthawking’ is NOT the monopoly of metal detecting…oh no! WE have a lot to learn!!!!

    We all know it goes on, and on a regular basis, YET, the Warsaw lame brain along with many of his mentally crippled honchos, sidesteps the issue by deflecting public attention onto ersatz, home-brewed bunkum by alleging all manner of unproven, unsubstantiated, vile accusations about the honourable US numismatic community. For good measure, these weirdo rectums, chuck in a few insults and allegations for good measure about the decent, law-abiding metal detecting community.

    Should we worry? Of course not, but why should we let these nutters who obviously have ‘issues’ that UK and European mental healthcare facilities are apparently unable to assuage, post their kind of garbage without rebuke?

    Though best ignored, there are times when their allegations cross the line of what is acceptable and when some of these drongos use the tragic Nepalese earthquake to further their highly dubious campaign against collectors, then enough is enough.

  2. Yes, thanks…a lot better. Who mentioned Barford or Swift? These are two fine, upstanding, understanding, warm, human beings.

  3. heavymetalnut

    Wanted to thank you for donating the 3 books for our Digging in New England group hunt.they were snatched up fast.The numbers that were drawn were given the opportunity to select from many prizes on the table & your 3 books vanished quickly.Thanks again Dick! The event was a success and we raised quite a bit for local charities!

  4. heavymetalnut

    Was a great event! thanks again!

  5. coin25...aka Bigtony

    Dick, the Nepal article is certainly wierd – to be selfish enough to talk aboiut artefacts when so many lives were destroyed – this is the time for helping these folks and allow them to grieve. This bozo shows no human comapssion at all. There comes a point where you say that metal detecting is a hobby and an archie’s work is work – so put aside your work or hobby and act like a human – send help and prayers instead of thinnking so negatively about the minor things in life. Those people lost too many lives to even be considered in an article about broken pieces of whatever.

    The article about insulting the Irish people and their government will come back to bite them. I can’t even guess who allows this stuff to be published and circulated.

    • Tony you should know by now that these two individuals do nothing but badmouth our pastime, and use whatever topic they can to do so. Our consolation is that the majority of archaeologists find them a major pain in the ass as well.

  6. coin25...aka Bigtony

    These two were never slapped by their mothers….after spewing such crap of their own they have shown they do not have any respect for the deceased or the families of such a horrific tragedy. My prayers go out to the people of Nepal and other countries who also suffered.

  7. Ok, so now what’s it got to do with the price of bananas?

    I’ll tell yer…he disgusts all normal decent people….I guess he revolts many in archaeology and I also guess that many in archaeology share a common revulsion with those in metal detecting at his outlandish view of the world. Unfortunately, archaeology as a whole ‘protects’ him…speaks volumes don’t it.

    No one in that backbone-free community has the guts to say so….speaks volumes don’t it?

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