Recent News And Brainfarts…


Unfortunately the only exciting things going on with this over-the-hill tekkie are trips to the doctor and dentist. The doc is still trying to figure out what’s wrong with me (aside from being a pain in the ass) and the dentist doesn’t really care. He’s just happy taking my money. Then again if I was feeling fine I’d still be in the house because it’s too damn hot to be outside. So der ya go!

I did come across a few recent items and thought I would pass them along in case you haven’t seen them…


Chicago Ron...

Chicago Ron…

Ron Guinazzo, as in Chicago Ron, was featured on a recent WGN-TV show in Chicago and the segment was nicely done.  Ron is without a doubt the face of the treasure hunting pastime here in the US and deserves a lot of credit for promoting it.  He’s pretty much done it all and I am jealous.  Not so much of him and his accomplishments mind you, but of his fiancé Gretchen.  She is much too good looking to be getting married to someone named “Chicago Ron”. Apparently she never saw “The Godfather”…

Be sure to watch this and if you get a little bored hang in there…Gretchen comes in to the picture before too long.

What Are People With Metal Detectors Really Looking For

Great job Ron…thank you!



I thought this was pretty damn cool, especially because it happened in New Jersey. No detector needed on this one…

Boy Finds 10,000 Year Old Artifact



Even though I have detected here numerous times I still found the following article fascinating. Maybe I need to go back and give it another go?

What Lies Beneath Stonehenge




John Hooker took Gary Kemper’s comment here on SS and dissected it, giving me further food for thought. Gary originally said..

“I think what would be interesting would be a real progression of history shown by an archeologist that claims to be interested in the history of an item. A presentation of how a person found an item and sold it and made a house payment or fed their family or passed it down to a family member.

When they talk about history they are not interested in some types of real history but only in the types of real history they promote. They want to control history which is their right to do if they find an item. They should not have the right to force people to prolong the history of an item in their way.”

And John Hooker’s final paragraph pretty sums up Gary’s thoughts….

“What exists in museums has been “ritually killed”. It exists apart from human touch behind glass, no longer able to intimately interact with the lives of people. The conservation of objects is also the destruction of time as a natural process.”

Think about that my friends…..  Thanks John and thanks Gary.



The following news release is about a planned development here in my neck of the woods and it caught my attention because nowhere could I find any mention of archaeological surveys or concern. Now I understand that this sort of thing goes on all the time here in the good ole US of A, but why does a builder get the go ahead to plow, dig up and build on 196 acres of farmland (see page 3) yet we are banned from detecting 2 or 3 acres of park land and chastised if we detected the aforementioned farmland for relics. Just don’t get it anymore….sorry.

City Breaks Ground

And a bird’s eye view…



Thanks to Jessie Thompson for making me aware of the following article.

Hunting for Captain Kidd’s Buried Treasure




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13 responses to “Recent News And Brainfarts…

  1. James

    Doing exactly the same thing here. BP is under control but the diabetes is kicking my butt. Just went yesterday to the Doc and the day before to the dentist for a cleaning. Too hot to get out for long but our club monthly hunt was last Saturday and I did manage a two hour hunt. Felt good to get out but it was hot. For many this summer will begin to wind down but for me, no relief until about the middle of November. At least being in Deep South Texas we do not worry about the cold too much. If it gets down to 60 degrees, we are cold!

  2. Ha! Ricardo:

    Never mind your trips to the dentist, there’s a rumour doing the rounds that Wally and Harry have made recent trips to the dentist to have wisdom teeth put in!

    Most arkies however are decent folk; it’s just a bloody shame they let themselves be represented by the Chuckle Bros. Decent yeah, smart they ain’t!

  3. Chuckle Brothers? Have no idea who you are talking about Bubba.

  4. Er….Abbot and Costello as an alternative?

  5. Reply from Gretchen.
    Aw you are too kind Dick. I suspect Ron has been drugging my coffee for some time; I’m in too deep now 🙂

  6. Sweep her away? Since when have they been making two-seater Zimmer frames? In yer dreams!

    Great video too. I like the Celtic, roman and medieval stuff. Just goes to show how great the PAS is with all that data rolling in – soon to reach ONE MILLION – which must really p**s off the UK’s mentally walking-wounded, and the archaeo-narcissists. Love it…more please.

  7. supernova1c

    Great Post Dick, Very enjoyable indeed 🙂
    Take care my friend, regards James

  8. Ed B.

    Is it my imagination or is “Chicago Ron” a guy who appears in a dental implant commercial?

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