Rest in Peace Jack Gifford…

Today I received a message from my friend Dee Sperling, informing me that Jack Gifford has passed away.  For those of you who don’t know the name, Jack was the founder and first president of Tesoro Metal Detectors.  Jack left us January 3rd, and a memorial service is being held at this very moment in Prescott, Arizona.

I was privileged to know Jack and his wife Myrna and I know of no two finer people. Jack was always considered a ‘straight shooter’ and a very strong advocate for the small dealers across this country.  No matter the enticements or pleas, Jack would not allow the big mail order companies to sell or bastardize his product, and as a competitor I always admired that.

With Jack & Myrna, Lost Treasure Classic, Tulsa, Oklahoma

With Jack & Myrna, Lost Treasure Classic, Tulsa, Oklahoma

No matter where or when we met, Jack always had time to chat and share a meal if time permitted. In fact I think I actually do owe this man a few bucks….  After losing my job at Garrett, Jack was one of the first to call and offer me a position with Tesoro. Unfortunately I had to turn him down as I was not about to move my family across country a second time.

My condolences go out to his wife Myrna and to the rest of his family.  Jack Gifford was a good man, a good friend and he will be missed. Rest in peace Jack….



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11 responses to “Rest in Peace Jack Gifford…

  1. RoyR

    A very fine man indeed.

  2. I didn’t know Jack personally, nevertheless, he’s a great loss to us all.

  3. Now this is a loss to everyone who metal detects!
    No more words to say.

  4. Mike Smith

    I knew Jack and his boys through being a dealer for many years. He always treated his dealers and customers with respect. Going well beyond the expected. Last time I saw Jack was at a GPAA Gold and Treasure show in Mesa many years ago before I moved to Alabama.
    He truly will be missed by family and friends!
    RIP Jack

  5. danhughes1

    I had the opportunity to do an interview with Jack for Treasure Quest magazine in maybe 1993, at one of Kenny Wray’s annual Treasure Week conventions.

    I was impressed with his respect for his dealers (he refused to let large mail order businesses carry his detectors, because he felt it unfair that people would buy detectors by mail order, then expect the local dealer to teach them how to use them).

    He was quiet, determined, and sincere, and I remember in particular two things he said. First, he said how lucky he was to be living in the best area on earth – Prescott, Arizona. He described the town in such glowing terms that I was ready to relocate.

    And second, when I asked him what his personal favorite detector was, he said “I always answer that question the same way. My favorite detector is the NEXT one. The one that’s still on the drawing board right now.

    • Thanks for sharing that Dan. It didn’t matter to Jack if you were a dealer with three detectors in stock or fifty….you were still treated the same. What a novel idea….

  6. Wendell Ellerbee

    Sounds like someone I would have liked to spent some time dirt fishing with. I met someone a few months ago at the river with a Tesoro metal detector and enjoyed talking to him. I found my first die clash error coin if the two are the same thing last week and got so excited. It’s just a 1999 penny, but this is all new to me and after owning Ken Potter’s 3rd edition of Strike it Rich with Pocket Change, I’m looking forward to finding more since I don’t get to metal detect much right now. Enjoy your newsletter and between you and all the other members of various forums I’m just enjoying my hobby.

  7. Thanks Wendell….appreciate it. Don’t be a stranger here. All comments are welcome, good or bad.

  8. Bigtony

    Sorry to hear of his passing, very sad to his family and friends like yourself. I am certain he will be missed!

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