Information Overload?

On Sunday I celebrated my 73rd birthday by donating a few dollars to the race track.  Seems every horse I liked came in dead last so in the ninth race I bet on the ambulance.  Of course my wife was there to remind me that getting older doesn’t correlate to getting smarter. She’s so good that way…

I suspect too that my aging has something to do with my inability to get enthused over the ever increasing abundance of treasure hunting material on the internet.  As much as I love this pastime I am finding it increasingly more difficult to enjoy Harry’s two wheat cents, Tom’s silver Roosie or Jack’s brand new detector, still in the carton.


Then there are photos of items that no matter how long I stare at them I can’t decide what the hell they are and more important why I am even looking at them. No offense guys but when I came to Texas way back when a few of the local tekkies taught me about such items. They fell into the POS category.

And of course there’s Facebook and the gadzillion metal detecting group pages. If you were to subscribe to all of them you would have to spend hours trying to keep up and if you make the mistake of commenting you will pay dearly with email overload.

Lastly you know how much I love the in-the-field videos. I watched one last night of someone finding two pennies and a screwcap, and in the process digging holes that would make the Army Artillery folks proud and the manufacturers cringe. At least the picture quality was good.

Okay this curmudgeon has spoken, now shoot me down but do it in as few words as possible please?





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22 responses to “Information Overload?

  1. Robbie

    Look on the bright side.!!!!….When you read the daily obits and your name is NOT listed….isn’t it a good day????

  2. Arthur-Canada

    Happy birthday and many more to come! My wive works out 6 days a week…about 6 times more than I do. I just tell her that because of my hobby she will not have to buy a shovel to bury me with! 🙂

  3. We’ll just say “Happy Birthday” and leave it at that!

  4. Lisa MacIntyre

    Here are my few words. I completely understand the “been there, done that”. I look back now and wonder how my professors put up with us when we were young arkies in training and a 2 mm sherd of who knows what would send us into screaming idiots. Took a lot of patience to smile and pat us on the head and tell us what good little arkies we were. Probably why I didn’t get that teaching job. You have earned the right to be bored. It just shows how much you have accomplished, seen, done. Im impressed. Happy birthday, again!

  5. And for the record I understand the exuberance and excitement associated with this pastime and wish I could get it back. I am trying hard to do that but right now it’s difficult for me. Send me some good vibes (or better yet a bottle of scotch).

  6. Happy Birthday Dick! I understand completely. lol I have been added to so many groups on face book I cant even count them anymore. It may be time for a culling. Too many new hunters excited about any find and filming every second of the action. Seems I too am getting old and cranky! LOL Keep on posting buddy we all love ya!

    PS send me your addy have BD care package for you!

    • Thanks Ron. If you think you are cranky now you just wait my friend. Sending my addy to you via email. Glenfiddich or Aberlour will do fine.

  7. Sorry its a bit late, but Happy Birthday Dick for last Sunday.
    Did you know Birthdays are good for you. Scientists have proved that the more Birthdays you have the longer you live, so your doing well my friend.
    Keep up the good work.

  8. Blimey, Dick! You really only 73?

    Anyway, OLD Pal, all the best on reaching the 73rd milestone. Have a Merlot or three….you deserve them.

    Best regards
    John H

  9. Big Tony

    Happy Happy Birthday Dick! Although it is a little late at least I didn’t post a video of the two crappy wheat cents that I found and the gigantic whole I needed to recover them.
    I agree with you this hobby has reached epic proportions of boring stuff – via internet or whatever medium they use.
    Also Karl Von Muller would be screaming right about now from to much information posted online!

  10. Bob Sickler

    Happy Birthday Dick! Kinda had a feeling we where of the same Gemini fraternity! I’m due on the 10th and 11 behind you. Personally I’d like to throw the clocks and calendars away and just live life. I was out detecting on your birthday and didn’t find a damn thing but some rust!… Feel any better? I guess we come from the “old days” when you went to a club meeting, shook someone’s hand and shared your finds with a real person in real time. Those were the days when the finds were really great finds won the hard way. Nobody needed to know how you found it, they could just hold it in their hands and be envious.

    • Thanks Bob…. I have always wondered what things would have been like if we had the internet years ago. Not sure it would have been a good thing given the influx of newcomers today. Back then seeing another detectorist was a rare thing and a reason to stop and chat. Met a tekkie (Ron Womer) at an old school and we had so much fun sharing ideas that we started the Mid-Jersey club in Trenton. Today everything is out there for all to see and while most of it is good, there are times when I have to bite my tongue.

  11. Bob K

    sorry l missed your birthday. But l see you survived the day. must of been all the birthdays you had in the past…
    Anyway a late HAPPY BIRTHDAY with many many more to come.

  12. Packrat

    Hi Dick, happy Birthday. We are all here for a certain amount of time and we should all try to make this a better place for future hunters, teach what we have learned to the ones who want to learn and remember our history, Thanks to you we have some one who tries to keep these things alive. Keep up the good work and again Happy Birthday

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