Will I Ever Get With It?

Was visiting one of my favorite Facebook sites yesterday and saw where a good friend had just invested in a pair of snakeguard boots.  A wise idea I suppose given his frequent expeditions into the hinterland.  He told me that they set him back $190, which of course of blew my mind.

Then again I am not prone to hunting in snake infested areas or at least I don’t think they are?  I am also not prone to spending that kind of money due to the widely recognized malady called ‘being broke’.

He went on to explain how he was allergic to snake bites and because of it had to deal with a $36,000 hospital bill a few years ago.  As a result $190 to him was a bargain and I sure can’t argue with that.

So now I am so far behind the well dressed, well heeled crowd it’s pathetic. No macho camo outfit, no shovels, no Go-Pro camera and now no snake boots.  I am also having second thoughts about a site I’ve been wanting to hunt. What if there are snakes, as in poisonous?  I’m guessing their bites are a little more serious than those of the fire ant and from what I’ve heard the hospitals around here don’t have happy hour or offer wine with their meals.

Anyway after thinking all this over I have decided that while I am not excited about the thoughts of a nasty snake bite or costly hospital bill, I am not going to spend $190 for boots.  No way! Dammit I am sticking with my camouflage flip flops!!

(Allyson note….they make these puppies in pink too)

Why is it no one ever wants to ride with me?

Why is it no one ever wants to ride with me?


He’s Back!

Speaking of Mr. Cool, the Bubba is back from his holiday, and according to him he’s rested up and raring to go, which can only mean one thing….the pub just opened!


All seriousness aside, John’s latest update is a good one.  You will find a little bit of everything, from pirate treasure, to updates on the Odyssey Marine venture as well and his beach hunting efforts on the Southwest of coast of England.

If you are interested in reading John’s latest click on the Malamute Saloon link above and scroll down to today’s date!  Thanks Bubba and welcome home…



The Emperor’s New Clothes: The Heritage Cult



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9 responses to “Will I Ever Get With It?

  1. danhughes1

    I’d cut a couple of stovepipe lengths to wear on my legs before I’d spend money on “snakeproof” boots.

  2. danhughes1

    Swinging a detector with two stovepipes within inches would probably lead to massive frustration, though.

  3. danhughes1

    And happy to be so, Dick.

  4. WC Fields used to say, “I always carry a hipflask of Bourbon in case of snakebite. I also carry a small snake.” Sound advice!

  5. We always need “just one more piece of equipment and then we’ll be set….”

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