A Mixed Bag…

Joe Patrick’s guest post from Saturday garnered a lot of visits and views and I can’t thank him enough.  Hopefully I can persuade him to do a few more.

Joe emailed me and suggested I might want to share the following video from the Time Searchers in that it defines their goals and efforts.  Enjoy…



Just wanted to say Happy Bastille Day to all my French Friends, especially Michel & Joelle Toque and family. Would love to be there celebrating with you.  Have a few for me please…..




As if we didn’t already know, this is how we are viewed in the archaeological blogosphere. This comment is from a “supposed” archaeologist’s blog….

“Can archaeologists use metal detectors properly?”

If by “properly” you mean “non-selectively” which is the proper archaeological approach, the answer is yes. As could chimps.

Thank you for so comprehensively demolishing the false claim that detectorists have a special skill that is relevant to archaeological investigations. Their sole skill is in ignoring certain beeps, something no archaeologist will require them to do. 


And so it goes in the  arrogant and holier than thou world of archaeology.


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One response to “A Mixed Bag…

  1. Not quite right, Ricardo! The archaeo-blogger to which you allude, suffers psychological problems…in the words of the vernacular, he’s a ‘nutter’. I guess as a boy he pulled the wings off flies.

    He does not represent archaeological opinion either…even they, our often vociferous opponents, do not want their views presented by someone totally unbalanced and not in full command of their senses. But some of them do appear shit-scared to go up against the ‘loony’. To them I say, you’ll find a welcome and support over here.

    Warm relations exist between many of ‘them’ and ‘us’ and are getting stronger. Those non-entities posing as ‘archaeologists’ but suffering from psychological problems exist out there on the fringe. Co-operation marches on leaving these sad cases behind.

    Check out certain blogs and you’ll see what I mean!

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