Why I Write…

It’s been four years since I started the website Stout Standards and a little over two for the blog.  I enjoy the challenge but to be honest there have been numerous times when I came close to scrapping both. A derogatory comment here and there, the increasing apathy within the pastime and the lack of any organizational leadership often cause me to question why I bother to write or even stay involved.

When I started the website it was to put to use skills I had learned taking an adult ed course in HTML, and those of you who are website savvy must cringe. Two years down the road John Winter suggested that I change over to a blog and I cannot thank him enough. He talked me through a few WordPress basics and while I still keep up the website, the blog has become my favorite. Now sadly John has taken his blog down and I need to persuade him to start it up again. John Winter are you reading this? We miss you….

I know too that a lot of my frustrations come from my inability to get out detecting as much as I’d like. It’s difficult trying to write about treasure hunting when you are not actively doing it. The few times I do get out detecting I usually come home with nothing much to brag about and posting a photo of my six pennies, two nickels and three dimes (all clad), is not going to knock anyone out. As a result I feel inadequate to offer up anything informative and find myself relying on past experiences. Add in the almost daily changes in technology and it seems I will never catch up.

Then of course there are the arkie-bloggers out there who found my website, decided that I was not to their liking and started testing out their insulting skills on me, my friends and even my dog for crissakes.  I soon found out however that they were 24/7 trolls and no one, including their peers, lent any credence to what they had to say. They are not only anti-detecting and collecting, they are anti-American and because of that they’re history here on Stout Standards.

I also tend to piss off a lot of tekkies and that too has resulted in a few nasty emails and comments. I don’t do it intentionally (well okay, maybe sometimes). You see the older I get the more I speak my mind. If I think it I write it. Perhaps not a good trait but hell my wife might be spreading my ashes tomorrow (how she wishes) so why not?

Lastly I have too many days when I don’t have a thing to say or write.  Nothing..Nada…the mind is blank. Oh I could sit down and write some trivial BS (like what you are reading now)  but I prefer it to be really good BS, and when I can’t come up with that I get frustrated.

I know I will continue to have days when I want to chuck it all but I do enjoy writing and find it a way to stay in touch with many of my old friends, most of whom are my age and can relate to my drivel.  So I will keep plugging away and if I should say something that upsets you please keep it to yourself okay?  I’m too old and really don’t give a rat’s ass…..


“Writing is the only way I have to explain my own life to myself.” …Pat Conroy

“The first draft of anything is shit.” …..Ernest Hemingway



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29 responses to “Why I Write…

  1. Robbie

    I check your blog at least 3 times a day hoping you have enough thoughts to let your online friends know what and how you are doing. I’m glad you still have a little more to say…. :o)

  2. Keep plugging Dick! I love reading your blogs and website…Who friggin cares who likes or dislikes what-ever; it’s your blog, your opinions, your thoughts; your stuff. I never post any of my finds, which are usually not worth mentioning anyway, but to me they might as well be a “treasure trove”. It’s the thrill of the hunt, associated with a ton of research, that makes my day. The “archie’s” don’t bother me either, have you ever seen what kind of damage they have done after they “preserve history”, not pretty. So, Bro Dick…keep on – keeping on! On the day of my retirement my boss and co-workers presented me a t-shirt…it has a picture of a rat holding the reins of a mule and the words “Gary’s motto”. We do have a lot in common!

  3. BigTony

    Hey Dick, I check your blog often – if I am near my computer – I might check a few times a day. I might not always contribute but that is because nothing comes to mind right then.
    Too bad John doesn’t continue his blog – hopefully he is really compiling information to unleash a torrent of good stuff for us to read.
    Now as for getting out and only finding a few coins or even crap. I have been in this glut now for awhile and have decided to only go to better sites. My time is limited these days due to helping out with the new grand kids.
    Anyway – you are a good researcher so why not hone in on a good spot or two. If you don’t come home with pocket change at least you gave it a good shot at Seated Coins or Barbers.
    I saw an old video yesterday that a friend uses to motivate him – this guy wears a ball cap with the letters “Looking4Seated” across the front…..I want to get into that mode too!

  4. John H

    You’re a senile delinquent! And talking of writing skills, have a look where they are rarer than rocking horse shit!

