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Thanks to everyone who showed up for the protest in front of the capital in Louisville.  The folks in the know said we numbered well over 500.  Well done.  We not only got their attention, we are promised a meeting with the Parks commissioner next week.

Great news as well from Cook County, Illinois. Our attorney there told us the commissioners are now working on changes to allow detecting in all parks. The details and particulars will be shared as soon as we have them.

On another note a reminder that yearly dues are now $50, up from the previous $45.  We hated to do this, but in order to deal with the various hot spots across the country, keep our website current and send out the monthly newsletter it takes money.  Best part? Membership is now approaching 5,000.

For detailed information about your state or locale click on the chapter closest to you.  If you don’t find what you are looking for, email us at or call the toll-free 800- number listed above, during the hours 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. You can also write to us at United Detectorists Inc.,1 Tobefamis Avenue, Hoocares, Indiana, 46601.

If you are not now a member and want to join United Detectorists, click on the “New Member” link above and fill out the application. Our only requirement is that make time to help out fellow detectorists when and where needed, and that you really do care about the future of our pastime.


All the above of course is wishful thinking, or bullshit if you will.  No way will we ever see an organization that effective or that large. Then again, who cares, right?   Got to go detecting, knock out a few videos, and travel down yonder for the next big meetup.  No time for that kind of crap, and come on, there’s no way am I sending my hard-earned cash to someone to represent me.  I will take care of my own problems.


What do you think? Was that an accurate assessment?  Was I being too critical, or did I hit a nerve?  Well when the proverbial “shit hits the fan”, we will have no one to blame but ourselves. Won’t matter how quickly it happens, or how obvious it is either, because we are too busy to notice.  We are just a bunch of self-centered, ragtag tekkies who can always find the time to do things that make US happy, but can’t find a minute more to help someone else or further a cause.

The FMDAC went months without saying one single word, but in a matter of a week they turn up on a podcast and promote yet another yearly get-together. Same goes for the WWATS group. Nothing new for a year or more, yet there’s a two-day get-together in May. Then go to Facebook, and watch how fast a semi-organized hunt can be thrown together, with everyone and their brother begging to attend.  Ask for a few tekkies to protest a city hall somewhere and I am willing to be you’ll be lucky if three people show up.  It all comes down to priorities.

Then there’s the Task Force (another group that can vanish for months at a time) who recently had a “call to action” requesting all of us to write to the New York City Parks Department, and help them open up a few more parks. Be honest, how many of you wrote that letter ? How many of you said, “tomorrow” or “later”?

APATHY (ap·a·thy)

1. Lack of interest or concern, especially regarding matters of general importance or appeal; indifference.
2. Lack of emotion or feeling; impassiveness.

And can you say Cook County, or *Louisville?  Both pretty big problem areas couple years ago but now they are forgotten. Why?  Because nobody cares.  Be honest….how many of you would actually attend a protest rally Louisville if it were proposed?  Would you take off work, jump in your car and be just as excited as you were when you attended that big week-long event in Virginia?  Do you really give a rat’s ass one way or another?

I understand the excitement and the pleasure you get from going to events, detecting in England and playing Cecile B. DeMille with your GoPro.  I get it. Fun times, money is no object and fame and fortune await.  What you don’t get, is that you may not have too many places to use that $2,000 detector and GoPro camera if you don’t get serious about what’s happening outside your little, “me, me, me” bubble.


You see we are slowly but surely losing ground when it comes to burdensome legislation and restrictions. It’s happening at the local, state and national level, and often under the radar, much to the chagrin of the detectorists it affects.  It happens here and it happens there, without us even noticing, and when it does happen we say “oh well, let’s see if we can get them to issue permits”.  Sorry my friends, that’s your way of saying “my bad”. To me it’s “surrender”.  What will it take?  A statewide ban or two to get your attention?  Well, don’t think it can’t or won’t happen.

From what I can see, a lot of detectorists think maybe they can make a living digging holes. You know, post up a lot of photos with old coins, gold and glitter, knock out a few videos, get noticed on social media, and then sit back and wait for the TV producer to call. Well good luck with that, but let me suggest you don’t quit your day job.

