Drum Roll Please…

Here in North Texas we just experienced a wondrous and strange event…..RAIN, and lots of it.  No one could have predicted it, and believe it or not, a great many of our lakes are now full or near full.  Add in three consecutive sunny days with temps near 80, and I just had to drag my sorry ass out for a little detecting (and slow methodical torture)….

I didn’t feel too bad when I headed out the driveway, but two hours later I crawled my way back to the Pug Bug, cursing under my breath, and drove home.  Folks I am, without question, past my prime, over the hill, moth-eaten, time-worn and a poor damn excuse for a detectorist.


I did come home with a couple of pieces of silver, but I am not sure they were worth the wear and tear on the knees. The day was gorgeous, the air was fresh, the mind was willing, but the body wasn’t, and won’t be again now for some time.  I have no idea what the answer is but tomorrow I will start working on a detector holder for over the fireplace….



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16 responses to “Drum Roll Please…

  1. Roy Rutledge

    NO, not the dreaded Detector Holder. That is admitting openly and in mixed company that you are passed it. Maybe you need to hire a little digger to go with you to dig the targets..

  2. Paul sampson

    does a red or white wine go with silver coins and muscle soreness? hhh

  3. Todd Hiltz

    Two silver in two hours is still a great hunt in my eyes. Good for you for getting out Dick. P.S. Writing blogs and drinking wine all day is probably not a good recipe for getting your self in hunting shape.

  4. Bob K

    Dick this might help, would you hire a kid to dig for you? Just an idea.

  5. Finding Treasure (Bob)

    Hey, you got out! Two hours? That’s great! Found silver? Even greater! You still have the magic touch…

  6. Bigtony

    That key looks like a Jersey find to me, anyway it’s not April Fools day so congratulations on your finds!
    BTW – what type of electronic device is that in the background? Is it a vintage radio?

    • That electronic device in the background is a 6000di, S2 and it’s still capable of finding coins. What the hell does a Jersey key look like?

  7. Way to go Dick. Good to see you managed to get out for a hunt, and not bad on the finds for a couple of hours. Little and often could be the case here until you loosen up a bit more.

    • I don’t know Janner, I have pulled a muscle or something and really hurting this morning. Something over above all the other aches and pains.

  8. I almost did the same thing, but my Doctor made me keep at it and am I glad that he did.
    Can I keep digging for 15 hours like I used to, no but I can and do stay out most of the day. Well with a few breaks now and then.
    Hope you can stay at it to see if you can build up more.
    If I let myself feel old then I get old quick.
    I’m working on not doing that lol!

    • Well CTX I don’t know. Today every single part of my body hurts, and that’s no lie. I also did a vertical split yesterday while attempting to walk up the steps to my deck. Something snapped and now I have a new ache to add to my collection. Heading out to buy a bottle of Aleve.

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