Remind the wife what day it is…


The 4th of July is one of those holidays that makes us realize just how lucky we are to be living in the United States of America.  A place where, despite your political differences, your religion, your nationality, your wealth, you can stand up and say what is on your mind without fear of recrimination.  As simple as that may sound there are millions of people around the world who do not have the same privilege, so while indulging yourself this weekend remember our troops stationed abroad who are fighting those who wish to take that right away….

Lastly, eat some BBQ, a burger, a hot dog, drink a beer (a glass of red for me), enjoy the fireworks, and when your wife is not looking, sneak out and go detecting. After all it is INDEPENDENCE day!!


And please remember…..




Tomorrow would have been my Mom and Dad’s 78th anniversary and there’s not a day goes by that I don’t think of them.  How I wish I could go back and spend more time with them. If your parents are still living treasure the moment and let them know how much you love them, before it’s too late.




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14 responses to “Remind the wife what day it is…

  1. From the wife… PLEASE go out detecting!

    • You have to read between the lines here folks. This is not really about detecting…it’s about telling me to get out of the house and leave her alone. Yep and after 47 years of blissful marriage…

  2. danhughes1

    And the more time you spend apart, the more blissful it gets.

  3. Robbie

    Saw a photo on FB with a Veteran holding a sign saying the same about fireworks.Those soldiers having been in combat could be prone to “shell shock” loud fireworks. Another reason to NOT do fireworks. Hope eveyone has a very safe and happy 4th.

  4. Roy Rutledge

    Our next anniversary will be 48 years. I do understand “go detecting”.

  5. Huh! You Rebels got off lightly by declaring Independence…had you not, you’d have David Cameron is President!

  6. To declare independence is a great thing! Just look around the world, how’s that going?

    Happy 4th of July!!

    U.S. Army 1977 to 1983

  7. Molly Stovall

    Dad, just letting you know how much I love you before it’s too late…. 🙂

  8. jamie

    happy 4th…getting it all done. storm rolling in about now, but got some detecting done today and had some luck!

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