Is the Sky the Limit?

Well, we are indeed iced in this morning, and waiting for the “thundersleet” to start, but considering what the folks in New England have been dealing with, we have nothing to complain about.  At least not yet….


You already know how much I miss the good ole days of detecting, and those feelings are only getting better by the day, because now we have the Minelab GPZ 7000, a “gold detector” that retails for $12,449.00. Yep, you read it right, twelve thousand, four hundred and forty nine smackeroos!  Holy s**t!


Now I know they advertise that it offers 40% more depth than their GPZ 5000, but at that price it ought to find gold bricks, one every minute.  I mean come on folks…wake up and get a grip for crissakes. Yes I know, gold is at an all time high, but how many detectorists, or for that matter even prospectors, have that kind of money on hand?

I used to think tekkies having four and five detectors, pinpointers and GoPro cameras were whacked out, but now this… Surely it won’t be long before it’s available in camo (at a higher price of course).

Minelab seems to be pushing the envelope of late with the CTX3030 at $2,500, and now the GPZ 7000 at $12,500. Can someone tell me why? Is it because they are manufactured down under, or is this what the market will bear? If it’s the latter I plead ignorance and senility. The world has passed me by.


As they say down here…..“I don’t mean to rile the wagon master” but “give me the bacon without the sizzle” please….



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14 responses to “Is the Sky the Limit?

  1. Dick, to put it in perspective, I paid about half that for my first house! A nice, cozy little two-bedroom with a huge fenced yard.

    (By the way, the price of gold is nowhere near its all-time high anymore. High was about $1,870 in 2011; currently it’s at about $1,200).

  2. One other thought hits me, Dick. Even if they never sell a single unit, Minelab sales will still skyrocket. Why? Because instead of asking the wife, “Can I spend $2,500 for a metal detector?” the question becomes, “Should I buy this metal detector for $12,500, or this one over here for $2,500?”

  3. Hah, never thought of that…. You may be right.

  4. coin25...aka Bigtony

    That is just crazy and they are using the same housing of the CTX3030…to save a few bucks on engineering I suppose. So now trying to have that detector pay for itself will take a bit longer….maybe you will have to vacation at a gold field and camp out for a few days…few months…

  5. Ben

    I’m sure it finds pull tabs and bottle caps just as well as my AT/Pro! LOL!

  6. BLOODY NORA!!!!…$12,449.00….. For that price I’d expect it to have a couple of wheel attachments so I could drive it to my sites.
    Mind you, I’ll ask my missus if I can have one and I’ll post a pic of my black eye in the morning.

  7. Rocky

    Well Minelab has finally lost touch with reality, I was looking at one of those and could not believe the price. There is nothing in that detector that cost that much. Even the research doesn’t justify the cost.
    Oh there will be some who buy it but the great many of us out here will see it as Minelab taking advantage of us who detect !
    As myself I will not be buying anymore detectors from Minelab and I hope that many more of us do the same until they get control over what ever madness that has taken control them.

    I really hope that this is something from Australia that is the cause of this.

  8. Supply & Demand at it’s finest. As long as people pay those prices we’ll see more products in all price ranges. Remember trading cards or beanie bears at their prime? People couldn’t swoop them up fast enough. Hec I bought into both, made some money, lost a little money but it was fun and that’s another aspect of detecting that we all love, having fun. For you it might be fun to challenge yourself with any machine. For others, it’s “fun” to spend thousands of dollars on the newest and the latest detecting products. For the rest, there is money to be made, and as long as people are spending money there will be those willing to take it 🙂

  9. Rob, I suspect you may be right but a detector for $12,000 is just over the top for me. Not too sure how many “tekkies” have that kind of money laying around, and if they do they need to find a more profitable pastime.

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