Let’s Show Them How Much We Are All Family…




Just wanted to share  Ron Guinazzo’s latest project here and ask you all to help by digging deep into your pockets and by passing the effort along to your friends.  It’s a chance to help a family facing a very difficult time and a great way to show them just how much detectorists care about friends and family…

Likewise, the more you spend, the better your chances to win a few really great prizes….

Jolie’s Fund Raiser



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3 responses to “Let’s Show Them How Much We Are All Family…

  1. Thank you Mr. Stout
    I would also like to thank all the Manufacturers and individuals that donated items to be given away. There are several face book friends that have worked behind the scenes to help get the great assortment of detectors that will be given away.
    But more importantly the strength of thought and prayer, the outpouring of support for Jolie and through her my Sister Brandy have received from family, friends and complete strangers is an amazing force.
    I would like to send a personal thank you to everyone that has keep Jolie in there thoughts and prayers. With your help she is coping well with the multiple rounds of chemotherapy she has to go through.
    With love and some luck a year from now this will all be just a bump in her life. My prayers go out to anyone who has a loved one in a similar situation.
    Chicago Ron

  2. Ron, what I and others are doing is the easy part. Jolie is dealing with the harder issues and I am happy to hear she is doing okay with it so far. You are a good man to be doing this and I too hope all this will be a distant memory in no time…..

    Will be sharing this reminder over the next few weeks and might be able to persuade a few folks to add to the prize list.

  3. Lisa

    Donation on the way! I know first hand how devastating this can be. Physically, mentally, and monetarily. I also know how much your world changes when good people reach out their hand to help. Good thoughts to everyone! It can be beat.

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