Monday Morning Brainfarts

It’s not unusual to get spam comments on my blog. Most of them are attempts to get you to click on their link and buy whatever it is they are selling. Every once in a while  you get one that is so obvious you have to laugh, like this comment I got this morning from “Where Can I Find Cheap Car Insurance”….

“I visited many web sites but the audio quality for audio songs present at this web site is truly superb.”



Friday night I was flipping through the channels looking for some semblance of entertaining TV and noticed that “Diggers” was on and decided to give it another look see.  Well in this particular episode they were looking for Blackbeard and any thingamabobs he might have lost.  Amazingly the last tekkie show I watched was ‘Dig Fellas’ back in the fall, and guess that they were looking for?


Okay all you Rambos out there…like it or not, no matter how many camo outfits, backpacks, boots, knives, shovels and diggers you buy, and no matter how macho you try to make it,  you’re still just swinging a little ole plastic dish on a stem.


Tell the truth…nothing could beat the ole gigantic Kellyco catalog when you were on the hopper right?


When is Chicago Ron going to write a book? I mean what the hell man….



One of my very favorite blogs is James Oliver’s Digging History.  Always a good read and I would urge you to book mark it and subscribe so you can receive future updates.

One of James’ recent posts was about how to obtain permission and I wanted to share it here on SS.  While most of it is geared toward hunting in the UK, a lot of it is useful here as well.  Hope you will take a moment and read:

Permission: Where to go Metal Detecting in Lancashire.



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10 responses to “Monday Morning Brainfarts

  1. Dick,

    Thanks for pointing out James Oliver’s Digging History blog. I do frequent his site when time permits as it’s a high quality metal detecting blog. You will “feel” the time and care he puts into each post as you read.

    Daniel Bernzweig

  2. I love the Rambo reference. I’m a nail apron, jeans, and polo wearing MD’er.. I can’t imagine getting permission showing up in fatigues and snake proof boots, with a video camera strapped to your head…

  3. Steve as I am sure you already know I like to bust chops when it comes to wearing camo and have taken some heat for it. Just seems to be the norm anymore and I don’t understand the need to be camouflaged or be hidden?

    I too think the ‘military look’ isn’t doing us any favors when it comes to our image but then again I am from a different era. One when TH’ers spent their time hunting and not worrying about how they were dressed.

    I have no doubt I will now get the standard “but they are so damn comfortable” responses…..

  4. “They are so damn comfortable…”

  5. supernova1c

    Thank you Dick, that’s very good of you. Have a good weekend my friend 🙂

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