As our numbers have increased so has the potential for major problems. The more tekkies digging holes, the more we get noticed, and while getting noticed is great for the manufacturers, it means we are under more scrutiny, and just one careless newbie can ruin it for many.

Whatever happens to the metal detecting pastime will be the direct result of if and how we represent ourselves, and how strong we are in numbers. To the three national organizations out there…. either get it done or stop with the pretense. To the manufacturers….step up to the plate and bring back the manufacturers association.  If we lose you lose even more. Lastly to all who enjoy this pastime, slow down, smell the roses and while you are at it, water them too. Don’t let them die.


*Side note….when I asked Eddie Black about the current situation in Louisville, he replied:

“People tell me that the parks workers are still telling them that they are not allowed to hunt in the parks. I have tried to get to the New York Task Force website with no avail. I have not gotten anything for at least a year or more. It seems I have lost my way my of contacting them. We were getting close to getting a lawyer recommended to us by the Task Force but then we were not contacted anymore. Not sure what happened.

I have tried to call our State Rep Joni Jenkins but she has not called me back yet. That was a couple of days ago. It seems hopeless unless someone comes to our rescue.”



Thanks to Gary Kilmer for sending along this tidbit….






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10 responses to “Latest From United Detectorists…

  1. Jamie

    My experiences here is PA have been good with the authorities. The state parks are cooperative and amiable. Most people think we are just kooks collecting pennies.

    To your point of an increase in tekkies wrecking havoc and not filling holes, etc., it’s true and could become a problem. Fortunately the communities I participate in are not shy about letting people know when they F up.

    We need a national voice to set legislation that works for all parties, but in a world where priorities revolve around corporate profits, perhaps the burden should fall on the manufacturers of the tools of the trade.

    • Well they certainly have the most to lose, that’s for sure. At one time there was an American Metal Detector Manufacturer’s Association (70’s 80’s) but it eventually disappeared. Not sure why.

  2. Todd Hiltz

    These problems. such as “Cook County” need to be acknowledged and brought to the forefront immediately. Not after it’s been stewing for a couple of years. I have taken part and done what I could in signing petitions, sending money, and permit requests for some past problems with the Florida beaches, New York Parks and problems in Massachusetts. The Cook County problem was never brought to my attention. I am more than happy to do what I can for anything that may threaten the Hobby(lifestyle) that I am passionate about. Heck I will even drive a few hundred miles if I was given enough notice.
    Give me someone that will notify me when these problems arise. I will make a video about it and cram it down the community’s throats and then keep force feeding them until they take action in doing what they can to help. A lot of times, I need something to smack me in the face before I notice.

    • Todd I have been trying to smack people in the face for some time now. It obviously isn’t doing any good, but I will keep trying. This is the YouTube video that got the Cook County problem noticed….

      I understand that there will be problem areas that we cannot come out as winners, but hell, we haven’t even tried. I hate to say it but we are just an apathetic group of hobbyists, who only care about number one. Here’s hoping someone can turn that around.

      • Todd Hiltz

        This is great info Dick, thank you so much for sharing the video link. My hats off to TreasureFiend

    • Todd-

      I have been to two rally’s in NYC regarding NYC parks. Before each rally, I went to my local metal detecting club, stressed the importance of it, and asked for a show of hands, of who we could count on to attend. Almost every person in the club raised their hand, but not one of those people showed up. The rally attendees were the same small group of volunteers that are always there. It’s just sad.
      I have been telling folks for years that our rights are slowly, but surely being taken away–and it’s nationwide, not local. But, no one seems to care until it affects them directly…sigh.

  3. And let me add, the manufacturers are as much to blame as well. They are busy putting out new product, some of it redundant and totally ignoring the Elephant in the room.

  4. heavymetalnut

    Treasure fiends video sure was an eye opener and his points were valid.I was hoping he’d get things turned around since he filmed this years ago

  5. Please be sure to see John Winter’s update of today. Can you imagine showing up at your local or county parks department meeting with a video similar to this?

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