Recent Happenings…


Happy to see the FMDAC has finally come up with a new and easy to read website.  Congratulations to webmaster Trinna Pitts.  Hopefully now the officers can find time to keep their members abreast of what they are doing and/or planning.  Last update on the now defunct site was from November of last year.

Federation of Metal Detector & Archaeological Clubs, Inc.

Now I am waiting for WWATS to premiere their new site.  Was promised for April 1st but has been pushed back each month, with the latest promised date being December 1.



From what I’ve heard the retirement party for Alan Holcombe at White’s a fun one, and I am really sorry I couldn’t make it.  Thanks to Cari Brewer for sending along the following photos and for using a few of mine for the event (even if you did throw darts at them).

Click photos to enlarge…

Alan, here's looking at you!

Alan, here’s looking at you!

Alan, I think there's a hidden message in the photo on the right....

Alan, I think there’s a hidden message in the photo on the right….

Top: Alan look-alike contest, Bottom: Alan with his lovely wife Aleita

Top: Alan look-alike contest, Bottom: Alan with his lovely wife Aleita



This morning I received an email from Nigel Ingram of Regton, Ltd. informing me that his father Derek had passed away.  Derek was 83 and had been battling prostate cancer for quite some time.

I first met Derek back in 1988, while working for Garrett Electronics and found him a fascinating and  multi-talented individual.  He dabbled in a lot of different areas and was instrumental in a few of the early metal detector designs and configurations.  I hope to share more about Derek at a later date.

Fay and I send our condolences to Nigel and Marcus as well as other family members. RIP Derek…

Nigel, Marcus and Derek, Rally, early 90's

Nigel, Marcus and Derek, Rally, early 90’s

More recent photo, Derek far right with Regton, Ltd. crew...

More recent photo, Derek far right with Regton, Ltd. crew…



Read this and inwardly digest. This blog is about treasure hunting, metal detecting and it’s for treasure hunters of a certain age. Newbies and fellow travelers are also welcome along for the ride.

While I do my best not to offend I will not apologize for what’s written here, so if you find anything offensive or boring there’s no need to tell me about it. I have no doubts you can find something of interest in the hundreds of other treasure hunting blogs, websites, FB pages, forums and podcasts. They are all just a mouse click away…

“You call them swear words. I call them “sentence enhancers”


Dear naps, I’m sorry I was such a dick to you as a kid…..


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  1. RIP Derek Ingram.

    My sincere condolences to Nigel and all the family.

    Derek lived respected, and died regretted.

    John Howland

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