Remembering Mulligan…


Mulligan was a dog.  A Golden Retriever and one very handsome devil!  He left this world today and it won’t be the same for his owner archaeologist Lisa MacIntyre or for that matter me.  You see since befriending Lisa a few months ago she has kept me abreast of Mulligan’s ongoing medical problems and his passing has hit me hard too.  I am a dog owner, dog lover and for that matter, an animal lover and when one leaves the here and now world it bothers me a great deal.  I won’t dwell on this…only to say that I, and I know many other TH’ers, are aware of the hole in your heart Lisa and we wish you the best in the days ahead. Hang in there. Mulligan led a good life, had a great home and I am certain he wants you to have another Mulligan somewhere down the road.





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8 responses to “Remembering Mulligan…

  1. Robbie

    Lisa, Sorry for your loss of your 4 legged family member.

  2. Lisa

    Beautiful, Dick. Mulligan would approve. What a great friend he was. Thank you.

  3. My heart goes out to Lisa and family, it is hard losing a fur child.

  4. Yes, our pets are our family. My sister had a Golden for some years. Wonderful dogs. Condolences.

  5. Lisa MacIntyre

    Thank you to everyone.

  6. Finding Treasure (aka Bob Buzzard)

    Sorry to read about the loss of one of Gods creatures. Dick, you were right! He sure was handsome!

  7. Bob Sickler

    Sorry Lisa, animal deaths are sometimes harder to take than some people. Mulligan looks like he was a great friend and companion to you, no doubt many a dig he did accompany. I have a cat named Missy who has been my close friend for 20 years this year. She no longer hears or sees, and the vet seems to think her liver is acting its age now, but Missy continues to do things like she always did and is incredibly adaptive despite her infirmities. Every morning I wake up with a gentle paw on my face and loud purring telling me, “time to get up and feed me.” When she leaves me someday, a piece of me will leave with her. The bond we have with animals is divine sent.

    • Lisa MacIntyre

      Bob, That is beautiful! Thank you for those kind words. Thank you to everyone for the kindness. Yes, it is harder losing them than some people. He was a fantastic friend and I will miss him terribly. Wow! 20 year old Missy! I have a 12 year old kitty and I cant even think about losing her as well. I hope your Missy brings you joy for many more years.

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