Looking Back…


…has not been a good year for yours truly and for a lot of reasons, most of which I don’t care to discuss, nor are you interested in hearing.  My biggest regret or should I say biggest problem is my health.

I always knew growing old would take it’s toll on my physical well being, but I never thought it would happen in one fell swoop, or at least it seems that way.

Then nine days ago I unexpectedly lost my best friend Barnum. He was my companion, my shadow and a reason for me to wake up every day. Words cannot express how much I miss him…..



There were lots of great finds by detectorists in 2014, both here in the good ole USA and even more in the UK, much to the chagrin of our archaeological overseers (or so they like to call themselves). The larger or more historic the find, the more they whined. How dare WE make headlines!!

And of course Warsaw Wally and Heritage Harry continued to cry and complain, and get banned from even more blogs, websites and forums.

Finally there was Wally’s Christmas day photo.  It tells you exactly how he feels about us and what we do.  What a guy…



I continued to beat up on the FMDAC, TASK FORCE and WWATS but to no avail.  The FMDAC did, finally, offer up a decent website but so far nothing new has been added.  Likewise the Task Force has gone into hibernation….again. And WWATS? Who knows? Their new website was due the end of April but now it’s ‘coming soon’.

It might have been nice if one or more of these groups could have taken the time to say “Merry Christmas” but apparently they were too busy.  Maybe doing battle with evil-doers. Ya think?



As expected, there were a few negative responses about things I or John had said throughout the year but I am used to that. It comes with the territory.  Early In the year, when trying to promote Diva’s all-gal detecting calendar, I was accused of only wanting to promote Stout Standards. Yet another reminder to stay away from forums.

Always remember…. SS is a blog, and blogs can be defined as this or this. Take your pick!

I’ve known John for 30 years and he knows where he’s coming from with regards to the metal detecting pastime, especially in the UK.  Me? Just a long time hobbyist turned curmudgeon in my old age, or at least that is how I’ve been described.

As John likes to say… Stout Standards is an acquired taste.



The pastime pretty much stayed the course in 2014, with the exception that everyone now wears camo, is a movie producer and has their own podcast/radio show.

Hey, that’s showbiz…



I was fortunate to have guest posts by Joe Patrick and Lisa MacIntyre in 2014, and hope I can twist their arms to do more in 2015.  Joe is a true pioneer, an icon and a veritable vault of information.  Lisa, on the other hand, loves kicking our ass and she’s good at it.   I can say however that we are very good friends and have a lot of respect for each other.  If only she would send me that bottle of  wine she owes me….


A special thank you to all who take the time to respond and comment here on Stout Standards.   Because of you I keep plugging away…..



I will try and approach 2015 with guarded optimism.  It almost has to be better than 2014, but time will tell….


I want to wish you all a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year, and remind you that there are a great many treasures right in front of your nose.  Take time to appreciate them….they can disappear quickly and can never be replaced. 


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12 responses to “Looking Back…

  1. Hi Dick,

    I’m no stranger to both disease and the loss of a dog. For me, it all started about ten years ago with a heart attack (after a very stressful time) followed by angioplasty. I was on various heart medications for a long time before I switched to Linus Pauling’s Vitamin C and L-lysine regimen. Since then I have had no symptoms (and no drug side-effects, either).

    When I lost my last dog, Winston, to seizures at fourteen years old, I decided to not get another dog right away, but I was watching a vet drama “All Creatures Great and Small” based on a vet’s autobiography. One of the vets convinced a man to get another dog after the death of his long-time companion. He resisted a bit, but the vet convinced him and it was the right move.

    Dogs are not just our faithful companions, but they help keep us healthy too. Think about it. It really worked for me after Winston died. He was still the best dog I ever owned and no dog can replace another, exactly, They are all different, but part of the loss is not for the specific dog, but for having a dog in our liife. It’s important.

    All the best for the New Year,


    • Thank you John for taking the time to share that… Others have said the same thing about getting another dog right away and we are considering it. Just very hard to do this quickly.

      As for my health, I keep reading about my problem and have tried a few supplements, but it appears there’s not really much I can do other than watch my diet. Then again things could be a whole lot worse, as you already know.

      Happy New Year John

  2. Bob K

    Dick l wish you the same with health and a very prosperous new year with lots of friends. I will be having a new right knee late in Jan. So l hope it works, cause I don’t want it to mess with detecting. Again have a great 2015.

  3. Bob

    Dick, we did have our share of misery in 2014 didn’t we? But, we’ll both grow stronger, if not the body, then maybe the mind. Good luck in 2015 and keep up the good work with your blog, posts and genuine concern for others.


  4. Well Dick, haters are gonna hate. I will say this to your detractors, (and I believe I speak for many in our hobby): By virtue of having been in the hobby for so many years and by speaking your mind honestly and openly, you have become the premier elder statesman of metal detecting. I love how when we all first come to you, all starry eyed, you tell us not to call you Mr. Stout. I know what you mean by things happening all at once. December was a month of several unpleasant news for me as well and I look to 2015 as a year of redemption for me. Here’s to a new year and new possibilities.

    • Thanks Pulltab…..appreciate that very much. I understand what you are dealing with and know you will come out the winner when all is said and done. Hang in there my friend!

      PS: Did you have to use the word “elder”?

  5. Linda Bennett

    Quickly finding out that “growing old is not for wimps”

  6. Happy New Year Dick, John and all Stout Standards Readers.

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