Guess Who’s Back?

I hadn’t heard from John Howland in a while and assumed that (1) he was sick, (2) Mags threw him out of the house (again), (3) he was in jail or (4) inebriated beyond words!  Needless to say my money was on number 4 but he swears that was not the case. Then again he lies a lot.


Anyway he’s back, and has advice on how to get top dollar for your coins, along with a few other British tidbits. If you are interested in what the Brit has to say click on the Malamute Saloon link above and scroll down to today’s date!




I mentioned John Hooker’s blog a couple of weeks ago and I hope you bookmarked it.  John lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and is a writer, Celtic numismatist, art historian, cartographer and his recent series of posts, “In Praise of Metal Detecting” is excellent and worth your time. If you agree be sure to let John know by adding a comment.

Thank you John Hooker!



As most of you know Roger Barbrick has been collecting signatures on a petition aimed at heading off the banning of metal detecting on Massachusetts beaches. It seems his effort has payed off and Roger shared the following….


“To my metal detecting brothers & sisters, I am very happy to report that the Massachusetts Department of Conservation & Recreation (DCR) has agreed that metal detecting will continue to be allowed on all DCR coastal & inland beaches!! Thanks to all of you that signed my petition and/or made phonecalls and sent emails to the DCR on our behalf.  Congratulations!! WE DID IT TOGETHER!!!”


The response he received from the state:

Dear Mr. Barbrick:

I am sending this email on behalf of Mrs. Ellen FitzPatrick who is currently out of office.

Thank you for your follow-up email. We apologize for any confusion and hope that this email can provide some clarification.

After receiving your latest email, I consulted with several of my colleagues in order to better understand the intent of the latest recommendation regarding our metal detecting regulation.  As it pertains to metal detecting on coastal and inland beaches, permission from the park supervisor will actually not be required. I apologize for any confusion that may have been caused by  the previous email.  As for other non-beach areas within DCR parks and forests – where metal detecting is not currently allowed due to potential natural, cultural, and archaeological resource protection concerns – metal detecting will be allowed when searching for specific lost personal property with verbal permission from the park supervisor.

Once again, thank you for your continued interest in DCR. We hope this addresses your questions.

DCR MassParks Team


Thanks Roger for all your hard work and thanks to everyone who took the time to sign the petition!



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6 responses to “Guess Who’s Back?

  1. Great news on Roger Barbrick’ petition and all who signed, a good result.
    Also two great reads on John Howland’s and John Hooker’s posts. Excellent eye-opening and informative writings.

  2. eh…yikes….thanks for the warning Dick.

    • Take no notice of him mate it’s all porky pies!….in all the years I’ve been contributing to the Noo Joisey Mob’s newsletter (Dallas branch) ‘Fingers’ Stout ain’t ever, paid me a dime, and still forgets all about the $20 I lent him in an Atlantic City bar in 1986! Sheesh!

      • Right here bubbaYou mean that bar where they said “Listen pal I want you should learn how to speak English. Till then get the hell out”?

        As for the $20 you must be kidding me.

  3. Yeah…that one! Where the bar tend turned to me and said, “but you’re ok, you can stay!”

    Best of all is Roger Barbrick’s successful campaign. Absolutely fantastic result, and I offer him my hearty congratulations! The hobby owes him a great debt for his initiative and goes to show just what can be achieved when hobbyists get behind someone of his calibre. Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Man!

    Significantly, this victory was achieved despite the FMDAC, WWATS or Task Force, not because them.

    Well done Roger!

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