Sunday Musings…


I found this article the other day and had to share it here. You see all too frequently we are painted with an extremely broad brush as bad guys by those in the ‘holier than thou’ enemy camp, yet when misdeeds like the following happen they are always labeled inaccurate, misconstrued, taken out of context or political in nature. Yep, only detectorists are capable of such things. Just ask any archaeologist. They will tell you exactly “how it is”. Hmm, yeah right….




My twin brother John Winter sent along the following article and suggested I might not like the English countryside next time I come over.  Not sure if he’s trying to tell me something but I offer it here for your consideration too.  If you are one of those who pays six months worth of car payments to detect the UK fields it might be of use….thank you bro!

Perils of the English Countryside


I have been retired now for almost three years but I am constantly looking for ways to bring in a little extra money. If you remember I thought I had come up with a way to do that when I posted A Way to Make Money On the Side back in October. Well all that kind of fizzled out and I was back to square one UNTIL a friend posted the following on Facebook.

Meet the Woman Who Cuddles for $60 an Hour

I figure if this gal can do it for $60 and hour I can do it for $30 and make a killing (women only of course).  I need your feedback on this however.  I emailed the article to Fay and told her about my plans and the only response I received was ROFLMAO.  I have no idea why but she has never been very supportive of my plans and projects but that’s okay, I will have the last laugh when the money starts rolling in.


In the meantime I need to pick up an appointment book and decide on a catchy name for the business.  So far I have come up with “The Cuddling Curmudgeon” and “Clinch the Grinch”.  I also thought I might offer beer (for an extra fee of course) and use “Hug & Chug with a Slug”.  I wanted to use my real name but everything sounded obscene and I didn’t want anyone to think I was some sort of gigolo.  I stopped with all that a couple years ago.

Anyway be patient gals. Remember what they say….”good things come to those who wait”.

“The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made”…Groucho Marx




Fay, doing what she loves, Lacoste, France

Tomorrow is Fay’s BD and I wanted to publicly wish her a great day. I won’t tell her age because she would beat me profusely, but she is much younger than I. I also hope she enjoys my presents… a 50 piece wrench set, a new vacuum cleaner and a set of dish towels (okay, just kidding. I didn’t get her the dish towels).

Seriously, Happy Birthday honey….love you!



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16 responses to “Sunday Musings…

  1. supernova1c

    Great post Dick, you made me laugh. I found the article on the greedy archaeologist very interesting, you don’t hear them shouting about that!
    All the best to you and happy birthday to your good wife, regards James 🙂

  2. Bob K

    Let me be the first to wish you good luck on your idea of extra money. Also to Fay a very happy birthday.

  3. Regarding the jailing of Macedonia’s top arkie, condemnation of his thieving behaviour is less than widespread from his peers. One was motivated to write;
    “I would have thought that metal detectorists capable of thinking would have adopted a somewhat different attitude to the jailing of an (old and sick – to boot) archaeologist whose crime was giving permissions to artefact hunters. But no, I cannot see any evidence that thinking metal detectorists will be An archaeologist jailed for helping artefact hunters, ha ha, ROFL eh?”

    Of course the writer of this tosh tries to deflect the damage to Macedonia’s archaeological record by a corrupt official, by soliciting sympathy for the, ” old and sick – to boot archaeologist” who nevertheless, was fit and well enough to organise a criminal gang of archaeologists and reap the rewards of his ill-gotten gains.

    Indeed, the only faction to condemn the thief is the metal detecting community and Stout Standards in particular.

    A corrupt, state archaeologist, deservedly jailed for thieving? ROFLMAO. Well done, I say, to Macedonia’s investigators.

  4. wintersen

    Happy Birthday La-La … from John and Lynda.

  5. Thank you for all the birthday greetings! BTW… I am still waiting for the money to come rolling in! LMAO!!! The lottery tickets and his latest squirrel-brained venture are not working! Is it any wonder I get a few more grey hairs as each year passes? May you all find treasure along the way…

    • For the record…I haven’t spoken to my wife for many years. I love her so much that I don’t like to interrupt her.

    • You are a martyr and a saint to put up with his schemes. If ‘Cuddle a Wrinkly’ takes off, where does he put the walking frame? What happens if gets an over-sexed, arkie tranny? He won’t know which way to turn.

      I think what he needs is a 18-yr old stud and a set of jump-start leads…hahahahahah!

  6. I see you like to live life on the edge…

  7. Big Tony from Bayonne

    Now if you lived near NYC ….maybe you would get a hundred or so calls…but in Texas? You’ll have to move closer to the Mustang ranch…or is that now defunct?
    On another note H-Bday to your better half….

  8. Lisa MacIntyre

    Again, from the other side of the fence…I agree with the whole “hush-hush”. However, I will also point out that whenever a detectorist is arrested for “looting” I always find out about through a detectorist. In other words, maybe a different way to look at this is this. You don’t “hear” about the archaeologist’s arrest, or looting, because the archaeologist community does not rise up to defend said person. I am ashamed when I see this and would never defend this person. Yet if a detectorist gets into trouble so much hoopla is raised in defense, even when they are clearly in the wrong, (and they are very wrong sometimes) by that community it becomes more visual. Just a thought.

    To your better half, or better whole, Happy birthday, Fay!! As far as the cuddling, Snout to Snout with Stout has a nice ring to it.

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