    Over on a certain blog, ‘Pavel the Popular’, has put up a job description and wonders — trying his hand at wit — who might apply for it, accompanied by the usual smart- arse dig at other arkies he considers dimmer than he – that’s about two by my count! Considering what’s required in the job description puts it well out of his reach as proof of qualifications are, I imagine, required. Certainly he has all the communication skills of an amoeba! Hahaha!

    Happy daze!

  5. No need to have a reason to write only a passion to do it. I find it clears my mind to write even if it is only dribble. Plus, the hobby needs someone to keep us honest. I for one vote that you keep on writing the blog.

  6. John H

    Those who’d like to experience proper writing skills, commonsense, balance, and erudition, then try this for size:-http://pasttimesandpresnttensions.blogspot.com/

    Spotty, teenage Anglo-Canadian ‘yoofs’ with a penchant for flogging oil lamps unable to get to grips with the ‘man’s game’…would do well to read and inwardly digest. As for ageing Midlands deadbeats; you know who you are….well, have a word with Matron, she’ll put you right!


  7. John H

    Thanks! John Hooker ain’t too bad either!

  8. bill from lachine


    Keep blogging away……as the Nike ad says “just do it”.

    Regards + HH


  9. Love the blog (long may it live!) and thanks, guys, for the support

    • No, thanks to you John. I am big fan now… Between your blog and CPO we are stating our case very nicely and in doing so also standing our ground.

  10. Dick, there are many of us out here who are interested in your past experiences, knowledge, tips, humor, ideas, memories etc. Please keep sharing with us. We do not care if you write about that hunt back in 1989 or the one where you found 69cents at a park yesterday. Those of us who follow you do so because we value all of what you have to say. I enjoy your writings, and may not always comment, but I listen and learn from you. I look up to you, and appreciate you as a fellow detectorist and American citizen. I am thankful to know you through the internet and your writing etc. Keep the blogs coming bud, we don’t care what you write about, after all this IS your blog and you can talk about whatever you want. Those of us that consider you a friend enjoy every facet of you and your writings.

    • Rob, thank you very much for the kind words. I appreciate it.
      I didn’t mean for this post to imply that I was going to stop writing. Just wanted to tell why I do and where I am coming from when I go off the deep end, which is quite often anymore. Thanks again…..

  11. Keep on writing, Dick! I just love it when you mess with the Arkies and the Tekkies! I may not post a lot on the blog but I do enjoy reading what you post. You still have a bunch to offer so don’t even think about quitting!

  12. Thanks James. Not sure what you mean about messing with arkies? Me? Nah…..

  13. BigTony

    Thanks for the heads up on John Hooker’s site. I subscribed to his emails today.

  14. Bob Sickler

    We all have times when we would like to quit all this as it pertains to metal detecting, but you Dick are a people person at heart, always have been and you’re good at it… That is why you often torture yourself about stopping… You know if you do, you will miss it no matter what. The reason you continue is you want to be involved (like I do) with people in the hobby. You enjoy helping and teaching others and you enjoy learning from others as well. We need someone like you though to tell it like it is otherwise things would become terribly stale. If you hadn’t been at the helm of the FMDAC years ago, we might have all had our detectors laid out in some yard sale.

    Take a breather, redefine your intentions, stop pressuring yourself. Maybe combine your content into one web site rather than two. I used to write myself exhausted for the magazines and later decided it wasn’t worth the pressure. Thankfully, I spend more time metal detecting than writing about it. I find it way less stressful to make small comments on a forum I enjoy, rather than be a slave to manuscripts. Let the newcomers have their day in the sun. Soon enough they will be where we are now which is a good place. Carry on brother!

  15. del

    Dick , I knew it all along!! You do do it just to annoy and piss off the majority of us hobbyists , well at least you have enough character to be honest about it sir. I get the reason your embarrassed or self conscious about the 46 cents in clad you find Dick but just keep in mind most of us are just glad to see the “ol’ man” getting out and about , here is hoping that will continue for many many years to come . Remember , all it takes is that “one” find to make a really great day of detecting .


    • Hah, you’ve found me out. Irritating people is my forte. Ask my wife!

      Thanks Dan for taking the time to comment and I do hope to continue on. At least that’s my plan.

  16. Well I happen to love your blog. Write when and what you feel.
    Myself, I’m always writing stuff up, just don’t always get it typed up 🙂

  17. I’m so glad that you continue to write about our hobby. Thanks for caring and sharing.

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