A Little Sunday Stew…


Received the following email from Roger Barbrick, the detectorist responsible for the recent petition in Massachusetts (see here).  As of this writing Roger has collected 998 signatures….

Hi everyone,

Thanks for signing the petition to stop the banning of metal detecting on Massachusetts State Beaches. I am writing to ask if you have any pictures of beach trash that I can use for my presentation to the Commissioner of Massachusetts DCR, and that if you do to please email some to me.

Thanks again for your continued support in this fight to save our detecting rights!

You can email any pictures to me at rogerwb1@aol.com

Thanks again and please continue to share the petition. Once I get to 1,000 signatures and get some beach trash photos in hand I am going to try to get a face to face meeting with the DCR Commissioner.

Best Regards



Photo compliments of MetalDetectingNews.com



Wheat State Treasure Hunters sharing the fun...

Wheat State Treasure Hunters sharing the fun…

I know I’ve bragged on these guys in the past but I really love what they are doing to promote our pastime. Their classes are proving popular and they are now holding them in surrounding  communities. Take a moment and check them out….

Wheat State Treasure Hunters



Well the weather forecasters scared the hell out of me and I decided to do a little digging yesterday instead of today. The “severe weather outbreak” they’ve been promoting for the past five days has yet to happen as I type this Sunday morning. Of course now that I’ve said that I will probably be picked up by a tornado and be deposited in beautiful downtown Warsaw.

I really like detecting Sunday mornings…lots of sleep-ins and those that are up are in church, allowing this heathen to have his way at most public sites. Nice and quiet and definitely cooler during the summer heat.

Eat your heart out Dave Wise!


Anyway my usual two hour excursion was nothing short of dull but it was better than nothing. I did find a Merc, a few clad and earned about a buck fifty for my time, and I hate to brag but I am one damn good pinpointer.  I had the TRX on my hip and used it twice….every other time I was able to find the target within seconds.  I really wonder if you all are just too lazy to narrow the signal more precisely or that today’s larger coils are to blame?  Then again maybe it’s just the need to have one extra piece of equipment that’s the culprit.  Ya think?




Most of you will recall the debate on Stout Standards when UK archaeologists tried to deny that they, unlike us ‘unscientific’ types, carefully excavated the top three to four feet of topsoil – the same topsoil in which we as detectorists find our casual losses. These UK archaeological know-nothings, aided and abetted by their bum-licking stool-pigeon who inhabit the fringes (yes, this kind of low-life really does exist), collaborated to say that ABSOLUTELY, we were destroying so-called, (but) mythical contextual data in that topsoil.

This is the logo of RESCUE.  Says it all really!



Now ‘Eres a Funny Thing!

‘North Korea detains a ‘rash’ American’… headlined a brief report. Intrigued, I read on…

According to the brief report in Britain’s Daily Telegraph on the 26 April, the North Koreans detained a US citizen identified as Miller Matthew Todd, 24, for “rash behaviour” on the 10 April while passing through immigration control.  According to the North Korean news agency, KCNA, he was taken into custody for “his rash behaviour in the course of going through formalities for entry.” Upon his arrival, the KCNA announced, he tore up his tourist visa shouting that “he would seek asylum” and had come to North Korea “after choosing it as a shelter.”  Blimey! What sort of loony-toon would leave the free West to live under communism?




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  1. Dick, Thank you for the nice words. I also want to say thank you for your books. We have donated copies to the city libraries that support our classes and they really like them!

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