A Pioneer and a Legend Has Left Us…

Garrett1Saddened to hear that Charles Garrett passed away today.  I will tell more about the Charles Garrett that I was privileged to know in a future update….



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13 responses to “A Pioneer and a Legend Has Left Us…

  1. We are saddened at this loss of one of our hobble’s true legends RIP, Charles, and may all of your signals on the other side be good.

  2. Met Charles at the FMDA hunt in Atlantic City in the mid 80’s. Had a long chat. Told him at the time that I could sell lots more of his units if he would let me repair them. I was repairing Whites, Fisher and Nautilus at the time. He said he would rather that all units come back to his factory in Texas. I had to drop the Garrett line because I couldn’t sell them once folks realized that they had to send them back to Texas.
    Oh well, he did very well his way!

  3. Packrat

    I had the great pleasure to meet Charles on several occasions – Several times at the NWTHC Hunt and also at the Grand Treasure hunt in Texas in 1979. The last time I saw him was at the NWTHC 25th hunt. He was a great leader to our hobby and will be missed.

  4. Scott Clare

    Sad day for the metal detecting fraternity. I met Mr. Garrett when he came up to seminars here in Southern Ontario, back in the early ’80’s. he inspired a lot of us to take up this interesting and wonderful hobby.
    You will be missed Charles.
    R.I.P., sir!

  5. Dee Sperling

    Our condolences to his family and employees. RIP

  6. heavymetalnut

    Very sad. Will you be attending the services Dick? My prayers to the family.

  7. Roy Rutledge

    Bought my first detector from Mr Garrett in 1969. A BFO Garrett Master Hunter. Saw him many times and was always a pleasant man to talk to.He will be missed.

  8. I am deeply, deeply, sorry to hear this sad news. I had the privilege of meeting Charles at the 1986 FMDAC convention in AC and was struck by his honesty, dedication, and belief in the hobby of treasure hunting. He was an icon and his place in treasure lore is assured.

    My thoughts are with his wife and family.

    In sorrow

    John Howland

  9. I had the honor and privilege of detecting with Mr. Garrett in the Caribbean in Antigua and Guadeloupe in the ’80’s with Stu Auerbach’s Adventurers International group. He was a down to earth and friendly, and had a deeply spiritual side, which he did not impose on anyone else (unlike lots of people these days). I wish I’d gotten to know him better.

  10. Paul and Joan Tainter

    We are so sorry to hear of Mr. Garrett’s passing. He was one of the pioneers of the industry. I fondly remember Mr. and Mrs. Garrett opening their home to the Garrett dealers during the early Garrett seminars that were held at the factory in the mid-seventies. We considered ourselves priviledged to be one of the first Garrett dealers in the upper Midwest selling under the name Spartan Shop.
    Mr. Garrett was a supporter of our Treasure Expos here in Nebraska and was the keynote speaker several times.
    He was a true gentleman, an innovative pioneer of the industry and a legend in the treasure hunting field. You will truly be missed, my friend

  11. wendell Ellerbee

    Sorry to hear of Mr. Garrett’s passing and always wished I could have met him if just for a few minutes. The last photo I saw of him, he looked like he was not feeling well. Prayers for his family and many friends. From reading his books, I could tell he had a strong Christian faith and the way they treat their customers reflected on his faith.

  12. Didn’t have to meet the man to know his quality. I accidentally drove my digger through the control unit of my AT Pro. Not at all a defect in manufacturing but a dumb,careless move on my part. I sent the control box to Garret expecting a repair and a bill. I got a new control box from them and NO BILL!!! I am now a Garret customer for life. Let that be a guiding example for all the new manufacturer of metal detectors out there.

  13. Working on a post about my association with Charles while under his employ…..hope to have it up soon.

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