Bad enough I don’t get out detecting much anymore, I wake up this morning, pour a cup of coffee, open up the newspaper and what do I see? A smiling Chicago Ron.  I am telling you, this guy is all over the place.

No doubt he’s envious of my “Dallas Dick” label….


As they say here in Texas…”He’s as busy as a one-legged man at an ass-kicking convention.” 


Then as if that weren’t enough I turn on the computer, and the first thing that pops up is another video by Todd Hiltz, finding more neat things.


All kidding aside, I envy you guys, but be forewarned.  If and when I see either of you I will be armed with wire cutters…



The Task Force for Metal Detecting Rights is still having problems with the city of New York, and they can use our help. Please take a few minutes and shoot off an email or a letter.  It’s important. You will find all the details here on Allyson Cohen’s Detecting Diva blog…. 




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6 responses to “Hauntings…

  1. Doug Frantz

    Chicago Ron also appears in a TV commercial for Clear Choice. I saw it about a month ago. Plays during the evening local news at 5 PM. Nice choppers.

  2. Sorry to ruin your breakfast Dick. I was waiting for a 2nd version of the TV commercial with the treasure hunting connection but have not seen it yet, wasn’t even sure they were going to do print ads. Now I guess I will be that guy with the teeth. LOL

    P.S. As long as I owe you the 20 bucks you will never be broke!

    • Nah, you will still be Chicago Ron (the guy with the teeth). But…you will never be “Dallas Dick”. I have copyrighted the name. Eat your heart out.

      As for the $20, I am contacting Clear Choice to see if I can get it taken out of your royalty payments.

  3. Todd Hiltz

    What a horrible way to start your morning Dick. I would feel the same way if I had to wake up looking at your mug on my computer screen.

    P.S. Not sure your wire cutters will be of any use if I am detecting wireless..

  4. Touché Todd….

    Oh wait a minute, I forgot that word might be over your head. It means “ya got me”.

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