Waiting For the Ice…

Digger is not too worried...

Digger is not too worried…

As I sit here waiting for a potentially nasty ice storm, I thought I would shoot off a quick post, just in case we lose power for any period of time.  Hoping against hope that’s not the case. Ice storms here in North Texas can be a real bitch!

On the plus side I have my red wine, and the Digger to keep me company (and warm)!



My good friend Tony Conti sent along the following article and I wanted to share it here.  I am wondering how the archaeological community will react. I mean here’s a case where construction companies are weary of potential holdups or delays because of buried treasure. Your thoughts?

Data Archaeology Helps Builders Avoid Buried Treasure



Detectorists Help Recover WWII Plane



I take a lot of flak from various factions, tekkies included, with regards to my negativity toward archaeologists. Yesterday someone emailed me and asked “what is it that you want from them?” So here goes…

I want archaeologists to:

  • Accept the fact that we are here, that we are not going away and that what we do is perfectly legal.
  • Work with us to develop something similar to the PAS, where we can feel even freer to share what we find without fear of repercussions.
  • Stop plotting and working behind the scenes to hinder our access to public lands (National, State & local).
  • Acknowledge that we sometimes bring historic and valuable finds to light, and as a result provide them with useful information, and quite often work projects and grants.
  • Understand that their ongoing efforts to paint us in a negative light will only make matters worse, and the more restrictions they place upon us, the less willing we will be to come forward with our finds.
  • Acknowledge that there are indeed detectorists out there who are extremely knowledgeable & talented in what they do and who can teach THEM a few things (and without charge).

And finally…Yes, I know there are “nighthawks” out there,  just like I know there are unethical archaeologists within their ranks.  They do not hold the higher moral ground.





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3 responses to “Waiting For the Ice…

  1. John H

    Yo Bubba:

    Er….um, not quite sure how to put this…but, er…um, we are all ‘archaeologists’, not of the orthodox variety I admit, but archaeologists nevertheless. By those of the ‘orthodox’ persuasion continually hindering our progress, are they not institutionalised heritage vandals?
    As for the piece sent by Big Tony, isn’t this what I’ve been saying for years and been pilloried by the ‘orthodox’ wing for going public with it?

    John H

  2. With great clarity, I think you get right down to the heart and soul of the matters. Now if only the institutionalised variety of the archaeologists will get over themselves we might get somewhere.


  3. But for them to do so would mean they “validate” our efforts and that’s taboo. We are lesser individuals in their eyes, and I will not “beg” anyone or any group to be accepted.

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