It’s So Hot Here in Texas…

…I saw two trees fighting over a dog!  

So der ya go! Temps are in the 100’s every day now and one inch cracks in the soil are the norm.  Even Barnum won’t go out and do his business.  He pees out the window now.

When we moved to Texas back in 1988 Fay and I tried our damndest to detect in the summer months but soon found out it was a waste of time and energy. Our diggers hardly made a dent in the soil and it wasn’t unusual to find a new penny 10 inches thanks to all the cracks and crevices.  We wound up with blisters on our hands and very little to show for our efforts. Unfortunately nothing at all has changed here in North Texas.  When July and August roll around you just make sure the ole AC is tuned up and working real good cause it won’t stop running until late September, if you’re lucky.

Thankfully my Lesche digger has a handguard...

Thankfully my Lesche digger has a handguard…

We have a few man-made lakes around but they are suffering from drought and giving up lots of old tires and trash (I often wonder how people can eat the fish they catch there).  We could of course drive five hours South and hunt the beaches in and around Galveston but that’s not really a very convenient option for us, not to mention it’s even hotter there.  No matter how you look at it detecting in Texas is hell right now.

Okay, I am done pissing and moaning so all you die-hard Texans come beat me up (you will just be pissing in the wind).  YOU have fun in the sun.  Not me!



Allyson Cohen, a.k.a the Detecting Diva recently had surgery and is home recuperating.  I know we all wish her a fast recovery and if you would like to do so personally there’s a contact link on her blog.  Allyson hope your recovery is a fast one and that you are back in the field soon.  Besides Dave Wise and Todd Hiltz need someone to kick their ass.



I remember sharing a story about a guy and gal who had a tekkie wedding, and one where a tekkie proposed to his gal during a hunt in the UK but this is a first for me.  Thanks to Tommy Decker for sending it along.

Treasure Hunter Gets Metal Detector Guard of Honour at his Funeral

Since I have given strict instructions to scatter my ashes in the South of France this sort of thing is out of the question for me.  Then too John Howland asked a long time ago if he could have my detectors when I kick off and to this day he continually asks me how I’m feeling.  What a Bastard!





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19 responses to “It’s So Hot Here in Texas…

  1. Anybody call dibs on your coins and relics yet?

  2. Dick:’
    It is also darn hot here in Nebraskie . Temp. is 88. So no digging for me for sometime. Regards,

  3. Here in Alabama it’s not so much the heat but the dang humidity. That is what I get for moving to the rainiest city in the USA from dry and hot AZ. But I will still be out early Saturday morning for a few hours anyway.

    Really enjoyed the funeral story, what great friends but this hobby is known for friendships like that.

    Saying a few prayers for a quick recovery for the “Detecting Diva” and asking for a few for a friend that just came out of surgery today for bladder cancer.

  4. Jessie Thompson

    “Then too John Howland asked a long time ago if he could have my detectors when I kick off and to this day he continually asks me how I’m feeling.” Tell him your feeling like leaving your detector to a kid with a large shovel….Just to piss him off!

    • Jessie Thompson

      too funny. In NY there is a saying, “Hey ow u doin?”

    • Actually Jessie I just keep telling him I feel like a kid again. That pisses him off even more.

      • Hey Jessie:
        Y’know when Dick came over here, he and I went detecting in the countryside, and while we were tramping over the ploughed fields he said to me, “I feel like a Marine.” To which I replied, “Sorry ole pal, but you won’t find one out here.” By the way, how you feelin’ these days?

        Best regards

  5. Thanks so much for the warm wishes and thoughts Dick.
    I’m not a stranger to surgery, but this really took me by surprise. I would like to say the recovery is going well, however, I won’t lie. My face and neck are swollen to the point that If someone were searching for me using that picture you posted, there is barely a resemblance at this moment.

    I know this will pass, and the pain will eventually go away, but right now I’m getting a bit cranky, as each day that goes by without me traipsing through the woods in search of the treasure I know is waiting to be found, is a little bit of torture in itself–do you think it will still be there when I’m ready?

    My bad though–I equated one day surgery with one day recovery.

    I won’t be writing any great blog posts this week, but perhaps I can dazzle you all with some pics of my recent finds. If you’re lucky, and I’m feeling up to it, I might even include some spectacular black and whites of my oxen shoe collection 😉
    ~~The Cranky Diva

    • Allyson I have no doubts those treasures will be there when you are feeling better. Just take your time….remember the cool breezes of autumn are coming.

      Incidentally your collection of oxen shoes has to more exciting than my collection of excuses. Looking forward to them.

      Get well soon and have one for me.

    • Hi Cranky:
      Yeh, get well soon. I trust all is going well and that you are well on the road to a full recovery. God bless.

      But of course if you’re not, you won’t be needing your detector….

      Lurve and XXX’s

  6. Packrat

    The funeral reminded me of how I proposed to my wife at a club hunt I was in charge of. I dropped a painted quarter with the letter R on it in her pouch on the way to line up for the hunt. After I was standing behind her and asked who found the token with the letter R on it. When she turned around there I was with the ring. All the club members thought it was cool and had a good laugh at her surprise.

  7. Larry I wasn’t aware of that….that is very cool. How long ago was that?

    • Packrat

      Hi Dick We have been married for 11 years last May. Our honeymoon was a trip to a ski resort in Canada with three other couples from our club to do metal detecting on the Mountain for 4 days. Diehard detectorists we are.

  8. Big Tony from Bayonne

    “Hey ow u doin?” – that reminds me of my favorite Rocky movies numbers 1 through 29 or was it 15 – sorry lost count of those.
    Glad to hear the Detecting Diva is on the mend – just remember stuff is always out there.
    And Dick you are right – it is too hot to detect – I might have to buy a better water machine just to go cool off.

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