Psst! Over Here Please…

I thoroughly enjoyed John Winter’s recent blog post about forums.  It was on the money, and the aftermath or follow-up was true to form with John being banned from two of them….despite his comments being light-hearted and humorous.  Gotta love social media!  Where else can you say something and instantaneously be famous, banned or exiled?

On the plus side social media has become one of the most popular advertising mediums going today, and that’s not just me saying it.  You can spend your money on newspaper or magazine ads, radio and TV but nothing goes further or reaches more people than social media. Just throw it out there, attach a catchy subject line, or better yet, give something away and you’ve got ’em by the balls.

The “giving away goodies” thing has also become the everyday norm for detecting blogs, websites, FB pages, forums and podcasts, of which there are thousands of today. Good or bad…the ‘numbers’ are all that matter, or at least it seems to be the case. “Tune in tonight and you win a detector”, or “like my page and win a pinpointer, cap or pouch”.  Doesn’t matter what you are giving away….the “I wants” will show up en masse, totally oblivious of the topic or spiel you are spouting.  It’s the ole…“I am only here for he food”

So here I sit, with my blog, a glass of red and nothing to offer. Fame and fortune awaits, and I haven’t a damn thing to give away. Nada!  What am I to do?  My books are old hat, I have no T-shirts, caps, patches or DVDs, and I don’t care to give away any of my finds.  I thought about asking John if he had anything to offer, but sh*t he still owes me $20 from 1984….

So please, if you are reading this, and you have any ideas on how I might attract more tekkies here, please let me know. Remember though I have nothing to give you in return, unless you want an autographed, used pair of Jockey shorts….

I am a failure, a SOB, and a cheap one at that.  Poor me….



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10 responses to “Psst! Over Here Please…

  1. Jeez….Wally’s looking great these days.

  2. Autographed empty bottles of wine 🙂

  3. Wendell Ellerbee

    I read that on Tom’s forum the other week. John sure comes up with some unusual and interesting topics.

  4. Roy Rutledge

    If it is a good wine, the corks may have a little value.

  5. As you Lone Star stallions (okay so I lie a lot) like to say….”der ya go!”

  6. follow-up was true to form with John being banned from two of them…. HAHAH Comical! Enjoyed the post, Dick.

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