Happy Father’s Day!


Just want to wish all you Dads out there a Happy Father’s Day, and hope this Sunday is a special one. I lost my Dad back in 2001, and think of him every day.

Dad of the fence


Dad, not to worry. I will be sure to have that beer for you…. Love you!



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14 responses to “Happy Father’s Day!

  1. Roy Rutledge

    Lost my Dad several years ago. He got me started in metal detecting in 1968. We had a great time detecting together for many years.
    Still miss him.

    • Roy, my Dad was into electronics and would take of any detector problems I had. I think he too would have loved detecting but he was always battling something. He lost a leg thanks to diabetes, had a heart attack and then cancer.

  2. Archie & Rosalie

    Happy Father’s Day Dick from the two of us!

  3. Likewise, Happy Father’s Day to all of the Dad’s out there!

  4. Big Tony from Bayonne

    Dick, he was with you for a very long time and you shared stuff together…that makes a very big difference…you are blessed.
    My Dad left this world after I was married one year and I think of him often.
    Thanks for sharing this thought…Happy Father’s Day to all!

  5. Rick and Dee Sperling

    Happy Father’s Day. Rick lost his Dad a few years ago, but my Dad will be 90 this year and has a new girlfriend that keeps him on the move.

  6. supernova1c

    Happy fathers day too, Dick. All the best James 🙂

  7. My Time Warner email is own again….sorry.

  8. Big Tony

    Oh that is great news….while your service was out some of us sent you thousands of junk emails —– that should keep you busy for awhile……na..just ….kidding!

  9. Big Tony

    Don’t tempt me!

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