2015 Resolutions…

Over the years I’ve never been one to make new year’s resolutions. I learned early on that they were usually pie in the sky, frivolous and hard to keep up. This year however I have decided to turn over a new leaf and came up with the following list of “to-dos”…..


  1. Lose weight
  2. Eat more pasta
  3. Buy that $2,500 detector
  4. Put more money in my savings
  5. Buy a couple of camo outfits and a shovel
  6. Feel less self-conscious and less threatening to those who are watching me detect
  7. Buy a GoPro camera
  8. Put more money in my savings
  9. Start making detecting videos
  10. Be less pretentious and more discreet about my in-the-field detecting
  11. Take yoga classes
  12. Eat more pasta
  13. Spend more time researching
  14. Buy a more expensive detector so I can find more
  15. Work harder at saying welcome, awesome, cool and sweet when participating in metal detecting forums
  16. Try hard not to fall asleep when participating in metal detecting forums
  17. Start a metal detecting Facebook page and add my friends without asking them
  18. Try to find more loyal detecting friends in cyberspace
  19. Purchase a few more coils for my detector so I can find more
  20. Put more money in my savings
  21. Make an effort to befriend and understand archaeologists
  22. Spend time learning more about words like bullshit, drivel,  phony, contrived and big-balls
  23. Continue to prod the FMDAC, TFMR and WWATS to be active
  24. Make more friends within the metal detecting community
  25. Share more of my technical knowledge with detectorists
  26. Learn what the “on/off” switch on my detector does
  27. Buy a smart phone
  28. Try harder to explain the term “when hell freezes over” to others
  29. Get a membership at the gym
  30. Eat more pasta






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17 responses to “2015 Resolutions…

  1. Er….31, repay that outstanding debt of $20.

  2. That’s funny, you didn’t mention Wine???

  3. Bob K

    30…. wow good luck. If you cut out #12 you could add more to #4 LOL
    Have a great year

  4. Lisa MacIntyre

    21 is covered since I’m the only archaeologist worth knowing or understanding. Did I mention my resolution to try and not be so conceited?

  5. Linda Bennett

    I saw some cameo wine glasses that will go with all that pasta.

  6. Bigtony

    Dig signals only by tone’

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