A Little Hike, A Few Mosquitoes and Total Dedication…


As I scan the various treasure hunting websites, blogs and FB pages I am always drawn to and impressed by two individuals in particular. Todd Hiltz and Dave Wise.

In my mind they are tops when it comes to doing it the “right way” and by that I mean they research long and hard, then take the information and run with it, busting their butt in the process.

Todd Hiltz and Dave Wise

Todd Hiltz and Dave Wise

I’ve shared their videos here before and surely will again, but if you are interested in all of them you will find them here. Todd just added the following one today and I wanted to be sure to share it here too.  How I wish I could go back and do this sort of thing again.  I can still see those wooded area out my back window in New Jersey.



Have been reading of late about the various Atlantic City casinos closing their doors and that’s not good news for those tekkies who frequent the beaches there.  Then again I can’t see “Big Tony” or “Lucky Lou” lounging on the sands.

I remember they were just beginning construction on the Taj Mahal  when we were holding the FMDAC convention in 1987 and it was supposed to be the end all, the king jewel of Atlantic City.  Now it looks like they will be next on the list.

Here’s hoping things improve….lots of memories and good times there.



Not a big fan of all the self-produced videos out there but it  sure would be nice if all you Cecile B. DeMilles would share what detector and what size coil you are using along with any other useful information, like where precisely the site is located, etc..  I know, not funny huh?

You can however still breathe heavy and grunt…..


I get kidded a lot about  my name but it could be worse . I once knew a Barbie Kew and used to have a customer at Borders by the name of Anita Dick (my apologies to the gals). No lie!!



John Winter just added the following:

I once worked with a guy called Norman Fort … his nickname was Ancient Ruin. But the best were two unfortunate kids I used to teach, Everard Dick … and his sister Ophelia. I know that you don’t believe me. Here’s a report from my local paper:





My wannabe look-alike John Winter recently put up a post that I wanted to share here.  It’s about a British tekkie who exemplifies the best of who we are and how we help the local community.  Thank you Keith Dodds and thank you John for sharing this….






As of October 1st I will no longer be sharing links on the various metal detecting Facebook pages.  Hope you will add your email address here where it says “Follow Blog via Email” (left column)…..



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30 responses to “A Little Hike, A Few Mosquitoes and Total Dedication…

  1. We’re not down and out yet here in AC, Dick.. This town’s been down before, and got back up right before the 10 count. Though things are getting tight here, and spirits are down more each passing day, I don’t think you can ever knock the Mighty AC down for long.

    Much like Rocky Balboa, The Mighty AC is an underdog, that will keep taking punches, and keep getting back up…

    I sure hope we get a game plan together quick though here.

  2. Me too Dave. Lots of great times for me there…..a few of which I hope never see the light of day.

  3. Thank you for highlighting the Keith Dodds blog, Dick.

  4. Great video! I love the silver buckle, so nice 🙂
    I’ve never done a Cellar Hole Hunt and really want to give it a try. I remember years ago when I’d go hunting seeing a few but can’t remember where, Lol. Some day soon I hope.

  5. It’s nice to know that some of the originals can appreciate what Dave and I do every weekend. Some treasure hunters say we have it easy here in New England Dick. Yes, we are lucky to be in an area with a lot of history, but you still have to go out there and find it. I know you understand this and respect what it takes to get it done Mr. Stout.
    Thanks for taking notice…your a good man

    • Jeezus, now I am one of the “originals” as in old and ancient. Kinda like Adam or Moses. You really know how to hurt a guy Todd.

      All kidding aside I do understand what it takes Todd. For years and years and years I’ve talked about research. It’s even more crucial today given the influx of new detectorists. You guys just prove the point.

      As for me being a good man….would you tell that to my wife if I gave you her email address?

    • Dave Wise (HeavyMetalNut)

      Todd said it best! a lot of time & effort put into locating a site and twice as much work getting to some of these sites.Thanks Dick for a nice article on us.we love ya!

