Should I Worry?

Received an email from a Texas A & M archaeologist named W.D. Willborn, inviting me to have dinner with him Thursday, at the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek (one of the finest restaurants here in Dallas).  Apparently he has been following my blog, and wants to talk about a way we might join forces and start working together.

He went on to say there’s an archaeological project coming up that I might be interested in being part of.  Honestly I have to wonder if this guy is for real or whether he is “a hit man”.

I have already started perusing the online menu (and wine list) of the restaurant, and will be sure to share with you just how this meeting turns out. Should be very, very interesting.



Managed to get out yesterday for about two hours, and managed to find a silver dime, plus the usual clad. Not a great day, but again, anytime I come home with silver I am happy.


Hoping to get out some tomorrow as well, weather permitting. The temps are now in the 70’s and 80’s, and so far the back is not hurting too much.



How is that I see the very same tekkies posting photos of their “fantastic” finds EVERY single day.  Do they not have a job? Are they independently wealthy?  Sorry if I sound skeptical, but I just don’t get it.



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23 responses to “Should I Worry?

  1. Roy Rutledge

    If the Archaeologist is really looking for help. You know where I am and I work cheap.

  2. I think it’s a set up! In all seriousness let’s hope this man has a good head on his shoulders and looks at things from out point of view for once. Good luck! Nice find by the way…lol 16d…you probably have a bunch of them,right?

  3. Could be a “ground breaking” opportunity, (no pun intended 🙂 ) Thanks for representing our hobby Dick. I can’t think of a better person to do it.

  4. Todd Hiltz

    At least we can tell the police where to look first if something bad happens to you.
    If this is not an April fools joke, I would be shocked

  5. coin25...aka Bigtony

    Now I know this is your site and all so why not dream big! Last night I found a 20 dollar gold coin and its worth big bucks….

    Back at you buddy!

  6. wintersen

    Is this the same invite you had at this time last year? 🙂

  7. Ask him if he’s willing to go to Syria and help save the artifacts that Isis is destroying.

  8. Good Luck with the meeting. We need to start somewhere.

  9. Bigtony

    Well Dick, did I win a prize? On another note – some of my best finds were made on the way back to the car!

  10. Bigtony

    I am not certain if I should touch that line? Dark and stormy nights?

  11. Ha ha ha!!! “i found a gold coin on my way to the car” That is as funny as the April’s 1st joke

  12. Could have been worse….”it was a dark and stormy night and on my way back to the car”……

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