John Winter…don’t go!

Winter6Apparently John Winter has decided to put aside his blog writing for awhile and that saddens me.  I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to do the same thing but it was always John who beat me up and down and got me back on track.  John I know I speak for a great many other others when I say your blog is first class and one of the most informative out there. Please don’t go….we need you.



Ron Guinazzo, a.k.a. Chicago Ron, posted this photo from Warren, Rhode Island, on his FB page Saturday with the following comment “More bullshit ordinances due to some people not really caring or knowing how to do this properly, or politicians not understanding what we are really about”.   I couldn’t agree more.


Apparently this ordinance was recently passed or implemented as I was unable to locate it on the city’s website, but it’s just one more warning sign that we have to find a way to be more proactive.   We desperately need a national organization that is viable, strong and effective and in my opinion it cannot be run by volunteers.  Trying to fight city hall evenings and weekends is not working, and we ALL (manufacturers included) need to step up and contribute financially.  A dollar, five dollars, ten dollars will no longer get it done and frankly if you can afford to buy all those extras like coils, cameras and shovels you should damn well be able to pay to keep your pastime alive.

Okay, done venting.  I’ve emailed the head of the parks department in Warren to see what I can find out.  Don’t hold your breath….




I don’t mention Dan enough here and I apologize. I found his latest podcast on “Treasure Finds for Volunteers”  really entertaining and now I need to find some place to volunteer.  Not sure we have anything close to the event he describes but do I love thrift shops, flea markets and bargains. Check out Dan’ website and subscribe….you won’t disappointed.



Was playing with Google Earth the other day and decided to see if I could locate what was once an old and very productive picnic grove in New Jersey. When my partner Dan and I found it it was nothing more than a narrow path through the woods but now it has a paved gully and a “no thru traffic” sign.  Likewise there were no homes on the main road at all. Glad we found it when we did! Timing is everything.


Photo courtesy of Google Earth





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7 responses to “John Winter…don’t go!

  1. lisa macintyre

    Oh no, John! Was it something I said?

  2. Joe Smith

    I Googled no metal detecting in Burrs Hill park and came up with this…

    Than I Googled Burr’s Hill park tribal land and got this …

    It may help us to understand the local politics.

    Not saying it’s right or wrong.

  3. Big Tony from Bayonne

    John, take a break if you like but don’t go away! You are one more very talented writer that we enjoy reading!

  4. I am saddened to see John go. I guess I’ll have to re-read all his old posts. As for that big yellow sign, why is it that society feels more threatened by me swinging a metal detector than by all those nut-jerks with automatic weapons eating at Jack in the Box?

  5. Ok, I read the article about them wanting to bury some remains at the spot and if that is the case then I can understand the ban on metal detecting. I don’t detect in cemeteries. A question that comes to my mind often is should I detect somewhere just because I am allowed? There is a memorial park in my town. It is dedicated to the victims of a terrible airplane crash that occurred in that neighborhood. The park is sort of the epicenter of the crash. The area was developed in the 1920’s and the crash happened in the 60’s. People were killed in the ground as well as in the airplane. I think the park falls under the same rules and regulations as the other parks in the city but I have never felt right detecting there. Same goes for our Veteran memorial park. The park sits on very old dirt (human-activity-wise) but it smacks me as disrespectful to be digging around there. Maybe I am over thinking things.

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