  6. Must be nice to live in the area Dave and Todd do… it would be like shooting fish in a bucket! I’d be more impressed if they came to my area and did those things…lol

    • Rob, you are wrong to assume that they succeed because of where they live. Yes they live in an area that is older than yours, but they just don’t head out willy-nilly and find these places. They study local history, take notes, put all the pieces together and then head out to see if they were right.

      I think if they were in your area and had a few weeks they would be equally successful. Remember too you probably aren’t going to find may colonial items in your neck of the woods. JMO.

      • “I think if they were in your area and had a few weeks they would be equally successful. ”

        Guess that makes us both wrong then! LOL As you said, they wont be finding colonial items in my area, and that was my point. 🙂 Put me where they are, and I’d be equally successful is all I’m saying. Research isn’t THAT hard anyway, heck you could walk through random woods there and find cellar holes.

  7. Rob you wrong, but I will let your comment stand as stated.

  8. Dave Wise (HeavyMetalNut)

    shooting fish in a bucket? that’s funny.finds don’t come easy Rob.we work hard at these sites.most sites we come upon have been hit by others previously.lack of targets.old dig holes are only a couple of clues.
    We think outside the box at a lot of sites.move downed rotted trees.swing under bushes,move rocks etc.most detectorists are lazy,something Todd & myself are not.we have our bad days too,it’s not all treasure.I invite you to come to CT and shoot fish in a bucket anytime you’re up for it. ;O)

    • I don’t think he would be able to hang Dave. The thick brush, mountain laurel, and barberries might be to much… as you can see from Ozark’s own blog site, grass and brush seem to be a problem for him.
      Quoted from his own blog; “My friend and I decided to metal detect where we believe was the yard of an old victorian era house. The grass and brush was knee high in most areas so we concentrated on detecting the spots where it was possible to swing a metal detector.”

      Quoted from his own blog; “Lately I haven’t been able to detect at the old homesteads that I usually hunt. A combination of the humidity and the brush being grown up has forced me to limit my hunts to parks and easily detected spots that have the grass mown. ”

      Quoted from his own Blog; “On another hunt, while using my AT Pro metal detector at an old homestead that had a small area where the brush wasn’t too bad I was able to find this neat Washington State Sales Tax Token.

      Yet another quote from his blog site; “If you follow my blog you know that I enjoy metal detecting at long forgotten homesteads in the woods. The problem lately is that I’m not able to get back into the woods with the weeds and brush grown up the way it is. So, on this hunt I was able to secure permission to detect at an old church that had the grass mowed nicely. ”

      Dave, you think we might be able to lug a lawn mower a few miles into the woods and make it all nicey nice so that Mr. Ozarks can “shoot fish in a bucket”?

  9. del

    I personally know these guys Dick , they work hard and frequently come across the “pounded” or beat to death sites inspite of all the research but they are still experienced and persistent enough to find the keepers . These two possess a constant drive throughout failures , extreme heat or cold weather here in Ct. , vicious insects and miles of hiking that would usually frustrate most .The proof is in the pudding , their finds speak for themselves and they have my respect.


  10. Dave Wise (HeavyMetalNut)

    Thanks Dan! you have our respect also.It’s your fault I’m obsessed with cellar holes now.you laid the ground work for me and I am forever grateful to you.proud to call you my friend and hunting partner as well.Dan is no slouch either when it comes to brutal conditions at these cellar holes.He works hard at research and braves the elements too. Thanks again Dan!

  11. Dave Wise (HeavyMetalNut)

    I know who you are ozark.i tried to send you a personal message on friendly metal detecting forum with an open invite to come to Connecticut on a cellar hole hunt but,you don’t allow private messages to be sent to you.so,I guess we have to communicate here Mr.I can’t hunt in thick brush and it’s too humid.I got news for you.our cellar holes are full of brush and we don’t sit home in the Air conditioning on 100 degree days.
    let’s see if you can hang.please come to CT and let’s do some good ole fashioned Colonial cellar hole hunting.If I were well off I’d even pay for your flight.

