Best Day In a Long Time…

Had the best day for coins in a long time.  Came home Tuesday with five silver quarters!  About as good as it gets anymore…at least for this Bubba.  I’m not sure about sharing the site for fear it will be overrun with tekkies but I just might a little later on.

It’s been hot in North Texas with temps around 100 and as a result I’ve been hiding out in the house praying the AC doesn’t break down.  Yesterday however I decided it was time to get off my ass and wash the ‘pug bug’.  I love my yellow VW Beetle and do my best to keep it looking good.  Anyway I drove up to the carwash, inserted five dollars in the change maker and out came 20 quarters, three of them silver.  Needless to say that called for another five dollars! The next batch of 20 delivered two more silver quarters, and at that point I was seriously thinking about rushing home, grabbing a stool, a bottle of something good and playing slots for the rest of the day.  Unfortunately the next few tries didn’t provide any more silver.


1935D, 1939D, 1956 & two 1962D’s

As a result of this I was tempted to visit the local bank, cash a check and sort through some quarter rolls but changed my mind.  I will however stop back at the carwash today and give it another go.  I mean who needs a detector (or Vegas for that matter)?



Nigel second from right (the A list was next door swilling Champagne)

Nigel second from right (the A list was next door swilling Champagne)

While perusing Facebook I came across a photo of my old friend Nigel Ingram, owner of Regton, Ltd.  Apparently he recently attended a school reunion and one of his classmates decided to post up the above picture.  I messaged this classmate and found out that none of the wives were present and things got a little out of hand later in the evening. He also sent me a few more photos, none of which I can share here.  So Nigel, my friend, what is this all this worth?  Oh, and while you are thinking about it remember you owe me few bucks from way back when.



Someone sent me the following and I am sorry I don’t remember who.  Anyway it’s a nice write-up about tekkies in the NYC area….enjoy

Meet New York’s Treasure Hunters 



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21 responses to “Best Day In a Long Time…

  1. Hold on, Nigel…he owes me $20…from way back! He told me he’d square-up after he’d sold some beef from his ranch in the Bronx…I guess that ‘s some kinda open prairie?

    Yeh, he’s one great guy, even the cigarette machine in his hallway takes UK coins…I mean, how generous and thoughtful is that!

  2. RoyR

    You take your silver from wherever you find it.

  3. When you told me that in your email, I thought you were joking.

  4. Finding Treasure (aka Bob Buzzard)

    Great job on the silver. Take ’em any way you can get ’em. Legally of course….

  5. supernova1c

    Nice one Dick 🙂

  6. For the record a return visit did not turn up any more silver. Likewise the clerk at the grocers wasn’t real excited about my paying with a zillion quarters. Oh well….

  7. Ah, I was rather hoping that picture wouldn’t surface, yes it’s true an old school friend reunion, some not seen for 35 yrs, Met in a pub we used to frequent (allegedly as it would have been illegal at that age) we may have downed a few pints of our traditional English warm beer, & indeed we may have ventured down to a local Indian restaurant for curry & more beer, that of course needed washing down with a return visit to aforementioned Pub for a few more burs and thin we stoggerd back two found a toxi.

    The rest as they say is a blurr & that’s the way it stays…….

    Disclaimer, any similarity to the facts is merely coincidence, no animals were hurt in the process (apart from the Ferret & Donkey) and any resemblance to anyone I know I sincerely apologise.

  8. I am aware of all that. What I want to know is how much did you write the check for?

  9. You’ll have to speak up a bit Dick, it’s a bad line

  10. Big Tony from Bayonne

    Cool finds! It was like playing a slot machine and got all of your money back with interest!

  11. Heck yeah, That’s a good day right der!

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