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For those of you who enjoyed the Joe Patrick interviews here is part four. Thank you Rodger Blissman and  Bill Leydic for making these available to us all.  



Just a reminder to take a few minutes and help the Task Force with their efforts in New York city. No matter where you live it DOES affect you in many ways. For more information and to help click HERE.




Sharing John Howland’s latest contribution here as well as in the Malamute Saloon. John again offers up tips on the Garrett AT Pro and AT Gold. In the UK John is considered to be one of the best when it comes to detecting the coastal areas. In fact the tekkies there call him ‘The Son of a Beach”….or something like that.

And John….sorry about the UK being eliminated from the World Cup….ROFLMAO!



My reader emailed to ask for a reprise of some earlier tips about getting even better results out of a couple of Garrett’s detectors – the ATPro and ATGold — so here goes.  But first a word of warning: Though these tips will not invalidate your Warranty, they could fast-track newbies into a twilight home for the terminally ga-ga.

ATPro – Going Deeper, Going Gold!

If despite owning a Garrett ATPro International (ATP), your haul of gold rings is a tad on the lean side, try this over the next three/four beach outings. Dig all signals of ’45’ and above — it’s soft sand after all — in PRO ‘Custom’ with Iron Discrim at ‘30’, or, in PRO mode with ‘All Metal’ and ‘Iron Discrim’ set to ‘00’ out on the wet stuff. Besides digging pull-tabs, you’ll also be digging platinum too!!!! Let Stouty how you get on, with pics if possible for publication on here.

Indeed, you can ‘sharpen’ the ATPro by dropping the GB to between ‘12’ and ‘14’ when working over dry, or saltwater (wet) beach sand. It’ll be noisier than normal, popping and crackling and liable to take those among you of a tense disposition to the edge of insanity….but you will find deep coins and rings especially when harnessed to the ‘45’ technique. Give it three/four goes, eh?  But I have to say, that I cannot pay the medical bills should you go completely doolally!

The ATGold

Despite what Garrett’s blurb writer says about the ATGold (ATG) not being up to the mark in a saltwater environment, this supreme nugget hunter actually turns in a not half-bad performance over the salty wet stuff. So, if you’ve got one of these jobbies and fancy a few hours on the beach…give it a go! It’s superb up in the dry sand when in DISC 1 mode.

However, if during your beach sortie and for some inexplicable reason you’re tempted out onto the wet sand, then DISC2 (US coins mode) is where it’s at! It’s a pre-set mode that eliminates one pixel of foil and two pixels in the pull-tab range, and Ground Balance accordingly. You’ll soon start digging coins and if you’ve been a good Boy Scout, heavier gold rings will start to show – at least those weighing in excess of 4-grams. You can forget smaller, thin-section gold rings, but then again, half a loaf is better than nowt in an area previously thought to be off-limits to ATG’s. How do I know this? Garrett’s Steve Moore tipped me off when I had a problem with a section of highly mineralised beach known to contain some tasty bits and pieces.


I haven’t a clue about this latest Garrett (pi). Sorry folks!



A Scotsman and his wife were walking past a chic new restaurant.

“Did you smell that food?” she asked. “Incredible!”

Being a kind hearted Scot, he thought, “What the heck, I’ll treat her!”

So, they walked past it again…


Ferrari ‘375 Plus’ Fetches £10.75-Million at Auction


A fine example of the legendary ‘375 Plus’ was sold at Bonham’s Auctioneers for the record sum making it the most expensive car sold in Britain. Only five were built and they competed in the 1954 World Sports Car Championship; at Le Mans, Silverstone, and in the Italian classic, the Mille Miglia. This particular car still bears traces of the 1957 Cuban Grand Prix race colours.

But let me play Devil’s Advocate for the moment. Following the dictum of archaeology’s ‘Hard Left’ faction who promote the notion that all land, artefacts, and collectibles should belong to the People (read; them!), would this Ferrari be better served – as would all other collectibles presumably – by being taken into public ownership, as opposed to being stored in a private collection where it will (according to them) only be appreciated by privileged few? But as an archaeological artifact, one has to ask; has this superb example of automobile heritage lost its contextual importance? Further, is it ethically right to deal and profit in or from collectables?

Perhaps it all depends who’s in power at the time, and who defines what constitutes a ‘collectable’. I suspect Stalinists, Marxists, Leninists, Ho Chi Minn-ists, Pol-Pot-ists and émigré Englishmen of the Burgess, Philby, and Maclean manqué, will have little doubt.


“They Got an Awful Lot of Football in Brazil… “

My apologies to Ole Blue Eyes, but this is serious. Can you believe it: The USA getting so far in the World Cup when England went out in the early stages? I mean, it’s the English national game! It’s simply not cricket, old boy. How would the former-colonists like it if an English team went to the US and won their World Series? Huh? Huh? And what’s the FMDAC/NCMD or Task Force, doing about it? That’s I’d like to know?

I reckon ‘Yogi’ Berra (NY Mets, and Yankees) had it right when he said, “The future ain’t what it used to be.”


Oi Vey!

(1) An old Jewish man is dying in his hovel in the Steppes of Stalinist Russia. There is a menacing banging on the door. ‘Whose there?’ the old man weakly enquires. ‘Death,’ comes the ominous reply. ‘Thank God,’ he says, ‘I thought it was the KGB.’

(2) A KGB officer is walking in the park and he sees and old Jewish man reading a book. The KGB man demands, “What are you reading old man?”

“I am trying to teach myself Hebrew,” the old man replies.

KGB presses on, “Why are you trying to learn Hebrew? It takes years to get a visa for Israel. You would die before the paperwork got done.”

“I am learning Hebrew so that when I die and go to Heaven I will be able to speak to Abraham and Moses. Hebrew is the language they speak in Heaven,” the old man replies.

“Ah,” says the KGB man triumphantly, “What if when you die you go to Hell?”

“Russian, I already know,” replies the old man

(3) Why do communist archaeologists operate in threes? A. One to read, one to write, and one to keep an eye on the two intellectuals.



“Those who are weak don’t fight. Those who are stronger might fight for an hour. Those who are stronger still might fight for many years. The strongest fight their whole life. They are the indispensable ones.”…..Bertolt Brecht

I’ll see y’all in the bar….



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10 responses to “This & That & The Bubba!

  1. danhughes1

    Your thought about England winning the World Series reminds me of a line I heard from some Englishman. (Talking about soccer): “When we have a World Series, we invite other countries.”

  2. Um… Might get myself into trouble here, but… I don’t like soccer.

  3. For the record John’s recent comments have been put in the spam folder….somehow seems appropriate.

  4. danhughes1

    I think soccer is a wonderful game. For people with no arms.

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