Various Sundries & Brainfarts…


For some time I posted links to my SS updates to a few of the zillion Facebook related pages. I have decided not to continue doing that as of October 1st.  I will however continue to visit those pages and comment when I can, if for no other reason to bust balls where appropriate….

One of the reasons for this is that I would frequently get “likes” a second after posting the link, which told me that individual or “liker” didn’t even bother to read the blog post. Likewise every so often (and man do I mean every so often) I would get a comment or question about a post that really should have been added to the blog, NOT the FB page. Just recently someone questioned something John had said and I had to copy it and forward it to John for an answer because he is not on Facebook (nor are many other tekkies).

Anyway if you enjoy reading SS and you have been doing it on Facebook, I hope you will take a second and add your email address here (left column where it says Follow Blog via Email).


In the past I’ve shared links to my updates both here and on other related Facebook pages. As of October 1 that will no longer be the case. If you are in interested in future posts simply add your email address to the link in the left column that says “Follow Blog via Email”.

Your comments as well are better addressed when posted to Stout Standards itself and not here on Facebook. For those of you who follow the blog via the SS Facebook page you will continue to receive updates there.

I understand Stout Standards is not your typical metal detecting blog or site (as John Howland likes to say we are an ‘acquired taste’). Both John and I have been around the block a few times and tell it like it is. Neither one of us detects as much as we’d like to, nor are we inclined to post the usual “look at what I found today” type videos.

We often shoot the breeze….sometimes we shoot from the hip and every once in a while we even shoot ourselves in the foot. We are also quite willing to beat up some of the more inflammatory archaeologists, or those posing as such.

Finally we share what we think are the important issues vital to the continuance of our pastime which unfortunately, few in the hobby seem to care about anymore.

So again, if you are interested in keeping abreast of what John and I have to say (or preach), just add your email address where it says “Follow Bog via Email”. We both thank you and appreciate you very much…



Archaeologists Uncover Gas Chambers in Poland 

Treasure Hunters Uncover Bling & Beercans 

Feds Chase Treasure Hunter Turned Fugitive

The following is pretty much identical to what is going on here in my neck of the woods….

Watch California Dry Up Before Your Eyes


This has nothing at all to do with detecting but I have to mention it….

Yesterday I went to the Post Office to mail off a book. On the way I was held up at a light because someone in front of me was texting on her “smart” phone and decided to not go on green until she was done. When she finished and put her foot to the gas I was left with red.

Then at the post office I waited in a long line (what else is new) and listened to a lawyer “shout” a conversation with his client to everyone within fifty yards on his “smart” phone. Next I turned around to make small talk with the gentleman behind me but he was staring at his “smart” phone and nodding his head oblivious to anything I was saying.

Finally on the way home I decided to stop in the neighborhood market to pick up a couple of items and you guessed it….I stood in line while the gal getting checked out AND the checker were chatting on their “smart” phones….

I hope that before I leave this world and my ashes are strewn to the wind I have the opportunity to grab one of these “smart” phones from the user and shove it up their “smart” a*s!!

If that offended you I am sorry. It’s something that irritates me no end (could you tell?). Anyway I feel better now…





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11 responses to “Various Sundries & Brainfarts…

  1. Roy Rutledge

    I do not like the smart phones. I do not have one nor does my bride of many years have one, I have a $20.00 throw down phone. It is able to receive calls and to also make calls. What more do you need ?

  2. ChicagoRon Guinazzo

    I feel your pain dick. The funny thing is the free ad on WordPress was about smartphones and androids hahaha
    if I post your picture on a wine bottle make sure it’s a dessert wine otherwise I won’t know you’re gone.
    and finally cheer up dealing with the morons in the world is much better than the alternative looking at roots.

    • Interesting….I don’t see the ads.

      Disappointed that you only drink dessert wines…what a wimp, and if YOU post a photo on a bottle YOU make sure it’s the sweet stuff.

      Not worried about looking at roots…my ashes are to be thrown over the hill in Saignon, France.

  3. Jamie

    Whatever you think is best. In the end does it really matter?

  4. Question: Why do so many FB pages have to have giveaways/contests? If they are so difficult to keep going why create them?

  5. With you on these smart phones. The way I see it and what I understand about evolution, babies being born in the future will be just thumbs.

  6. wintersen

    So, I was wise to steer clear of FaceAche, then?

  7. I don’t know John….I like Facebook and communicate with a lot of friends there. The reason I have decided to stop posting links is that very few respond or comment on the blog. I understand that they might well read it and if so they shouldn’t mind adding their email addresses for future updates.

    My blog, and I suspect yours too, is infinitely better when readers comment and conversations begin. Without them you are not exactly inspired or motivated to continue your writing efforts. At least I am not.

    Now having said that I realize it’s up to me to make my blog more interesting and more informative. Not an easy task when you don’t get out detecting much. Likewise the brainfarts are not coming as fast as they used to.

    To quote you….. “There’s no future in getting old”

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