Don’t Be Fooled…

Every day I read a couple of twopenny, odorous archaeological blogs that never fail to give me a chuckle. That’s because these particular bloggers live and die to insult and belittle the detectorist/collector and stop at nothing to accomplish it. Lying, embellishing, misleading and making up their own facts and figures are just part of who they are.

They could of course find something else to do with their time. Something constructive, informative or maybe even useful (not that I don’t appreciate the comedy).  Instead they lay on the horn, constantly pissing and moaning about our pastime. Well you know what? At one time I might have cared about or considered what they had to say, but now?  Screw em!


I am quite aware that some of you reading this still want to find a way to work with the archaeological community and to that I say fine. Go for it. Good luck and please let me know how everything works out for you. Go to their events. Let me know how much THEY charge you listen to how THEY do things and let me know how much THEY charge you take off work and plant flags.  Then let me know how much they are going to pay YOU to learn YOUR methods, to join YOUR relic hunt and dig YOUR finds.  How much will they pay to learn from YOUR years of research and in-the-field experiences? I mean YOU gave up YOUR day, YOUR week, whatever, helping them. Surely they won’t have a problem doing the same for you….?

“Do not be so open-minded that your brains fall out”……G.K. Chesterton

Well okay if they aren’t going to do that, then surely they will show up and defend you when you are trying to get that local detecting ban overturned. Well, er, no, probably not.  Well,then maybe they will sit down, put pen to paper and amend those state archaeological laws that discriminate against you. Hmm, no I don’t think that will happen either. You see there is no give and take, no compromise!  It’s their way or the highway and always has been, but hey if you want to go to work with them and for them, have fun. Just leave me out.


I often wonder why these same self-righteous and self-anointed archaeological dignitaries don’t share stories about those in their own field who go afoul of the law, but that of course would not suit their purpose, or in the case of one bat shit crazy, archaeo-blogger in Warsaw, please the folks that employ him. Likewise why don’t they aim their anger at those that build roads, shopping centers, airports, golf courses, dams, pipelines, strip-mines, waste dumps, military bases and firing ranges?  And what about farmers. I mean hell they dig up soil all the time, surely damaging, if not destroying, historical artifacts in the process.  Nah, the fish are too big there…so day in and day out they blast away with their derogatory portrayals of those who dare to enjoy a healthy, wholesome pastime.  How small and how sad. What a life!



Relics Emerge from a War Frozen in Time

Dirty Diggers Face Jail



Do you recognize this guy? Is it Gene Wilder? Woody Allen? No, it’s our good friend Dan Hughes, showing how not to field a ground ball.  Hope the honker gets better soon Dan.





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19 responses to “Don’t Be Fooled…

  1. danhughes1

    Hey, let me tell MY side of the story! I was pitching against this 250-pound, six-foot-six giant, see, and he smoked a laser-line drive back at me, smashing into my face before I could react at all. Just like Herb Score in ’57!

    Okay. That’s not QUITE true. The batter was actually a 100-pound, five-foot tall girl who dribbled a grounder back to me. As I leaned down to field it, it hit a rock or something and rolled right up my glove and then up my outstretched arm, and smashed me in the nose. It bled for 15 minutes, but the embarrassment was much worse than the pain.

    Hey, at least I got a story out of it, and I’m happy to take some bellylaughs at my expense. So, Dick, thanks for posting! Now tell your readers to buy my book at!

  2. All kidding aside….Dan’s book is filled with lots of good information. Check it out.

  3. I am shocked…shocked! How dare you insult those flakes who pose as arkies….that’s my ‘kin job!

  4. I think there is actually a fairly wide variety of opinion on these issues in the archaeological community. The problem is that archaeologists that are more tolerant of metal detecting and collecting tend not to speak up for fear of being blackballed. In contrast, at least some of the ones adamantly opposed to collecting have turned it all into quite a cottage industry.

