Just a Little Potpourri…

Not much has changed here in the Stout house or for that matter in the Lone Star State. Currently going through the annual “are you shitting me” category on the “Stout Scale” and suspect it will be awhile till I get out beeping.  I know some of you can take the heat but ole ‘Dallas Dick’ cannot.  In the meantime I am keeping cool reading, writing and going to the movies.

You'all get going. I'm busy!

You’all get going. I’ll catch up to you later!

John Howland did send me the following update and I wanted to post it up before the weekend. Hope you all get out find some treasure (as in anything that will piss off an arkie). Later….



Some of you might remember that some time back while beachcombing I found a Roman coin? Well, after a lot legwork it turned out to be a Dupondius (Latin two-pounder) of Domitian, a brass coin used during the Roman Empire and Roman Republic valued at 2 asses (1/2 of a sestertius or 1/8 of a denarius), and probably shows Fortuna the goddess of fortune and personification of luck in Roman religion, on the reverse.


Dupondius Domitian (obverse left/reverse right)

Though she might bring good luck or bad: she could be represented as veiled and blind, as in modern depictions of Justice, and came to represent life’s capriciousness. The dupondius was introduced during the Roman Republic as a large bronze cast coin, although even at introduction it weighed less than 2 pounds. The coin featured the bust of Roma on the obverse and a six-spoked wheel on the reverse. Though not in the best condition, being the best part of 1,800 years old, it represents a rare piece for the particular area, and maybe an important piece in the local archaeological record owing to its find spot. I shall carry it as a good luck token. In the hope it leads me to buried gold.

It shows, yet again, the value of metal detectors in heritage research. I am keeping the record of its find for future referral.

Financial value? Not a lot.

John Howland, somewhere in a pub, on the Southern coast of England…



I always enjoy reading Allyson Cohen’s “Detecting Diva” blog but her latest update is terrific and I highly recommend you read it. She offers up a lot of good information that will get your brain working and juices flowing….

Those Elusive Cellar Holes


French Builders Steal 1.2 Million in Buried Treasure



Run Down Shack Yields Unexpected Find


WWATS has now pushed back the unveiling of their “new” website until September 15th. It was supposed to be up May 15th and they have been pushing it back, supposedly because they are having trouble getting their old content moved to the new site.  Come on WWATS…most of the information you have up now is not worth saving. It’s old, as in ancient. Likewise the  FMDAC’s “New” link will take to you November of last year (nothing new on their Facebook page either).

Let me suggest both groups get together with the Task Force, pool your resources, become one, find officers who have more time to deal with things, charge $50 a year for membership and start being more visible and more active.  Otherwise pack it in, dissolve your groups and call it a day because all you are doing at this point is wasting time trying to pretend you can make a difference.

Finally, if detectorists balk at paying $50 a year you are all wasting your time. It will take money to be successful and if tekkies can spend $1,000 to $2,000 for a detector they damn well can afford $50 to support their hobby.

Okay done venting….


If life is a waste of time and time is a waste of life, lets all get wasted and have the time of our lives.

Author unknown….



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7 responses to “Just a Little Potpourri…

  1. I think it is only a matter of time before detectorists will eventually be forced to dish out some cash and come together. The discrimination toward our hobby is rampant now, and it gets worse with each season.

    I would like to see something like that happen, but I am only one ego in the great defense divide.

    • John H

      Hi Diva:

      Call me an old cynic, but if detectorists were a religious, or racial minority enduring the academic abuse; the academic bullying by university professors; local authorities under the influence of academic bruisers, and all the other kinds of discrimination heaped on them, Capitol Hill and the press would be rightly outraged.

      As soon as one of your politicians realises the voting potential of US detectorists, I can assure you, attitudes will change. The problem is HOW does the hobby get the message across….well IT AIN’T via WWATS, FMDAC, TASK FORCE, NRA, AA, or the Samaritans.

      It’s up to YOU GUYS…plain and simple. Put your hands in your pockets and shell out for professional advice and representation or go to the wall. If things continue unabated, you ain’t gonna need metal detectors for much longer.

      There’s an old UK saying that, ‘When you’ve got ’em by the balls their hearts and minds will follow.’ Currently, the politically motivated arkies have you by the nuts and are twisting.

      We had a similar position in the UK over three decades ago and I, along with a magnificent team of hard-hitters were in the forefront of the fight to protect the hobby. We kicked, gauged and played real dirty, and it paid off. But we exposed the lies in their case against the hobby.

      The legacy of all that was it made me the most hated man with the arkie community. They detested me, and many still do for what I inflicted on them. They started it, and I and my team finished it.

      But, the hobby now flourishes in the UK, AND with government financial support in the shape of the PAS (which ironically, I initially opposed) which I now fully support. Many UK arkies owe their salaries to metal detectorists and only the sad and lonely Luddites in the arkie community oppose that arrangement.

      The sands of time are running out fast for you guys in the US.

  2. Allyson I agree but the groups we have right now are not about to scare anyone. I would say they are “all talk and no action” but we aren’t even getting the talk now.

  3. Packrat

    Hi Dick, I agree that $50 is not too much IF they communicate with the members and work on projects like the old days. The other thing is getting out hunting… Been real hot for the Northwest, around 100 degrees. Went out one day to a local park in Deer Park, which is a town of about 2000. At 2 inches in the shade of a tree i found a small object about the size of my little finger nail. Thought it was a toy coin from the 50’s. Took to the meeting last Tuesday and the coin dealer member said nope not a toy coin…was a Roman coin (Constantine) dated between 250 and 380 AD. What a surprise!

  4. I agree with the concept and fee of $50 for a active and viable organization, only if the leaders would lead and not set on the side lines. Many of us in the mining/prospecting community pay that plus have on going fund raisers to fight the government (U.S Forest Service, BLM and State agencies), environmentalist and Indian tribes with lawyers. Check out the fight (lawsuit) going on in CA right now. It is not cheap to maintain our rights as free citizens but if you want to keep those rights in today’s society if will cost you cash and time.
    As far as the roman coin in Washington, probably came from one of the many collectors or maybe a prize from a detecting hunt. Really doubt it was lost by a Roman but you never know as they did make it to our shores and a small group lived for a while near Tucson, AZ before dying or merging with the local Indian tribe.

  5. Mike you are absolutely right. We are way beyond the one or five dollar membership thing now. At least we better be. It takes money to get anything done today. However not sure those detecting today are willing to pay forward….

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