The Cellar Guys Are At It Again…

Every time I check in on tekkies Dave Wise and Todd Hiltz I get irritated. Not only do they find all the good stuff, but Todd then puts together a damn good video just to rub it in.

While I frequently bust their chops (or balls if you prefer) I really appreciate their tenacity when it comes to researching a site and then following up. I have always felt that research is so much more important than having to have the latest and most expensive equipment and these guys prove this out. If you want to see more of Todd’s videos click HERE.

I would love to hunt with these guys but three miles into the woods? Are you shitting me?



Haven’t heard from Eleanor Hube in a while but her daughter Cindy did post a couple of photos of her on Facebook. She’s looking great and I have no doubts she would kick all your butts in a competition hunt.  If you don’t believe me, ask Chicago Ron.


Eleanor Hube, one of he best!

If you are not familiar with Eleanor check out this bio article I did for WET many moons ago. She is without a doubt one of the legends in our pastime, and I feel honored to have known her and hunted with her. If you are ever in the Cape Code area be sure to stop in at her shop and say hello. Her website is Cape Cod Metal Detectors.



Had a couple of emails and comments come my way concerning previous problem areas, and I wanted to share what I know (or don’t know)…

First off concerning Cook County, Illinois and Louisville, Kentucky… I emailed Avery Marder, president of the Task Force but so far have not received a response. Likewise I emailed Mark Schuessler, president of the FMDAC), regarding the potential park bans in Erie County, New York and he too has not responded. Perhaps it’s the ole “things are going on behind the scenes”.  I have no clue!

Anyway I will let you know if I hear anything and I would suggest you contact the groups as well.  Just maybe we can coax a response out of them.  If you don’t receive an answer, let me know.  I am very much a ‘persona non grata’ with all three major groups and if I need to embarrass or piss them off I will do it.  After all if you are going to advertise yourself as the spokesperson for the pastime you better be able to live up to the hype, and honestly ‘any’ answer is better than none!

As for WWATS they were supposed to have a new website up and running my March 15th, and then it was postponed until April 15th.  Now? June 15th.  I have no clue what is going on with this organization.  They, like the FMDAC, have a penchant for putting on events and get togethers but not much else.  I wonder too about their financial well being in that they both are having problems putting together a decent website and in this day and age that is a necessity for any national organization.



The infamous Pug Bug

My trusty Pug Bug

I’ve taken a lot of razzing over the years because I drive the “Pug Bug”, a yellow VW Beetle. I get a lot of one finger salutes while on the road and friends always find an excuse not to ride with me. Apparently it’s just not manly enough for them or maybe they just don’t like yellow? Can’t figure it out? The Pug Bug is 14 years old, still getting the job done, and I intend to keep on driving it until it falls apart (jeezus hope I am not sorry I said that).






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8 responses to “The Cellar Guys Are At It Again…

  1. Dave Wise (HeavyMetalNut)

    Thanks for the great write up Dick! You irritate us too in a good way of course! Hope you have a great Spring and get your butt out there swingin!

  2. Packrat

    I had the pleasure of meeting Eleanor and her husband Jack years ago when they came out west to visit Lucy Bowen and they attended our hunt… Northwest Treasure Hunters Club. She was very nice, knowledgeable gal and boy could she hunt!

  3. I think the little VW would make an excellent detectormobile..

  4. Mark Schuessler replied today concerning the Erie County situation (see and I wanted to share it here as well since it was mentioned above. Mark said:

    “There have been no developments on this. The local club contacted the legislators when this initially took place and voiced their opinion. So far there has been no action on the part of the parks commissioner. No news is good news. I have not heard of anyone being stopped from detecting.”

    Thanks Mark for the information….indeed good news. Keep us abreast of this should things change.

  5. Robbie

    Nice looking Chug Pug should get one like it.

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