A Quickie…

Coming soon…. John’s take on the Nel 12×13 coil (using AT Pro), as well as another article on researching and finding old picnic groves. Stay tuned.



Please meet the newest member of the family.  This is Digger!

IMG_0498 rs

Digger is six years old and a rescue pug…



Thanks to Regton Ltd., for sending along the following video. Enjoy.




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10 responses to “A Quickie…

  1. Congratulations on the new addition to the family,Dick, and well done on choosing a rescue dog. They can be a bit of a challenge but the rewards are great.


  2. Hey!
    Great pooch and he’s better looking than you! You have his eyes! Look after the little fella! There’s a pal for life there!

    Happy hoiking

  3. Bigtony

    The new addition to your family seems very happy! Great find even without a metal detector.
    You two look great together!

  4. Don M

    Great that you chose a rescue dog – I wish more people would do that instead of using a pet store.

  5. coin25...aka Bigtony

    Dick, I know you are a busy man but have you found the time to train Digger to locate cashes? Or even plain old paper money yet?

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