The Treasure Legends…Do They Really Exist?

Tony Conti, my gangster good friend from North Jersey is a big time treasure guy. By that I mean he can’t be satisfied with a coin spill or a gold coin, he wants the big one that will put him on easy street. 

Tony’s an avid reader and can tell you all about the likes of the Oak Island Money Pit, the Lost Dutchman Mine, Victorio Peak, etc., and his current favorite is the Forrest Fenn Treasure.  It’s recent and offers the armchair hunter a chance to score, or at least it would seem that way.

Big Tony from Bayonne....

Big Tony from Bayonne….

If you take the time to read some about Forrest Fenn you will find there are people who think both he and his treasure are frauds. Then again just perhaps ALL treasure legends should be taken with a grain of salt!  Who is to say? I searched, as did Tony, for the John Ringo treasure in New Jersey but came away empty-handed.  To the best of my knowledge no one has ever found it (if it ever existed in the first place).

Another supposed buried treasure that I spent a little time looking for was one that the Doan Gang had supposedly hidden in a cave along the banks of the Delaware River. The late Joe Attinello and I searched the area in question (only five miles from my home) and found a couple of caves but nothing else.

Lastly one would have to ask… if these treasures did exist, and if someone found them, would they come forward and lay claim to them?  Somehow I seriously doubt it.

Anyway, Tony sent along he following articles/updates and I thought I would share them should you be interested in reading more. The Oak Island blurb is interesting in that it seems the arkies are now wanting to get involved. Have to wonder if they are worried about someone other than an archaeologist actually making headlines….

Searching for Forrest Fenn’s Treasure – Five Things to Consider 

Fenn Part of Crackdown But Not Charged 

“MLA Seeks to Change Rules for Oak Island Treasure Hunters

Tony thanks for the updates and good hunting. Remember if you do find the big one, you have my address and if that’s out of the question, I love single malts…..



Okay to keep up with the Joneses I am having a contest. Send me a photo of your best find and if you are the winner you get to give it to me. Thanks and good luck….

If I ever run into you and you are looking at a smart phone, save me time and bend over….

I always find it amusing that detectorists think after market searchcoils are “better” than those that came with their detector? Do they think the manufacturers are holding back?  Methinks it’s a matter of marketing and a psychological need to buy something that “has to be better” and “will be better” because “they said so”.

I’m against recycling because it makes me look like a big time alcoholic to my garbage man….





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11 responses to “The Treasure Legends…Do They Really Exist?

  1. Big Tony From Bayonne

    Dick, thanks for posting I hope other readers might post their treasure finds or disappointments.
    The Doan Wikipedia has one line way down the page that the treasure was found — Update: The buried treasure was found on October 19th by Jeremy Lebo of Temple University.

    But that is the only reference that I can find concerning this treasure find.
    Here is the link to the wikipedia

  2. Big Tony From Bayonne

    Yeah, I did the same thing but came up with no further internet information. I wonder why someone would post that line?

  3. Big Tony from Bayonne

    Well, this post has bitten me again today. I think about treasure all of the time. Not just silver dimes quarters or halves under several inches of dirt walking about with my metal detector but a jar of coins or perhaps a leather bag or pouch from a lost payroll. My problem is like many others – where to start the research. I have read and looked into many treasure stories far away or within driving distance that were already in treasure magazines or treasure books to no avail.
    This winter I will make it a point to start in the library and read up on old history hoping to find some good leads.
    Does anyone out there have any suggestions?

  4. Big Tony From Bayonne

    Yes, I have seen these and probably need to trust to some extent that these stories have some merit. I am the doubting type of written works. Please beer with me (small pun there) but how do these story writers know the amount of gold coins or amount of money that was stashed or hidden away? Did Hendric Dempster say to his relatives I buried $38,000 in gold coins? That is what I doubt. So I will take this with a grain of salt and a few single malts and go forward. This farmer also had property around Journal Square which is also being dug up right now to make way for hotels and posh shops. Maybe I will start there soon

  5. supernova1c

    Hi there Dick,
    Oh, I dream of finding a treasure, wouldn’t that be something! A golden hoard! You’ve got me thinking again and that’s a good thing, I always feel better when I get in this mood – the discovery, the adventure, the achievement.
    Trouble is, the treasure would have to be somewhat accessible – I’m too beat up and old for real adventure but in my minds eye, when I’m day dreaming, I can still do anything!
    I’ve looked for any clues to “stuff” around here but haven’t come up with anything yet. There was a rumour (totally unsubstantiated and told to me by my brother) that the Viking treasure called the Cuerdale hoard, which was found on the Ribble and near my home, was only part of what was buried but I’ve never been able to gain permission for the land or find anything else but this one rumour, alas!
    I don’t believe the actual rumour but one never knows when so much stuff (about 8,600 pieces of silver) was found by workmen repairing the river bank in 1840!
    One can but keep trying 🙂 Cheers Dick and a super post, I thoroughly enjoyed it 😀

    • “in my minds eye, when I’m day dreaming, I can still do anything!”…. You hit the nail on the head there James. Unfortunately when I wake up and find it painful to walk, reality sets in. Oh to be young again….

      Have a great weekend and keep me posted on your hoard hunting.

      • supernova1c

        Will do Dick and thank you my friend. Same here, oh to have my other body back…
        You too, have good weekend, regards James 🙂

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