End of Summer Goodies…

Hope you are all enjoying the Labor Day weekend and the ‘official end of summer’. I must tell you though I haven’t experienced a real fall in Texas since moving here 26 years ago.  Summer just never wants to end and about the only orange or yellow you will see is your lawn dying. 

I have come to the conclusion that only those born here love it here. The rest of us just keep playing the lottery in hopes we can win enough to move…

Have one for me and be safe this holiday weekend….



Many thanks to Gary Killmer for sending along the following newspaper article and a special thank you to Mike Cogan, the detectorist who made the story possible.  I will say however that the lady’s comment “some broke metal-detector dude might pocket it” kind of burned my ass.  Apparently any other “dude” finding it and pocketing it is okay, not to mention wearing rings worth $13,600 to the beach is not exactly a very bright idea.

Lost $13K Wedding Ring Found by Man With Metal Detector




Congratulations to Dan Hughes and his “In the Treasure Corner” podcast.  Friday marked it’s six year anniversary (157 total episodes). I love listening to Dan’s laid back style and his podcasts are always interesting.  If you have never listened to “In the Treasure Corner” do yourself a favor and do so today. I guarantee you won’t be sorry.



Thanks to my wife Fay for this extremely important survival tip. I urge you all to view it, memorize it, practice it and never, ever forget it.  It just might save your life. It saved mine last night…



Asked my friend John Howland to help me with the glossary of a detecting book I am working on but I think it was a mistake.  So far I’ve gotten these back….

AUDIO IDENTIFICATION“Hey sweetheart, what’s your name?”

2D COILThe one you put on your detector the day after Monday

CUSTOM PROGRAM 2 shots of bourbon, 1 of green Chartreuse and a splash of bitters

DOUBLE BLIPSRapid fire gas

FREQUENCYThe number of times I stop to pee on the way home

NON-MOTIONWhy they usually throw me out of the pub

REJECTIONThe story of my life

RELICWhat all the women call me

SKID PLATEMy undershorts

THRESHOLDHow long I can go without a beer


“Between two evils I always pick the one I never tried before”….Mae West



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4 responses to “End of Summer Goodies…

  1. Dick:
    Move up to Nebraska if you want moisture. Just some 20 miles south of Fremont they received some 7 inches of rain. Today, (Sunday) we are in another tornado watch , hail, and heavy rain. Dick, this only happens in Nebraska.

  2. Paul we could use seven inches of rain and even more. We have a bridge going over a part of Lake Ray Hubbard here where we live….there’s hardly any water left and the vegetation is so high that I can’t imagine it ever being full again. It’s hot, the ground is baked and I feel sorry for the garden centers and anyone else that depends on a decent weather pattern. It’s just gotten worse and worse over the past five or six years.

    We have tornado watches as well and they were plentiful when we first came down here and while we still occasionally have them they are no where as frequent as they used to be.

    Hope you and Joan are doing well and please stay safe. Not too many old timers left.

  3. That trick on opening a wine bottle without a corkscrew has my mind going a hundred miles an hour trying to picture how in the hell someone actually discovered this trick. Give it some thought…….hitting a wall with your shoe that happens to have a wine bottle in it????? Hummmmmmmm!

  4. Necessity is the mother of invention James….

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