Been There, Done That…

As you know one of my favorite blogs is that of my good friend John Winter. John and I could almost be brothers given the things we have in common, such as age, intelligence and good looks.  I know, I know…you are envious but hang in there.  As you age you too will join our ranks (well maybe not the good looks thing).


Anyway I had to laugh at the lead-in to his latest post….a perfect example of how much we mirror each other….

“In the last couple of weeks I have been banned from a metal detecting forum, received an email that said, “there is something about you that I don’t like “, told that my writing is “crap”, and seen advice to members of a site not to click on any of my links because they may contain a “trap” and might ‘ravage your computer’ No wonder I have an inferiority complex”.


You see like John, I too have experienced all those things, only my inferiority complex was soon replaced with an “up yours” type.  Yep, that is indicative of one’s aging process, but it is what it is and if you remind me of it too often I will show you another of my complexes called “KMA”!  If you are not familiar with that one then my complex and my perception of you is more than justified.

I do understand the generational thing. You are young. I am old. Nothing complicated there. I also understand your need for instant gratification, as in I want, I need and I will spend, so please don’t bore me with words….just photos and videos and if I can’t Google it I don’t want to know.  While I won’t speak for John (my spelling, grammar and punctuation have already made him a basket case) you all need to be nice to your elders.  We are a whole different breed, born in a long ago era and only related because we love metal detecting too.

We somehow managed to find treasure without Google, Twitter, computerized detectors, Go-Pro and the plethora of metal detecting accessories available today.  How amazing is that?  We spent our time researching and swinging a coil while most of you spend your time seeking out the newest and latest in equipment and clothing (if it’s Saturday it must be camo).  And come on, turn that baseball cap around!  Now did we find more?  Probably but only because we didn’t have a lot of competition or restrictions placed on us due to the “if it beeps, I’m digging” mentality of today.

All kidding aside I do my best to participate in the various websites, forums and FB pages, but it’s not easy for me.  Try as I might I find it hard to get excited over Billy Bob’s 1945 wheat cent or deep digger Dave’s circa 1920 barn hinge, bullets that all look alike and having to repeat “nice find”, “cool” or “sweet” (jeezus I hate that word) over and over drives me up the wall.  I would much rather read about a park ban being lifted, but of course a topic like that is not on anyone’s radar. Sigh…. 

Finally, it used to bother me when I was banned from a forum or website but after talking to others I found it was actually a badge of honor and as for my writing being crap….hell yeah. It is what it is my man, and for your information any link to my site will not be a ‘trap’ nor will it ‘ravage’ your computer.  It will however let me know exactly where you live so when you are nasty to me I can not only ban you,  I can find you and kick your ass.  Sweet huh?




Speaking of John Winter, his post of October 1 was an interview with Mackenzie Crook, star of the new BBC show “Detectorists”.  I hope you will take the time to read it. Mackenzie Crook is upfront and John does a great job of asking the right questions.

I asked John what the prevailing thoughts were about the show and he replied that they are very positive. I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope you will too, so pour yourself a cold one and watch the first episode here.  A nice change from the reality shows we have experienced here in the US.

The years teach much which the days never knew. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson



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19 responses to “Been There, Done That…

  1. That was one “Sweet” post Dick! 🙂

  2. Funny post Dick.

  3. wintersen

    Thanks for bringing me out of the box for another airing, Dick. It is appreciated. Are we really two curmudgeonly old guys? I suppose we are. Just remembered that the guy who banned me from his forum also called me ‘corrupt’. In fairness, I don’t think he understood the meaning of the word. 🙂

  4. Big Tony from Bayonne

    You two guys have one more thing going for you after all of these years…a thicker skin…..and I am certain if helps when the bull crap is flying your way!

  5. Doug Frantz

    i watched the BBC show “The Detectorists” and really enjoyed it. Seems to be high quality. I was expecting a “reality show” like in the US, but it’s a drama. I’ll be watching future episodes. Also read the interview by John Winter, very well done. Don’t miss the show, it looks very good so far. A cut above most of US TV.

    • Doug I agree. I really enjoyed the subtle humor and the dialogue was funny and appropriate. I’m also looking forward to the next few episodes and hoping that TV producers here in the US take notice, although I doubt they will.

    • wintersen

      Thanks Doug. Ten minutes from now I will be watching the second episode …

  6. Big Tony From Bayonne

    You two guys should do a detecting show, my God it would be a scream for sure!

  7. Big Tony From Bayonne

    Interesting thought, I was under the impression that you could use a machine of your choice. It would take some time to learn a new machine in order to get good results

  8. wintersen

    You can see episode 2 on my blog … Chat with Mackenzie Crook …

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