Poor Me…

I found a photo Kenny Briggs (a.k.a. the ‘Wisconsin Locksmith’) had posted on Facebook and had to not only share it here but do a comparable ‘Dallas Dick’ photo.  Granted his photo represented the equipment of three tekkies but check out my trunk.  Jeezus so different. 

Most definitely new school vs. old and without a doubt a rich vs. poor thing. Poor me…

Kenny Briggs and friends ready to go…


Me ready to go...

Me ready to go…

For the life of me I can’t figure out how I ever became addicted to this pastime 40 years ago. I mean I didn’t have an expensive digger or shovel…just a blunted end screwdriver.  Didn’t have knee pads either…just a lot of grass stains to deal with. I also didn’t have a leather pouch for my finds.  Just a funky, fifty cent carpenter’s apron.  One pocket for trash and the other for the good stuff. Poor me…

When it came to headphones I used the cheapest Radio Shack had to offer and a video camera?  What for!  What would I do with a 3 minute Super 8 film without sound?  Likewise my detector didn’t have an ID meter or pushpads.   I had no other choice but to “listen” to all those crazy audio tones and navigate all those high-tech knobs and switches? I mean damn, gimme a break. Poor me…

I have no idea either how I ever found places to detect without ‘Google’ or email.  I actually had to read books and knock on doors. Go figure!  Last but not least I didn’t have camo clothing to wear nor the need to be invisible in the field. Just plain ole jeans (with grass stains) and almost always raggedy ass shirts that had seen better days. Poor me…

For the record what I did have was a helluva lot of fun, a boat load of old coins, rings and jewelry.  Yes compared to today I might have worked a little harder but the competition was not what it is today.  I also had more than my share of productive sites lined up at any given time.

Anyway that was then and now is now. Hopefully you will be saying something similar thirty or forty years down the road. I hope so and I hope you know all this was ‘tongue in cheek’.  I appreciate what today’s tekkies are doing and finding. This latest video from Todd Hiltz is a great example (I hate Todd Hiltz and Dave  Wise with a passion).

Poor, poor me…






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14 responses to “Poor Me…

  1. I only had my old Blue Box White’s when I started. LOL I have to keep up with the Jones you know. Anyway I enjoyed the article. Thanks Dick. I’ve always enjoyed reading all your books. I still have a poster I would like to send to you to get signed for my wall at our Lock/Detector Shop. Until next time, take care my friend.


  2. Kenny I know you are one of the old-timers too. Just had to have some fun….

  3. I know Dick and I enjoy it. Thanks and take care.

  4. Only four bottles? You is slippin’ old pal…it used to be no detector in the trunk, and a case of Coors! Jeez, I can’t believe how standards have slipped…you some kinda wimpo archaeologist? Huh?

    Hope Big Tone ain’t readin’ this. Though I have to say that your sterling performance at ‘The Hare’ in East Hendred, Oxon, all those years ago is something of a face-saver.

    • I have no idea what you are talking about….

      • You remember, surely? When you said you only had Dollars and I bought all those pints (about $20 -worth), and you then asked those office girls if they’d ever seen a grey-eared elephant, pulled out the linings of your trouser pockets and showed them….remember now? It was just before the cops arrived.

        Surely you remember it now? I went bail for you, and the judge let you off because you told the court you were a visiting American naturalist lecturing Oxford University about Kenyan wildlife.

  5. I wear camo so I can stealthily follow folks around and re-check their holes.

  6. Well, I am relative newcomer to the sport so I carry my beer in a cooler. I know, my need for luxury knows no limits.

  7. Jamie

    🙂 Poor Dick.

  8. Dave Wise (HeavyMetalNut)

    great write up Dick! we love you too!

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