  5. Peter you may be right but until there’s a very definitive indication that they will compromise no one can change my mind. Too many bad experiences and it’s always been a one sided situation. Maybe when my ashes are strewn to the wind…..

  6. Nice post Dick! I bet they don’t have seeded hunts for the kids either :-/

  7. Big Tony From Bayonne

    Dick, your right again. How come these arche types don’t display their finds or hold meetings at the local library to display them? Because they don’t want you to know what they have in their basements!
    Now about Dan’s book will it help me find a cache? I am tired of just finding coins and helping the US and Candian mints with productions totals because we all put these back into circulation – saving the tax payer countless dollars!

    • Nah Tony archaeologists don’t keep things in their basement. Why they are the salt of the earth…..?

      As for finding a cache? I will let Dan answer that one….

  8. Dan

    Dick , your mistake is that you would lump all archaeologists in the same stereo type. Kinda hypocritical don’t you think?? Yet don’t you also get upset when they intern label us as all the same “tomb robbing ebay selling relic hunters” . Hmmm?? Archaeologist’s are just as different from each other as we are to others in our own hobby. I’ve worked with some who catered around my work schedules so i didn’t have to take off work and lose money . I sat in many presentations , discussions and even received “VIP” treatment at their museums , labs or conservators areas to see their cleaning and preserving techniques. They valued my opinions on some relic items like buttons , round ball and the “simple” type of preserving practices that a lot of us use on colonial period items . They asked many questions about detectors and conditions that affect detectorists. They did pay me for my time to have detector presentations and instruction , training to college students affiliated with the museum and for my hours out on field projects both as an adviser to them and personally detecting for them. They have seen how valuable this new tool can be in their field and some who are open minded are benefiting from it and they have been instrumental in gaining places for me or my club to detect as well . So please don’t be so quick to put them all in the same category Dick . they are as different as you and I .


    • Dan I will agree that perhaps I am too quick to lump them all in the same category. I guess I just wasn’t lucky enough to meet the “nice ones” and get the treatment you did. Glad too that you were paid. I never received a penny, handshake, or a verbal or written thank you, nor did my detecting friends.

      It will take a lot to make me change my mind about this group in that I’ve never had a good experience dealing with them and I go back a good 40 years.

      Thanks Dan for taking the time to respond and share your views. I do appreciate it…

  9. danhughes1

    Tony, my book is absolutely guaranteed to lead you right to a cache!

    It will also raise your IQ 50 points (100 if you’re an arky), make you three inches taller, 30 pounds lighter, and put hair back on your head.

    After you read my book, you will be able to play the piano, tune pianos, and juggle pianos. You will be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, you’ll be able to… Wait a minute. Break time’s over, gotta go back to my padded room.

    Thanks for asking! Come visit me! (Tuesday is visitor’s day!) Don’t bring nail files or stuff, they won’t let you in.

  10. danhughes1

    Too many Dans here! Some other Dan wrote the note about lumping archeologists. I don’t even know how to spell archeaiogists.

  11. Hmm, well isn’t that just dandy!!

  12. Big Tony From Bayonne

    This is a very crazy hobby, or maybe selfish hobby is better. Not many folks will call you up and say, they are digging at such and such, you better get over there or even better I found a Bust Half at such and such a place, go there tomorrow and see if you can find some good stuff too.
    So, it has to be the same for all in this hobby even if you are an Archies or whatever. That is the nature of the beast.
    Even well to do explorers who put up cash, buy a boat and get a good crew then recover historic coins and relics after risking their money and lives, probaby a wife or two along the way – then comes along a higher authority and says nope that there treasure is mine here is a document from the court so hand it over.
    Definitely a selfish crazy hobby from where I am sitting

  13. supernova1c

    Yes, very difficult to understand the mentality sometimes, very hypocritical and the hypocrisy is continually enforced by programs like Time Team.
    Oh dear!

  14. James hypocrisy is their middle name….. hope all is well with you.

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