Windy City Brainwashing…

I went out to the mailbox yesterday and found a package from Chicago.  In it was a t-shirt and hat from Chicago Ron.  Not sure but I think he is trying to mess with my mind. Brainwash me.  Either that or he’s really worried about my threat to start a “Dallas Dick” site.  Well Ron sorry…it’s coming along pretty nicely (wait till you see the logo).  And get this…the slogan will read:  “a blog for all the other swinging Dicks out there”. Pretty cool huh?  Eat your heart out!


In the meantime so I don’t feel bad I am sending you one of my t-shirts.  Just excuse the spaghetti stains….



You may remember me talking about my friend Robbie Morin (a.k.a Dimeman) and his research into Camp Logan, a World War I-era army training camp in Houston, Texas.  Robbie, a long time tekkie, first found out about Camp Logan (part of Houston’s Memorial park) while a member of a now defunct forum called The Dirt Journal.

According to Robbie, “I finally got to go on a group hunt with six others in early 2007.   A few early wheats, a couple tent rope tighteners, a tent stake and an early 1914 class ring really peaked my interest.  As a result I started searching for anything and everything about Camp Logan…. post cards, photos, diaries, documents, etc..”


The new book & Robbie Morin

Robbie’s metal detecting finds from Camp Logan along with his research material resulted in a display at the Buffalo Soldiers National Museum in Houston, and just recently he was a listed contributor to Houston Texas 1917-1919, a comprehensive history of Camp Logan, by Louis F. Aulbach.

Robbie is a great example of what detectorists contribute to the local community and to it’s written history.  Great job and congratulation Robbie!!






Not sure how many of you are familiar with Joe Patrick but I wanted to share two video interviews that he did recently for Roger Blissman and Bill Leydic, a.k.a., The Time Searchers.  Joe is a long-time treasure hunter, innovator, field tester, author and truly a treasure hunting pioneer.  Hope you will take a few minutes and watch these videos…you won’t be sorry.




Do check out the other videos from the Time Searchers here!



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8 responses to “Windy City Brainwashing…

  1. Yo Bubba:
    That there ‘Dallas Dick’…that some kinda nasty below the belt infection. Sounds mighty awful.

  2. Robbie

    Good Joe Patrick interview videos. Thanks for “plugging” the book and YouTube videos. And you look good wearing the Chicago Ron’s cap and T-shirt.

  3. Very creative site and slogan.

  4. Thanks Dick, If I would have known you were going to sleep in it I would have sent a bigger shirt. LOL
    Don’t worry about the stain, I know if you dripped, it was a nice burgundy not spaghetti sauce. Those Gretchen knows how to get out!
    PS: let me know where I can get the shirt with the new slogan.

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