  12. If you were well off….give me a break Dave. You still have the first nickel you ever made, stuck in a sock under your bed.

  13. Dave Wise (HeavyMetalNut)

    lol Dick!

  14. Funny you guys got so hurt over a simple comment. I hunt in brush all the time, I just prefer hunting int the fall when the brush dies back! WHo knew that was such a crime? I mean, you can swing your coil more easilt. MY point is that it’s easy to find colonial items when you live in an area FULL of colonial items. There were no colonial settlers in my neck of the woods. So, stands to reason, go where colonial finds are, find colonial finds! Listen, detecting isn’t rocket science and we all know that LOCATION is more important than anything in making good finds!

    Now, I appreciate the personal attacks because I PREFER to hunt in the fall months, so what? So I don’t wish to get ticks all over me, who knew that was such a bad thing that you’d copy and paste my blog posts in an effort to try and humiliate me. Shows your true characters.

    I stand by my comment, If I was in your area I would have equal success. I believe in my abilities and know that I could find similar finds. All the guys on the eats coast have amazing finds, because there are amazing finds there to be had. Not an attack on you, a fact of the matter. When I see finds on the forums, I can tell what part of the country they are from alot of times just by looking at their finds. It’s not a secret that the east coast is older than the rest of the country, thus your finds are older! Older targets – older finds… Simple math, but hey thanks for trying to insult me, even if you failed miserably. So a guy doesn’t want to detect in 110 degree humidity and get lyme disease from ticks…AND?

    BTW, I am only on one forum, treasurenet.. you said you tried to contact me, well why didn’t you click on CONTACT ME on my blog since you know right where it is? My email isn’t a secret LOL

  15. By the way, this needs to be said… I RESPECT the efforts, dedication, skill sets, research and all that goes into BOTH of you guys’ rare and epic finds. Don’t take what I said wrong. You both do an amazing job at pulling relics from hard to reach areas. I respect you both, and what you have done in the hobby. I wasn’t trying to discredit either of you, so I apologize if you took it that way. I just know that if I lived in a target rich environment like that I would find those types of targets.

    The “fish in a barrell” comment wasn’t an attack on you, it was simply saying “go where colonial is, find colonial” Not an attack on YOU, a statement that is proven to be true.

    Anyway, keep up the great finds, and maybe I’ll see you in the woods someday soon and you can show me how it’s done!

    Believe me, I would LOVE the chance to hunt with you guys!

  16. Dave Wise (HeavyMetalNut)

    Well,it seemed like an attack on us Rob.you said research is easy and we are just tripping over cellar holes as we walk gingerly through the woods.that’s not the case.and most of these sites are not target rich.they are hammered to death.we work for our finds in any weather or temps.cuz if we don’t get out there in 100 degrees and tick infested brush,somebody else might get to that spot while we were sipping iced tea in air conditioning.
    Fact is we work very hard for our finds.they don’t just pop out every swing of the coil.
    so,I really don’t think you would do as good as us and your finds would not equal ours.case being you are only willing to hunt at certain times of the year.you are not a go getter.
    If your comment was not meant as an attack on us you should have chosen your words more wisely,Because everyone that has seen this post took it the same way we did.
    If it wasn’t meant like that then apology accepted.Didn’t mean to drag your blog stuff onto the forum but,it kinda pissed me off that you said no effort is needed to find what we find.

    • Apology was geniune, but to say “Case being you are only willing to hunt at certain times of the year.you are not a go getter.” Is false, I hunt year round, and mostly in the woods. There are times when the ground cover is too thick it snags your coil and you can’t even swing, That doesn’t mean I’M not a go getter. 90% of my hunts are in the woods…lol

      At any rate HD, keep up the great work man, we love seeing the finds you guys work hard for! I’ll post my next video link and show the efforts I too go to as well for my meager finds.

  17. Big Tony from Bayonne

    Hello Dick, you are right again. I haven’t been to Atlantic City in a real long time, either on the beach or in a Casino. Too bad about that situation and all of those folks losing their income.

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